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Does the internet need a forum?

When writing this article, read the "forum" Baidu Encyclopedia entry, the author of a person is absolutely not able to write so many, but still want to talk about the forum, one has been engaged in the forum related work, second, the author's next

Five big Java Open Source Forum

First, Jforum1. IntroductionJforum is a powerful and stable forum system developed with Java. It provides an abstract interface, an efficient forum engine, and an easy-to-use management interface with full access control, multi-lingual support (C #) Open Source Resource Large collection _ Practical tips

I. AOP frameworkEnCase is a C # written and developed for. NET platform provides an AOP framework. EnCase uniquely provides the means to deploy aspects (aspects) to Run-time code, while other AOP frameworks rely on configuration files. This approach

10 Free and open source project management tools

10 Free and open source project management toolsSummary:In any project development or design, project management is considered to be one of the most important processes, so choosing an appropriate project management tool is particularly important.

Practical article: Detailed Analysis of Common Open Source protocols

Open source is already widely used in today's software industry, but does open source mean that users can do whatever they want to do with open source code? The answer is no. open-source sports also have their own game rules and ethics. failing to

C # list of open-source projects (including domestic and foreign projects)

Debug the program in SharpDevelopSharpDevelop is an open source C # integrated development environment that can be used in Group_id = 17610 & package_id = 117376 download to source code and binary

List of C # Open source systems outside China, C # Open Source

Whether you are studying or borrowing it, it is undoubtedly a good place: Http:// C # Open Source Open source Aspect-Oriented Frameworks in C # Aspectsharp-Aspect # (pronunced as aspectsharp) is a free AOP (Aspect Oriented

Open-source protocol Overview [reprint]

Recently, there have been many discussions on open source in the blog site. As a culture, open source, like traditional patents, needs to understand various open source protocols, just to see a blog about open source protocols, reprinted as follows:

Open source protocol Overview

There was no clear concept of open-source protocols before, and I always thought that open-source is free or even free of charge. I spent a day reading open-source protocols a few days ago. Common Open Source protocol analysis Let's have a look at

Open source is a kind of culture, a kind of spirit

Open source is a kind of culture, a kind of spirit Open source is the Open-source code that everyone can understand. Open Source was born in the software industry, and in the spring of 1997, some leaders of the free Software Society gathered to

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