open source forum software comparison

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Open source CMS site commonly used 13 kinds of PHP open-source CMS comparison

1. Mambo-mambo, a foreign CMS system, features very powerful, support to add many components, modules; Rich templates official: 2. Lingbo-limbo (Lite Mambo), as the name implies, evolved from Mambo. The aim is to simplify

Comparison and differentiation of important open source agreements

1.BSD Open Source Agreement ( Original BSD License,FreeBSD License,Original BSD License)     The BSD Open source agreement is an agreement that gives users a great deal of freedom. Basically the user can "do whatever", can be free to use, modify the

How to configure a Secure Linux Forum (on) with phpBB2)

Article Title: how to configure a Secure Linux Forum (on) with phpBB2 ). Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and

How to kill and prevent Trojans using the dynamic network forum

First of all, I would like to thank the "hackers" who did not erase them during the development of the Internet. The quotation marks here do not demean anything, but refer to those who are really proficient in code and discover and exploit program

Python General Forum Body extract \python Forum comment Extract \python Forum user Information Extraction

I long-term sales of ultra-large amount of micro-blog data, and provide specific micro-blog data packaging, Message to [email protected]Background Participate in the data mining competition, this time really learned a lot of things, and

33 Open Source Crawler software tools available to capture data

To play big data, no data how to play? Here are some 33 open source crawler software for everyone. Crawler, or web crawler, is a program that automatically obtains Web content. is an important part of the search engine, so the search engine

Job Two: Source program management software and project management software

This week's job title requires:Check the Internet. What are the popular source program version management software and project management software? What are the pros and cons?Initial knowledge source program version management software and project

12 + open source projects for. Net you probably didn't know about

12 + open source projects for. Net you probably didn't know about. Us. NET developers get it tough. there is enough MS bashing to bury us three times over, and we're 've learned to take it on the chin. you know the type-those Dev's and

Interview with opera CEO: is open source really so important?

Opera CEO Jon Stephen enson von tetzchner was born on October 19, August 29, 1967 in rejivvik, Iceland, and is now the CEO of Opera Software. He and Geir ivarsy were former Norwegian national telephone company and developed the browser software for

CloudConnect Conference Day2: open-source and cloud data centers

[CSDN report] If you want to know about the content of the first day of the Conference, click "CloudConnect Conference Day1: OCP and SwiftStack". Figure: a huge billboard in the Exhibition Hall. The PaaS tour of Azure, OpenStack, and DellPayPal

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