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IPhone6 Call Recording Tutorial How to use the Apple 6 call recording function?

Step 1: We find the app Store open on the Apple phone and search inside for the "recording store card" application. Step 2: After the installation, we follow the software prompts to turn off the settings, and then you will see inside there is a "Call recording" button, we click on it Step 3: In the software we click on the "

Huawei Mate9 Call automatic recording method Huawei Mate9 call automatic Recording course

Sometimes, we think that special circumstances, need to be recorded in the process of the call, some novice users do not know how to operate? Today, small series to introduce the Huawei Mate9 call automatic recording method, interested friends together to see today's tutorial content. Huawei Mate9 Support Call autom

Samsung A5 (2016) version of the call how to achieve recording? A5 Call Recording Tutorial

Note: Call recordings are generally not allowed this is a possible defendant's privacy problem oh, so you generally do not need to do so oh, this article is only to demonstrate that the negative consequences of any responsibility 1. Under the Samsung A5 (2016) standby page, click on "Phone".2. Now let's turn on the phone and click on the "Dial" icon. (for example, choose Card 1.) )3. During the call we cli

Where is the Samsung S5 call recording? A tutorial on the use of Samsung S5 call recording

1. We want the recording to go into the phone "app" First, we click it to enter. 2. Then click on the "mobile" button in this screen, as shown in the following figure red box. 3. For my example, I enter "10000". Then click "Dial" as shown. 4. After waiting for acceptance, we click on the "Recording" button, as shown in the following figure. 5. At this time on your mob

Iphone6 Plus how do you call recordings? Iphone6 Call Recording Tutorial

Step 1: Because iOS8 does not have this feature, if you want to achieve the call record room, we can search in the App store to download the "Recording storage card" application. Step 2: Then we install the tool to set up the password and also register an account. Step 3: Then we click on the interface of the "Call

Samsung E7 How to use the call recording function? (E7000)

1. Under the Standby page, click on "Phone". 2. Enter the phone number you want to dial, and then click the "Dial" icon. 3. In the process of the call, click on "Recording", at this time your call began to be recorded. 4. If you want to end the recording, click "Stop", the system will a

The method of setting up call automatic recording in MIUI system of millet mobile phone

We have MIUI system phone, such as we take the millet phone as an example. We click "Dial" in the millet phone and we'll look at the Dial-up interface as follows At this point, press the icon on the lower left of the cell phone three horizontal function key (in the bottom of the screen display area, the leftmost), then pop-up the image interface, and then click the bottom of the "settings" Then we'll click on the "Call

How to develop your own Skype call recording software for Windows with the Skype desktop API?

Skype is a free voice software, which can point-to-point with computers for free voice calls, and it charges the low cost With calls directly to the fixed telephone or mobile phone, Skype offers excellent quality and won the favor of many users All through the world, I am a faithful user of Skype, below is my Skype screenshots:Why We need a Skype for call recording system?I often use Skype with my Taiwan co

Samsung I9300/GT-I9308 call recording function how to use

This phone supports the call recording function. To use this function, follow these steps:1. Return the phone to the standby page and click "mobile phone ". 2. Enter the number, click "dial key", and call.3. During the call, if you need to record the call

Android design defect-call recording failure

Android design defects-call recording failure 5 comments: 2010/02/20 3509 views This problem has been discussed for nearly a year on Google Code Android and has not been solved yet. This is the main reason why many people cannot migrate from the Symbian system to the Android system. Android mobile phones are equipped with powerful hardware and have many practical and innovative features, but there is

Samsung i9300/gt-i9308 How to use the call recording function

This phone supports the call recording function, if you want to use this feature, follow these steps: 1. Return the phone to the standby page and click on "mobile". 2. Enter the number, click the "Dialing Key" and make a call. 3. In During the call, if you need to record, you can click "

How to compare different Skype for call recording software on a Windows PC and MAC OSX?

--whether sound or saving movie--but you were prone to catchquality that I s better in the event so you choose Superior Program instead ofoffering that's free or an endeavor version from a small Er-recognizedprogrammer.Here's sour guide on the best of the whether utilizing acompensated or freemium software for both wind oWS or Macos X. Also, Alwayscheck out we all-inclusive appear at how Skype operates for a nearer look atthe software ' s fundamental necess Ities, registration charges and additi

How to call the recording function and play audio in the WeChat applet

This article explains how to call the recording function and the method of playing audio in a small program. let's look at several pictures first. 1. for better understanding, the audio list was not loaded at the beginning. just move the code forward. Code: 1. index. wxml Storage path: {

How does I9082 enable call recording?

1. On the "standby" page, select "mobile phone ].2. Make a call.3. During the call, if you need a recording, click [recording]. At this time, your call starts to be recorded.4. If you want to end the recording, clic

Android uses Mediarecorder recording to call the Stop () method when the error "turn"

, in fact, here is more simple point is every time not to judge, come in directly to the original stop, and then create can save a lot of codeThen is the Stop function, be sure to write the right, or the error of the OH:[Java]View PlainCopy "FONT-SIZE:18PX;" > public void Stop () { if (mrecorder! = null) { try { Mrecorder.stop (); } catch (IllegalStateException e) { //TODO If the current Java state and JNI state are inconsistent, //e.printstacktrace (); Mrecorder = null;

How to record the IPhone6 call when the Apple 6 calls recording tutorial

1, open the "app Store" after the search "Wetalkpro", found installed on the phone. 2, after the successful installation of Wetalkpro, open this software, and then call. 3. When the phone is connected, click on the Red "recording" button in the page so that it starts recording. 4, when the recording is complet

How to enable and disable the call recording on Xiaomi mobile phone

1. Go to the system dialing screen on the mobile phone, as shown in the following figure.2. Then, press the left-click menu key on your phone, call the menu, and select "set", as shown in the following figure.3. In the setting panel, find "call recording", as shown in the following figure.4. You can choose to record all the recordings. Whoever

How does Galaxy Tab3 7.0 (T211) enable call recording?

In the normal call process, click on the "Recording" icon can be. Click "Stop" to end the call recording and automatically save the recording file. Audio File View path:1. Under the Standby page, click the "Application" icon. 2. Click on the "My Files" icon. 3. Click

How does the Apple iphone5s/5c achieve the call recording?

, we just click the "Agree" button 5. It is now possible to record sound, of course, there are a few options for this one can try their own. Step three, try the recording. 1. Now we find a friend to try to call him, and then in the call screen will see a rec icon dot 2. The rec will keep flashing while we are record

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) Call recording function tutorial? (A5100)

1. We only need to access to the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) mobile phone interface, and then click the "Phone" option to enter.2. After entering, we click on the "Dial" icon in the interface. (for example, choose Card 1.) ) The effect is as shown below3. OK, after entering the interface, we will find the following "recording", at this time your call began to be recorded.4. Well, if you think it's over, we'll

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