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A practical tutorial on Go Building microservices (i.)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Overview The following diagram is an overview of the project we are going to build. We're going to start writing the first microservices and we'll do a little bit of everything in this picture. Explain:White dashed box inside: Docker swarm cluster, running on one or more nodes.In the Blue box: The support system provided by Spring Cloud/netflix OSS, or other service

Go microservices framework go-micro deep Learning (a) Introduction to the overall architecture

Product mouth of a small project, from project to development on-line, with time and demand of the continuous explosion, will become more and more complex, become a large project, if the previous project structure is not well designed, code will become more and more bloated, difficult to maintain, late every product iteration on the line will be reaching. Project MicroServices, loosely coupled with the relationship between the modules, is a good choic

Go microservices-part Seventh-service discovery and load balancing

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Part VII: Go microservices-service discovery and load balancing This section deals with two basic parts of a robust microservices architecture-service discovery and load balancing-as well as how they facilitate the horizontal scaling of important non-functional requirements in 2017.

Go microservices-part fourth-testing and simulation using Goconvey

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Part IV: Go microservices-testing and simulation using Goconvey How to deal with microservices testing? Do you need to consider any unique challenges when establishing a test strategy for this particular area? In the fourth part, we will look at these topics. Test the subject

Go microservices-Part tenth-Centralized logging

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Part ten: Go microservices-Centralized logging This article describes our go microservices log policy based on Logrus, Docker gelf log driver, and loggly services (Logging as a service). A structured, pluggable log function in Logru

Go microservices framework Go-micro deep Learning (ii) Introductory example

The previous post briefly introduced Go-micro's overall frame structure, this one mainly writes Go-micro uses the way the example, the middle will be interspersed some go-micro the source code, and calls the flowchart, helps everybody better understanding Go-micro's bottom. More detailed and more specific call process

MicroServices under Golang-Part 5th-event broker for Go Micro

= Reqif Err: = srv. Publisher.publish (CTX, req); Err! = Nil {return Err}return nil} ' Now our mail service is like this: ' ' go//shippy-email-serviceconst topic = ' user.created ' type Subscriber Struct{}func (sub *subscriber) Process (CTX context. Context, user *PB. User) Error {log. Println ("Picked up a new message") log. PRINTLN ("Sending email to:", user. NAME) return Nil}func main () {... micro. Registersubscriber (topic, srv. Server (), new (

Micro-service construction based on GO technology stack-microservices

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Editor's recommendation: This article comes from the technical website, the material of this article originates from some of our best practice cases in the development, from the development, the monitoring, the log these three aspects to introduce our micro service builds the experience based on the go te

Go build a microservices framework based on GRPC-service registration and discovery

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Overview GRPC is the Google Open source RPC framework, based on HTTP2 implementation, and supports cross-language, now basically covers the mainstream language. The implementation of cross-language is mainly due to the protobuf, by writing the proto file, and using the Protobuf tool to generate the corresponding language class library. For a new language like go, the ec

Go microservices-part sixth-health check

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Part VI: Go microservices-Health Check As our microservices become more and more complex, it is important to have a mechanism that lets Docker swarm know that a service is healthy. Therefore, this article focuses on how to add a health check for a

Go microservices Series-Part III-embedding databases and JSON

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Part III: Go microservices-embed databases and JSON In the third part, we let accountservice do something meaningful. Declares an account structure. Embedded in simple key-value storage, we can store the account structure inside. Serializes the struct into JSON and then serves the/accounts/{accountid} through the H

"Golang" Go microservices Framework && web Framework Learning Materials

Resources:Quickly create a restful style API project and API document Automation with Beego: http://www.cnblogs.com/huligong1234/p/4707282.htmlGo Language Building RESTful Web services: https://www.oschina.net/translate/hardcore-google-communicating-goSecure RESTful JSON API with JWT authentication in Golang (US): http://www.tuicool.com/articles/ZnMZF3Polaris: A restful web framework that is implemented with go: http://blog.csdn.net/siddontang/article

Go build microservices framework based on GRPC-integrated opentracing

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. 1. Overview There is a scenario where a request will be processed by multiple services after the microservices split, and it will be difficult to troubleshoot if a service fails on the requested link.We may need to take the requested service, look at the log for analysis, and when the service has dozens of hundred instances, this is certainly scary. Therefore, in order t

"Summarizing" the MicroServices (microservices) architecture in an AWS cloud computing environment

: Download the full MP4 file1. Churyang Summary Micro-service is not a stone crack inside, is based on similar SOA, Blackboard, C/S and other application architectures based on the integration of Agile development, devops and other concepts based on the development of The advantages of microservices compared to traditional applications (rapid deployment, de-center, good isolation, etc.), and many disadvantages (more complex, communication

"MicroServices" Six: Easy to fix springcloud microservices-API Gateway Zuul

internal microservices APIs to be exposed.Blog System ArchitectureBased on an architectural design of our microservices as a whole, this series of blogs is primarily a demonstration of the entire microservices architecture. The concept of a gateway can be more deeply understood through a set of schema comparisons.Traditional Internet architectureIn the architect

The first step in building microservices: Where does microservices come from?

Many people talk about " microservices " and are grappling with an old problem more than 20 years ago ; Particle size "; What is the " granularity" of microservices partitioning ? More than 20 years , many people are taking a " Standard answer " ; particle size Span style= "font-family: ' Helvetica Neue '"; In doing software development. Unfortunately, when you have been using the so-called " Standard a

Building Microservices-PDF documentation, microservices-pdf

Building Microservices-PDF documentation, microservices-pdf I translated several articles in English that are based on Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS to facilitate sharing and exchange, and sorted them into PDF documents. PDF document directory: Directory I. microservice operation model... 3 1. Prerequisites... 3 2. Extension... 5 3. problem... 6 4. required components... 7 5. Reference Model... 8 6. Next s

Chris Richardson microservices Translation: Building process communication for microservices architecture

Chris Richardson Micro-Service series translation of all 7 links: Micro Service Introduction Building the Use API Gateway for microservices Building process communication for microservices architecture (this article) Service discovery in micro-service architecture Event-driven data management for micro-services Micro-Service Deployment Reconstruction of monomer application f

Using spring Cloud Zuul as a gateway to integrate multiple microservices into one swagger service under the MicroServices architecture

Attention:If you are working on microservices, there is a need for mutual invocation between services, and the interfaces between services and APIs must generate the management documentation of the system. If you want to better manage your API, you want to have a tool to solve all the API-related things one-stop, then, swagger will be a good choice, the following for you to introduce swagger is the use of methods, if there is wrong, but also to correc

Read the story between Spring Boot, microservices architecture, and big data governance

Boot's support for MongoDB is very friendly, on the one hand, spring Data technology pre-generated a lot of common methods for ease of use, on the other hand, Spring boot package of distributed computing related functions, you can let us in a more concise way to achieve statistical query.Spring Boot is the best-in-breed technology for Java-domain microservices architectures, and the spring BOOT+MONGODB solution is one of the most optimal solutions fo

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