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Use Gmail (Google) to send files

Use Gmail to send files (This is always original. For more information, see) In addition to powerful search functions, powerful Gmail, and powerful network, Google. According to tests, the access speed of in the world is good. I guess

Clever use of Gmail (Google) to transfer files _ application techniques

Clever use of Gmail to transfer files (Always drift original, reprint please specify) Google has powerful search capabilities, powerful Gmail, and a powerful network. According to the test, in the global access speed is good, I guess

What are BT seeds, thunder download links, magnetic links, electric mules and their use tutorials

I. What is BT? 1.BT Introduction: 1.1.BT is one of the hottest download methods, it's all called "BitTorrent" short "BT", Chinese full name "bit stream", but many friends will it dubbed "abnormal download", which is what reason? For HTTP, FTP, Pub

FreeBSD Software Installation Method

Software Installation After FreeBSD is installed, you must install other software not included in FreeBSD. There are many ways to install software on FreeBSD. We will introduce them one by one. Includes the following necessary software

Centos6.4+nginx+mysql+php+phpmyadmin integration Process Detailed _ server other

The Centos6.4+nginx+mysql+php+phpmyadmin integration process is described in the example. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Installed a lot of machines, do a lot of repetitive work, finally, summed up the following CentOS

Linux Learning Notes Summary

Linux file system is a hierarchical tree-like directory structure, using the "/" root directory of the wayDirectory structure:/root directory|---Root: Store files related to the root user|---Home: documents related to ordinary users|---Bin: Store

Imagex fills Windows 7 to vhd, differential vhd restoration protection, bcdedit creates XP & Windows 7 multi-system boot

Windows7/windows2008 R2 differential vhd restoration protection bcdedit [The actual operation section above this article is original. For details, contact. The subsequent materials are sent to the network without verification .] This article

Six magical uses of ownCloud

Six magical uses of ownCloudGuideOwnCloud is a self-hosted open source file synchronization and sharing server. Like "industry leader" Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and other similar services, ownCloud allows you to access your files, calendars,

Mac kung fu: over 300 tips and tips for OS X

Mac kung fu: over 300 tips and tips for OS XBasic InformationOriginal Title: Mac kung fu: over 300 tips, tricks, hints, and hacks for OS X lionAuthor: (English) Thomas (Keir Thomas) [Translator's introduction]Translator: Zhou Qingcheng wanqiSeries

XAMPP Introduction, Safety, use

Although not written Mac installation methods and use, but the methods are very different, the same.XAMPP IntroductionXAMPP is an open source, free Web server software, after simple installation, you can build a server environment on your PC. This

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