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Linux installation GraphicsMagick

Prepare the installation environment:Preparation of 1.GCC and other compiling tools:Yum install-y gcc gcc-c++ make cmake autoconf automakeThis generic VPS will have a default installation, check whether the installation can be as follows command:Rpm-

Linux installation GraphicsMagick

Download graphicsmagick-1.3.21.tar.gzDecompression: TAR-ZXVF graphicsmagick-1.3.21.tar.gzcd/usr/local/graphicsmagick-1.3.21 (extracted to the path)./configure   '--build=i686-redhat-linux-gnu '--host=i686-redhat-linux-gnu '--target=i386-redhat-linux-

Install GraphicsMagick in Ubuntu 14.04

Install GraphicsMagick in Ubuntu 14.04 Note: If you need to use torch and GraphicsMagick and read jpg images, you 'd better install libjpeg first, then install GraphicsMagick, and then install torch. Because GraphicsMagick called jpeg just now, but

Turn: GraphicsMagick Introduction and Installation

Originally from: stable version: 1.3.12 (release date 2010-03-08)Brief Introduction :GraphicsMagick is known as the Swiss Army knife in the field of image

Nginx Lua_nginx+graphicsmagick Real-time Thumbnail example

1. Installation GraphicsMagick Cd/usr/local/src wget TAR-ZXVF graphicsmagick-1.3.20.tar.gz CD GraphicsMagick-1.3.20

GraphicsMagick Introduction and Installation

GraphicsMagickCurrent stable version: 1.3.12 (release date 2010-03-08)Brief Introduction :GraphicsMagick is known as the Swiss Army knife in the field of image processing. The dapper Code provides a robust and efficient collection of tools and

Graphicsmagick+im4java configuration under Windows and Linux

Im4java Package : Im4java-1.2.0.jar directly under the Lib reference can beThe installation of GraphicsMagick is as follows:Under Windows:Installation: Graphicsmagick-1.3.12-q16.zipand configure the GraphicsMagick installation pathUnder

Graphicsmagick+im4java in Windows and Linux configuration __ function

Http:// M4java package as: Im4java-1.2.0.jar directly under the Lib reference can be The installation of GraphicsMagick is as follows: Under Windows: Installation: and

(original) UBUNTU14 installed GraphicsMagick

Reprint please specify the source:Http://

Introduction and installation of GraphicsMagick

Using OpenMP but using multiple threads for image processing enhances the processing capability by extending the CPU. GraphicsMagick can be used on most platforms. there are no problems with Linux, Mac, and Windows. GraphicsMagick is known as the

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