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Dicom image pixel value (grayscale value) converted to CT value

The Unit of CT value is Hounsfield, referred to as Hu, the range is-1024-3071. It is used to measure the absorption rate of X-rays in human tissues, and to set the water absorption rate at 0Hu.In the dicom image reading process, we will find that the pixel value of the image may not be this range, usually 0-4096, which is the pixel value we often see or

Converts a 32-bit RGB pixel color value to grayscale

Write a function that converts a 32-bit RGB pixel color value to grayscale.RGB to grayscale formula: Grey = 0.3 * red + 0.59 * green + 0.11 * BLUE;The format of the RGB pixels (highest bit on the left and lowest on the right): 00000000RRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGBBBBBBBBThe function prototypes are:C++:unsigned int togrey (unsigned int RGB);UnsignedintTogrey (unsignedintRGB) {unsignedintRed = (RGB 0x00ff0000) >> -; unsi

Grayscale image--local threshold value of image segmentation threshold processing

) *width*height); Zero (temp, width,height);DoubleMean_g=matrixmean (src, width, height); for(intj=w_size/2; j2; j + +) { for(inti=w_size/2; i2; i++) {DoubleDeta=0.0;Doublemean=0.0;DoublePix_value=src[j*width+i];//local mean for(intm=-w_size/2; m2+1; m++) { for(intn=-w_size/2; n2+1; n++) {mean+=src[(j+m) *width+i+n]; }} mean/= (Double) (w_size*w_size);//local Deta for(intm=-w_size/2; m2+1; m++) { for(intn=-w_size/2; n2+1; n++) {deta+= (src[(j+m) *width+i+n]-mean) * (src[(

The pattern method displays the gray chart ———— uses the Bayer table to carry on the two value display to the image value

Pattern Method refers to the gray scale can be used in a certain proportion of black and white points of the region represented, so as to achieve the overall image of gray sense. The position of the black and white point is chosen to be patterned. When printed, there is a 160*120*8bit grayscale image that needs to be printed on a 128*9.6-inch paper using a laser printer with a resolution of 200dpi*200dpi. Since this piece of paper can be hit (200*12.

To set a different color fill for a negative value in an Excel chart

To set a different color fill for a negative value in an Excel chart The display is inefficient if you select each data point to fill the color setting directly in the data series. If you split the raw data into positive and negative two data series and then set different colors, the scheme is feasible, but is there a way to implement it directly on the chart?

[MS Chart] How to Find the maximum or minimum Y value and set different colors

[MS Chart] How to Find the maximum or minimum Y value and set different colors MS Chart also has a very bad, simple and easy to use function, sometimes in the Programming System, need to find the most or least value, and set the unique color feature so that the two tables can be seen at once. Original region: Although

Solve the problem of Echart (1.4.1) column chart not changing color with value

Echart1.4.1If it is the latest 2.2.7, you can refer to the website provided by Http:// it is 1.4.1, then if the function (params) is written in color, the params does not have so many parameters to the 2.2.7, and if the color changes with the value, this can be donevar Zrcolor = require (' Zrender/tool/color ');var colorno=0;//set Column chart function Setcolumnchar

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