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What is gzip? What are the advantages? How can I enable gzip?

1. What is gzip?A: gzip was first created by Jean-Loup gailly and Mark Adler for File compression in UNIX systems. We often use files suffixed with .gz in linux, which are in GZIP format. Nowadays, it has become a widely used data compression format

IIS enable gzip and pros and cons analysis _win server

Modern browsers IE6 and Firefox support the client gzip, that is, the Web page on the server, before transmission, the first use of gzip compression and then transmitted to the client, after the client received by the browser to extract the display,

Enable the Iis6/apache gzip feature to increase the speed of Web site opening

Locate the following two lines in the Apache configuration file, and then remove the comment # and reboot. The code is as follows Copy Code LoadModule Deflate_module modules/mod_deflate.soLoadModule Expires_module

Nginx gzip Configuration Parameters detailed _nginx

Nginx has gzip module http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxChsHttpGzipModule, this module supports the online real-time compression of output data streams. After good configuration optimization, can greatly improve the efficiency of the site's output. __ Use

14 Rules for building high-performance websites: Using gzip compression Components

The quality of front-end development engineers is directly related to the speed of page access (JOHN: You know, using an extremely ugly table to set the pages made by the table is much more expensive than the simple Div and table pages, both in K

The site is 3 times times faster when gzip compression is enabled!

Gzip compression, is a Web site speed optimization technology, is also a SEO optimization tool, many websites have adopted this technology, in order to improve the speed of Web page opening, shorten the opening time of the Web page.This article is a

IIS + FastCGI + PHP5.3 + MySQL5.1 + Gzip detailed tutorial

Note: This post is completed one day and one night. Different from the general online articles, except for detailed descriptions of the entire configuration process and test process, especially in FastCGI, Microsoft's "web platform installer" is

[Note] Experience Sharing: websites with high traffic can use static gzip to compress some pages and files

This article describes how to compress pages to save website bandwidth and increase user access speeds. The website access speed is determined by multiple factors, such as the application response speed, network bandwidth, server performance, and

Nginx Gzip module activation and configuration instructions, nginxgzip

Nginx Gzip module activation and configuration instructions, nginxgzip1. Set gzip parameters in Nginx # Enable gzip compression service gzip on; # gzip compression requires applying for temporary memory space, assuming that the size after

Iis+fastcgi+php5.3+mysql5.1+gzip configuration graphics and text detailed tutorial _win server

Description This post is what I have done all day and night, different from the general online article, in addition to the details of the entire configuration process and test procedures are detailed screenshots, especially in the fastcgi aspects

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