hadoop directory structure

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Directory/usr/local/hadoop/tmp/tmp/hadoop-root/dfs/name is in a inconsistent state:storage directory does not exist or is not accessible

Label:Workaround:Change to the following:Directory/usr/local/hadoop/tmp/tmp/hadoop-root/dfs/name is in a inconsistent state:storage directory does not exist or is not accessible

[Read hadoop source code] [6]-org. Apache. hadoop. IPC-IPC overall structure and RPC

1. Preface Hadoop RPC is mainly implemented through the dynamic proxy and reflection (reflect) of Java,Source codeUnder org. Apache. hadoop. IPC, there are the following main classes: Client: the client of the RPC service RPC: implements a simple RPC model. Server: abstract class of the server Rpc. SERVER: specific server class Versionedprotocol: All classes that use the RPC service mu

Hadoop API: Traverse the file partition directory and submit the spark task in parallel according to the data in the directory

Tag: Hive performs glib traversal file HDF. Text HDFs catch MitMThe Hadoop API provides some API for traversing files through which the file directory can be traversed:Importjava.io.FileNotFoundException;Importjava.io.IOException;ImportJava.net.URI;Importjava.util.ArrayList;Importjava.util.Arrays;Importjava.util.List;ImportJava.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch;Importorg.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration;Import

SYMFOY2 directory structure description, SYMFOY2 directory structure _php tutorial

SYMFOY2 directory structure description, SYMFOY2 directory structure Understanding the framework's directory structure is a way for the framework to get started quickly, with a mature framework where each functional module is par

Several concepts of Javaweb and the Tomcat directory structure and the directory structure of Web development

Several concepts of Javaweb and the Tomcat directory structureFirst, the concept of Javaweb application:In the Sun's Java Servlet specification, Java Web applications are defined as "Java Web applications are composed of a set of Servlets, HTML pages, classes, and other resources that can be bound ." It can be run in a servlet container that implements a servlet specification from a variety of vendors.Java Web Apps can include the following:--Servlet-

Java file directory tree structure: Console print file directory tree structure under a folder

1 PackageCom.zhen.file;2 3 ImportJava.io.File;4 5 /*6 * Console Prints the file directory tree structure under a folder7 * Recursive algorithm8 */9 Ten Public classFiletree { One A Public Static voidMain (string[] args) { -File File =NewFile ("D:/github/javatest"); -Printfile (file, 0); the } - - Public Static voidPrintfile (File file,intilevel) - { + for(inti=0;i) -

Javaweb Learning Tomcat installation and operation, Tomcat directory structure, configuration of Tomcat management user, Web project directory, virtual directory, virtual host (1)

1.tomcat Installation and operationDouble-click Bin/startup.bat in the Tomcat directory, enter http://localhost:8080 after startup, prompt for successful installation, indicating successful installation of TomcatDirectory Structure of 2.tomcat* Bin directory: The startup and termination scripts that hold Tomcat* Startup.bat Startup script* Bootstrap.jar, Startup

Recursively reads the directory structure into an array and saves the directory structure PHP novice

Recursively reads the directory structure into an array and saves the directory structure novice PHP

Datanode cannot start when Hadoop user creates data directory

Scenario: Centos 6.4 X64 Hadoop 0.20.205 Configuration file Hdfs-site.xml When creating the data directory used by the Dfs.data.dir, it is created directly with the Hadoop user, Mkidr-p/usr/local/hdoop/hdfs/data The Namenode node can then be started when it is formatted and started. When executing JPS on the Datanode, [Had

Cannot lock storage/tmp/hadoop-root/dfs/name. The directory is already locked.

[[Email protected] bin] #./hadoop namenode-format 12/05/21 06:13:51 info namenode. namenode: startup_msg: /*************************************** ********************* Startup_msg: Starting namenode Startup_msg: host = nn01/ Startup_msg: ARGs = [-format] Startup_msg: version = 0.20.2 Startup_msg: Build = https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/hadoop/common/branches/branch-0.20-r 911707; compiled by 'chr

Hadoop Distributed File System: structure and design

in the Master/Slave structure. A cluster has a Name node, that is, the master control server, which is responsible for managing the file system namespace and coordinating the customer's access to files. There are also a bunch of data nodes, usually one deployed on a physical node, responsible for the Storage Management on the physical node where they are located. HDFS opens the namespace of the file system so that user data can be stored in files. In

Hadoop source code analysis (3) RPC server initialization structure

Statement: Personal originality. for reprinting, please indicate the source. I have referenced some online or book materials in this article. Please tell me if there is anything wrong. This article is the note I wrote when I read hadoop 0.20.2 for the second time. I encountered many problems during the reading process and finally solved most of the problems through various ways. The entire hadoop system is

Learn notes-hadoop Safe mode and directory snapshots

Safe Mode1, namenode start, merge image and edit into new image, and generate a new edit log2, the entire intelligent Safe mode, the client can only read3. Check if Nameode is in safe modeHDFs Dfsadmin-safemode Get//view Safe ModeHDFs Dfsadmin-safemode Enter//Enter Safe modeHDFs Dfsadmin-safemode Leave//Leave Safe ModeHDFs Dfsadmin-safemode Wait//await Safe mode4. Manually Save namespaces: Dfsadmin-savenamespace5. Manually save the image file: HDFs dfsadmin-fetchimage6. Save metadata: (Save unde

Hive data Import-data is stored in a Hadoop Distributed file system, and importing data into a hive table simply moves the data to the directory where the table is located!

transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/lifuxiangcaohui/article/details/40588929Hive is based on the Hadoop distributed File system, and its data is stored in a Hadoop Distributed file system. Hive itself does not have a specific data storage format and does not index the data, only the column separators and row separators in the hive data are told when the table is created, and hive can parse the data. So i

Hadoop problem copyFromLocal:java.io.FileNotFoundException:Parent path is not a directory:/user/admini

----Configuration----- ---is associated with this configuration estimate, which looks like a directory problem---- ------------Command---------- Hadoop fs-copyfromlocal input/ncdc/micro/1901/user/administrator/input/ncdc/micro/1901 --------------Error-------- CopyFromLocal:java.io.FileNotFoundException:Parent path is not a directory:/user/administrator ---------S

hadoop2.5.2 in execute $ bin/hdfs dfs-put etc/hadoop input encounters put: ' input ': No such file or directory solution

Write more verbose, if you are eager to find the answer directly to see the bold part of the .... (PS: What is written here is all the content in the official document of the 2.5.2, the problem I encountered when I did it) When you execute a mapreduce job locally, you encounter the problem of No such file or directory, follow the steps in the official documentation: 1. Formatting Namenode Bin/hdfs Namenode-format 2. Start the Namenode and Datanod

Run the Hadoop fs-ls command to display local directory issues

Run the Hadoop fs-ls command to display local Directory issues Problem reason: The default path for HDFS is not specified in the Hadoop configuration file Solution: There are two ways 1. Access Hadoop fs-ls hdfs:// HDFs full path 2. Modify the configuration file Vim/opt/cloudera/parcels/cd

Hadoop no such file or directory problem

After using Cygwin to install Hadoop, enter the command ./hadoop version The following error occurred ./hadoop:line 297:c:\java\jdk1.6.0_05\bin/bin/java:no such file or directory ./hadoop:line 345:c:\java\jdk1.6.0_05\bin/bin/java:no such file or directory ./hadoop:line 345:exec:c:\java\jdk1.6.0_05\bin/bin/java:canno

HDFS directory permission problems after hadoop is restarted

Label: style blog color Io OS ar Java I restarted the hadoop cluster today and reported an error when I used eclipse to debug HDFS APIs: [Warning] java. Lang. nullpointerexception at org. Conan. Kafka. hdfsutil. batchwrite (hdfsutil. Java:50) At org. Conan. Kafka. singletopicconsumer. Run (singletopicconsumer. Java:144) At java. Lang. thread. Run (thread. Java:745) At java. util. Concurrent. threadpoolexecutor. runworker (threadpoolexecutor. Java:11

The structure of Hadoop--hdfs

mainly by two types of nodes: one namenode (that is, master) and multiple Datanode (that is, slave), as shown in the framework diagram:2.2 NameNode, DataNode, Jobtracker and Tasktracker Namenode is a master server that manages the namespace and metadata of the entire file system and handles file access requests from outside. Namenode saves three types of metadata for the file system: Namespaces: The directory

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