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[Hadoop] Step-by-step Hadoop (standalone mode) on Ubuntu system

1 Creating Hadoop user groups and Hadoop users  STEP1: Create a Hadoop user group:~$ sudo addgroup Hadoop  STEP2: Create a Hadoop User:~$ sudo adduser-ingroup Hadoop hadoopEnter the password when prompted, this is the new

[Introduction to Hadoop]-2 Ubuntu Installation and configuration Hadoop installation and configuration

Ubuntu installation (Here I do not catch a map, just cite a URL, I believe that everyone's ability)Ubuntu Installation Reference Tutorial: http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/14bd256e0ca52ebb6d26129c.htmlNote the following points:1, set the virtual machine's IP, click the network connection icon in the bottom right corner of the virtual machine, select "Bridge mode", so as to assign to your LAN IP, this is ver

[Introduction to Hadoop]-1 Ubuntu system Hadoop Introduction to MapReduce programming ideas

Ubuntu System (I use the version number is 140.4)The Ubuntu system is a desktop-based Linux operating system, and Ubuntu is built on the Debian distribution and GNOME desktop environments. The goal of Ubuntu is to provide an up-to-date, yet fairly stable, operating system that is primarily built with free software for

Ubuntu: Installation configuration Hadoop 1.0.4 for Hadoop beginners

Various tangle period Ubuntu installs countless times Hadoop various versions tried countless times tragedy then see this www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-01/78391.htm or tragedy, slightly modifiedFirst, install the JDK1. Download and installsudo apt-get install OPENJDK-7-JDKRequired to enter the current user password when entering the password, enter;Required input yes/no, enter Yes, carriage return, all the wa

Build a hadoop environment on Ubuntu (standalone mode + pseudo Distribution Mode)

Distribution Mode)The hadoop daemon runs on a cluster. Version: Ubuntu 10.04.4, hadoop 1.0.2 1. Add a hadoop user to the System user Before installation, add a user named hadoop to the system for hadoop testing. ~$ sudo addgrou

"Hadoop" 1, Hadoop Mountain chapter of Virtual machine under Ubuntu installation jdk1.7

1 access to Apache Hadoop websitehttp://hadoop.apache.org/2.2. Click image to downloadWe download the 2.6.0 third in the stable version of stableLinux Download , here is an error, we download should be the bottom of the second, which I did not pay attention to download the above 17m .3. Install a Linux in the virtual machineFor details see other4. Installing the Hadoop environment in Linux1. Installing the

Set up Hadoop environment on Ubuntu (stand-alone mode + pseudo distribution mode)

(fully distributed mode)The Hadoop daemon runs on a cluster. Version: Ubuntu 10.04.4,hadoop 1.0.2 1. Add Hadoop user to System user One thing to do before you install--add a user named Hadoop to the system to do the Hadoop test.

The Linux server builds Hadoop cluster environment Redhat5/ubuntu 12.04

Setting up Hadoop cluster environment steps under Ubuntu 12.04I. Preparation before setting up the environment:My native Ubuntu 12.04 32bit as Maser, is the same machine that was used in the stand-alone version of the Hadoop environment, http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-01/78112.htmAlso in the KVM Virtual 4 machines,

Hadoop 2.30 compiled in Ubuntu 14.04

......... ......... SUCCESS [18.045s][INFO]------------------------------------------------------------------------[INFO] BUILD SUCCESS[INFO]------------------------------------------------------------------------[INFO] Total time:14:59.240s[INFO] Finished At:thu Jan 18:51:59 JST 2015[INFO] Final memory:168m/435m[INFO]------------------------------------------------------------------------The compiled binary package is located in theHadoop-2.3.0-src/hadoop

64-bit Ubuntu compiled Hadoop source

-cluster ......... ......... SUCCESS [0. 111s] [INFO] Apache Hadoop Scheduler Load Simulator ...... SUCCESS [5. 307s] [INFO] Apache Hadoop Tools Dist ......... .......... SUCCESS [ +. 215s] [INFO] Apache Hadoop Tools ......... .............. SUCCESS [0. 024s] [INFO] Apache Hadoop distribution ......... ......... SUCCES

Ubuntu installs Hadoop and spark

rest assured download the latest version of the official website of Hadoop. If the reader is a user who installs the Ubuntu system using a virtual machine, access this guide using Ubuntu from the virtual machine, and then click on the address below To download the Hadoop file to the virtual machine in

Hadoop installation (Ubuntu Kylin 14.04)

Installation environment: Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 haoop-1.2.1 HADOOP:HTTP://APACHE.MESI.COM.AR/HADOOP/COMMON/HADOOP-1.2.1/1. To install the JDK, it is important to note that in order to use Hadoop, you need to enter a command under Hadoop:source/etc/profile to implement it, and then use java-version Test to see if it takes

Installing Hadoop on a single machine on Ubuntu

Recent Big Data Compare fire, so also want to learn a bit, so install Ubuntu Server on the virtual machine, then install Hadoop. Here are the installation steps:1. Installing JavaIf it is a new machine, the default is not to install Java, run java–version named to see if you can view the Java version, if Java is not installed, this runs the following name: # Update The source list$ sudo apt-get update # The

Hadoop pseudo-distributed cluster setup and installation (Ubuntu system)

, see the following test results;After decompression, you can go into the Hadoop directory you created to see the effect, determined that it has been decompressed;6: After extracting the JDK, start adding Java to the environment variable (configure the JDK environment variable in ubuntu OS):Go in and press Shift+g to the last face, to the front double-click G, click a/s/i These three any one letter into the

Manual Hadoop Configuration in Ubuntu environment

Property>6 Configuration>5. Format HDFsIf this error occurs:ERROR Namenode. NameNode:java.io.IOException:Cannot Create Directory/home/xxx0624/hadoop/hdfs/name/currentThen: Set the directory permissions for Hadoop to the current user writable sudo chmod-r a+w/home/xxx0624/hadoop, granting write access to the Hadoop

Build Hadoop 2.x (2.6.2) on Ubuntu system

The official Chinese version of the Hadoop QuickStart tutorial is already a very old version of the new Hadoop directory structure has changed, so some configuration file location is also slightly adjusted, such as the new version of Hadoop can not find the Conf directory mentioned in the QuickStart, in addition, There are many tutorials on the web that are also

Ubuntu under Hadoop,spark Configuration

Reprinted from: http://www.cnblogs.com/spark-china/p/3941878.html Prepare a second, third machine running Ubuntu system in VMware; Building the second to third machine running Ubuntu in VMware is exactly the same as building the first machine, again not repeating it.Different points from installing the first Ubuntu machine are:1th: We name the secon

Compile and install Hadoop 2.2.0 in Ubuntu

I don't know what Map Reduce is. Today, we are helping students build Hadoop. Version 2.2.0 is used. When the result is run, the warning "libhadoop. so.1.0.0 which might have disabled stack guard" is displayed. Google found that hadoop 2.2.0 provides the libhadoop. so library with 32 bits and our machine with 64 bits. The solution is to re-compile hadoop on a 64-

The Hadoop installation tutorial on Ubuntu

Install Hadoop 2.2.0 on Ubuntu Linux 13.04 (Single-node Cluster)This tutorial explains what to install Hadoop 2.2.0/2.3.0/2.4.0/2.4.1 on Ubuntu 13.04/13.10/14.04 (Single-node Cluster) . This is setup does not require a additional user for Hadoop. All files related to

[Linux]ubuntu Installation of Hadoop (standalone version)

Ubuntu version 12.04.3 64-bitHadoop is run on a Java virtual machine, so you'll need to install the Jdk,jdk installation configuration method to install it under another blog post ubuntu12.04 jdk1.7SOURCE Package Preparation:I downloaded the hadoop-1.2.1.tar.gz, this version is relatively stable, can be provided to the official website of the image http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/

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