hello world program in node js

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node. JS Getting Started (ii) first program Hello World

Create a new text file named "Hello.js" and enter the following 1 //loading the HTTP module2 varHTTP = require (' http ');3 //building an HTTP server4 varServer = Http.createserver (function(request,response) {5Response.writehead (200,{' content-type ': ' Text/plain '});6Response.Write (' Hello world! ');7 Response.End ();8 });9 //start the HTTP server and start listening on the 3000 port numberTenServer.l

"Node. JS Learning One" first node. js Application--hello world!

When we use PHP to write background code, we need to use Apache or Nginx HTTP server, with MOD_PHP5 modules and php-cgi.From this perspective, the entire "Receive HTTP request and provide Web page" requirement does not need PHP to handle at all.But for node. JS, the concept is completely different. When using node. js,

Node. JS Series Basic Learning----installation, implementing Hello World, REPL

can learn about the basics of node. js here. Http://www.runoob.com/nodejs3 Run implementation: "Hello World"Create a new Test.js file under Product, write the JS code inside the output can be achieved, but the output here we have to be in DOS, to watch.?We can create a new

Node. js: hello world

Dom framework cannot be released as scheduled because it runs to another city and has no computers. In this period, the most urgent need was to seek a super lightweight backend to build up my framework, so I reached out to the legendary Server-Side Javascrpt. Backend JS is undoubtedly the node. js of Ryan Dahl, and jaxer developed by the aptana IDE provider. Firs

Using the RABBITMQ Series in node. js a Hello World

) { conn.createChannel(function(err, ch) { var q = ‘hello‘; ch.assertQueue(q, {durable: false}); // Note: on Node 6 Buffer.from(msg) should be used ch.sendToQueue(q, new Buffer(‘Hello World!‘)); console.log(" [x] Sent ‘Hello

node. js Hello World and Function call

Hello Worldvar http = require (' http '); Request Agreement Http.createserver (function (request, response) {Response.writehead ($, {' Content-type ': ' text/html; charset= Utf-8 '}); Request header information, defined text type and character set if (request.url!== "/favicon.ico") { //clears 2nd this access Console.log (' Access '); Response.Write (' Hello, World

node. JS Tutorial 02-Classic Hello World

Objective:node. js Introduction, installation and configuration, the previous section has been introduced, if there is unclear can also leave a message or directly ask Niang. This section:This section focuses on a simple example of node. js, using two methods. This is described below.In short, this section is very simple. Look down, everybody. Script

Create the first Hello World with node. js

If we use PHP to write back-end code, we need Apache (XAMPP) or Nginx http server, with MOD_PHP5 modules and php-cgi.From this perspective, the entire "Receive HTTP request and provide WEB page" requirement does not need PHP to handle at all.1. Introduction of the required module: we can use the Require directive to load the node. JS module.2. Create server: The server can listen to the client's request, si

node. JS Foundation--01 Hello,world

1 varHttp=require ("http");//introducing the HTTP module2Http.createserver (function(Request,response) {//Creating a server3Response.writehead ("$", {"Content-type": "Text/html;charset=utf-8"});//Start4 if(request.url!== "/favicon.ico") {//manually clear the browser's default second request so that the code inside will only execute once; otherwise it will execute two times. It has been automatically used in other frameworks such as Express. 5Console.log ("AAA");6Response.Write ("

Node. js express from entry to cainiao (1) -- Hello world! + Ejs template + background parameter transfer to foreground + distribution View

The only reason for writing this series is that cainiao, like bloggers, can't remember how express is used, but will assume that cainiao are familiar with JavaScript and node. basic JS usage and ASP. net MVC. I will try to add some knowledge points in the example that correspond to ASP. NET MVC. You can move to https://github.com/visionmedia/expressto download the source code. The example is in examples u

Hello World program instance of Backbone. js, backbone. jshello

Hello World program instance of Backbone. js, backbone. jshello Create an api. php file with the following content:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Header ('content-Type: application/json; charset = UTF-8 ');Die (json_encode (array ('name' => 'Tom '))); Create an index.html file. (Based on jquery and underscore, backbon

(Formerly known as "Hello World") How to develop the first hello World Program in μClinux? (IC design) (de2) (nio ii) (OS) (Linux) (μClinux) (C/C ++) (GCC)

AbstractThe attacker of μClinux does not need to upload the program on de2. The important thing is how to place our program on μClinux to upload the program. IntroductionOn de2, how does one install the μClinux operating system? In (IC design) (de2) (nioii) (OS) (Linux) (μClinux), we have run μClinux on de2, is this the end? Developers are concerned about how t

Java self-study note (first day) install Java8 --- configure the runtime environment --- write & quot; hello world & quot; program --- Note, java8 --- hello

Java self-study note (first day) install Java8 --- configure the runtime environment --- compile the "hello world" program --- Note, java8 --- hello (1) What are jvm, jre, and jdk: Jvm: Java Virtual Machine (Java Virtual Machine) Jre: java runtime environment, which is the runtime environment of java programs. Jdk: JDK

Hello World Program Collection _ Other synthesis

Hello world, as the beginning of all programming languages, occupies an immutable position, all the Chinese/English/French/German/American ... Version of the programming textbook, Hello World is always recorded as the first Test in the book, all the first step of programming is this! Classic Among the classics!

Hello World for the National Science Program

The charm of the hello world is that it is simple, you can easily understand it without any foundation, but it is not pale, with a distinct feature of a program language that embodies the most basic thoughts and characteristics of the language. The same is Hello world, let

Hello World Program, helloworld Program

Hello World Program, helloworld Program Since software development tutorials started, I tend to use the simplest Hello World Program as the starting point. I can't help but fall behind

NODEJS Create a Web server Hello World program _javascript Tips

created server. Message events are the core of JavaScript and node. In this example, whenever a new access request arrives at the Web server, it will invoke the function method we specify to handle it. We call this kind of method a callback (callback). Because whenever an event occurs, we will call back all functions that listen to this event. Example two: As you run to another city with no computers on hand, the DOM framework cannot be released as

The "Path of Python" Foundation (1) Grand ceremony: Hello World Program

0x00 PrefaceBelieve that any programmer encounter any programming language will be with Thanksgiving heart to complete the first program, the program's name is Hello,world, is also the most famous program!About the origin of the Hello,wo

Rookie notes-Chapter 3.5 The first Java program in life Hello World

3.5 First Java program "HelloWorld" 3.5.1 Tools Introduction Write Java programs can use a variety of toolsL Notepad ( Microsoft OS comes with )L notepad++L EclipseL MyEclipseWe start with the initial learning phase notepad++ to learn, so that we can more intuitively see the process of running the program. 3.5.2 HelloWorldSourceclass helloworld{ publicstaticvoid main (string[] args) {System.out.print ("

Play the Nodo.js series: Hello World Web Program

debugging skills point), juvenile don't square, hold me, behind tell you!  Local browser access (same as access):  Oh, it seems to have missed a supervisor:After node executes the script, after you update the script content, no matter how to brush the browser, the results will not change. This is because node. js only parses the script the first time i

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