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Deploy the node. JS app on the Heroku cloud Platform

Recently using node. js and WebSocket wrote an online chat room, looking for a support node. js and support WebSocket free platform deployment up, my personal blog site is deployed on Sina SAE, but Sina SAE does not support node. js

Teach you how to deploy the Node. js application on heroku cloud platform, herokunode. js

your application, you need to add a file Procfile under this directory with a line of code: web: node server.js (Here, the web: node tells heroku that you want to deploy a node. js web application. The server.

Heroku quickly deploy node applications

Try Heroku, it's a bunker, here's how to implement deployment access for your application in a few simple steps:1, first https://dashboard.heroku.com/for account registration2. Push one of the latest Nodejs express applications on GitHub3, Login Heroku Enter:Choose GitHub deployment, tick "Automatic deploys", select Git branch and project, wait a moment Heroku au

Three-step deployment of the node app to Heroku

Heroku is a cloud platform that provides rapid deployment services. Support Node,ruby,java,php,python,go Multi-lingual, experience today, simply not too cool. Here's a quick introduction. First, or you want to register an account: Https://signup.heroku.com/login Do not know why, here 163 mailbox can not pass, QQ May. Then select Language node.

Heroku + node. js + HTTPS

Yesterday I upgraded biz-to-me to support HTTPS, and for this we studied how to get the node. JS application running on Heroku to support HTTPS. I find that there is no article describing this specific process, only fragmented information, so record it here.First, the Heroku application to support HTTPS must be paid fo

Parse the code deployment method of Node. js Based on modules and packages, and deploy node. js

Parse the code deployment method of Node. js Based on modules and packages, and deploy node. js Module path parsing rules Experienced C programmers first write from the make file when writing a new program. Similarly, before using NodeJS to write a program, in order to have

Node. JS Series: (Debug tool) node-inspector Debug node. js App

If you're writing the node. JS code, Node-inspector is a must-have option, much better than node. JS's built-in debugger. It's similar to Chrome's JavaScript debugger.To install with NPM:$ npm install -g node-inspectorThen you need to connect to

Install and deploy the Egret engine development environment in the MacOSX system _ node. js

In previous articles, we have introduced how to install and deploy the Egret development environment in Windows. In this document, we will introduce how to install Egret and deploy Egret in Mac. Egret is developed based on TypeScript, while tsc is developed based on Node. js. Therefore, during the installation process

Using pm2 to deploy multiple node. js projects, pm2node. js

Using pm2 to deploy multiple node. js projects, pm2node. js Preface I believe everyone knows that in actual project deployment, the node service needs to be automatically started when the server is started. Previously, it was started using the built-in commands of liunx. H

How does node. JS Create the first app? Five application scenarios for node. js

This article focuses on the method of creating the first application for node. js, as well as the introduction of five different scenarios. So that everyone can learn something, learn this, and then let's come and see this article. First, let's try to create the first application: Before we create the first "Hello, world!" app for

Docker: How to deploy a node. JS project to Docker's swarm

/repo:tagdeploy:replicas: 5restart_policy:condition: on-failureresources:limits:cpus: "0.1"memory: 50Mports: - "3000:3000"networks: - webnet ?Note that the image inside is best used to publish to the official website tag name, for example: John/get-started:part2, if directly with the host machine image name, virtual machine may not access. Run PowerShell as an administrator, and switch the directory to the directory in step 2, and then run the following command:

What node. js is, node. JS creates an app

Simply put, node. JS is the JavaScript that runs on the server. node. JS is a platform built on the Chrome JavaScript runtime. node. JS is an event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment, based on the Google V8 engine, the

Install and deploy the Egret development environment in Windows _ node. js

Egret is developed based on TypeScript, while tsc is developed based on Node. js. Therefore, during the installation process, we must first install the basic support tools. The software to be installed is as follows: Node. jsTypeScriptTypeScript code editorHTTP server (optional)Chrome (optional)EgretThis document describes how to install Egret in Windows. The in

"Node Entry" Reading notes-developing a small app with node. js

If you want to reprint please specify the source http://blog.csdn.net/as645788Android app Development is over, a stable, basic function of the app has been delivered to the user! I had a conversation with my boss, and then I was ready to move to node. js, and part of the front-end function goes in! hahaha ~ ~ ~ next to

Deploy MongoDB and Node. js applications on OpenShift

This is a free article on how to develop MongoDB, Node. js, and RockMongo applications on a Windows machine through OpenShift Online. This is not a title because it is too long. Cool. Now let's take a look at what's going on. OpenShift Online-Red Hat public cloud program development and hosting platform, which can automatically configure, manage, and expand applications so that you can focus on writing busi

node. JS: Create App + callback function (blocking/non-blocking)

First, create an applicationIf we use PHP to write back-end code, we need an Apache or Nginx http server, with MOD_PHP5 modules and php-cgi. From this perspective, the entire "Receive HTTP request and provide WEB page" requirement does not need PHP to handle at all.But for node. JS, the concept is completely different. When using node.

Ubuntu deployment node. JS App

Installing the node. JS Environment sudo Install Nodejs sudo Install NPMFor node_module that depend on different environments, you can regenerate them using the following command RM -InstallIf you do not want to use the system's own node. js, you can use NVMCurl https:///raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.16.1

Use the Iisnode module to let your node. js app run in Windows system IIS

Recently I prefer to use node. js to do some simple applications, always want to deploy to the production environment, but only one Windows Server 2008 server, and has opened the IIS service, running a lot. NET development site, Port 80 is already occupied.Originally wanted to use Nginx as a Web server to listen to 80 port, all Web Access to the corresponding IIS

10 tricks to get your node. js app to run faster

node. JS benefits from its event-driven and asynchronous features, which are already fast. However, in the modern network is only fast is not good. If you're going to use node. js to develop your next Web app, then you should fair bet and make your

NodeJS app _ node. js developed based on Docker

This is the first of the two articles. This article covers a detailed tutorial on replacing Vagrant with Docker when developing a Node application using the Express framework. The application will use connect-redis middleware to persistently store session information in Redis. the second article will introduce how to productize the development settings. for this Node Application This application contains a

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