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Detailed Win7 flagship system under the computer speakers have current sound method

Detailed Win7 system under the computer speakers have current sound method: Because the display of the surrounding magnetic field is very sensitive, so as long as the speaker close to the monitor, carefully observe the screen image has no local color or the overall color shift, you can test the performance of the stereo. The speaker's magnetism originates from the loudspeaker, the magnetic speaker's loudspe

Common troubleshooting tips for computer speakers

For rookie-level users, the most afraid of is the product problem, what small problems require people, it is extremely depressed. But many times the fault is oneself can solve, the following 52 hardware forum Netizen collects and collates several common trouble-solving methods, to treat the user. Perhaps after reading you will find yourself become a speaker master. 1. Sound can be played normally, but the noise of "chip-BA-PA" will come out from now on. Customers reflect that the

Computer speakers have an echo?

tone of each band. The use of traditional Chinese mahogany home design concept, in terms of appearance and effect are called superior, is a true sense of the value of cheap theater. (2) First speaker sound preliminary to determine the speaker no problem, and then you see your player has no sound effects, and then see if your computer audio has added sound, (such as: music boxes, corridors, rock, ...) If there is no problem, that is the

What should I do if my computer's speakers, headphones, and audio devices have no sound ?, Speaker audio device

What should I do if my computer's speakers, headphones, and audio devices have no sound ?, Speaker audio device Computer speakers, headphones with no sound inserted. I have not changed to mute. Why is there no sound? How can I set up a playback device in Windows 7? If I check whether headphones and audios are correct. Let's take a look at how to set the playing

Computer speakers have a murmur how to solve?

First of all, to solve the computer speakers have a murmur of the idea is to first exclude the speaker is not the problem, and then eliminate the system and sound card driver, equalizer settings, such as software problems, if the above methods are not the cause of the problem, then you can consider is not the motherboard above the audio part of the The bottom line indirectly leads to the occurrence of such

Computer speakers have the answer to the answer

Small series in the use of speakers to listen to the song, found an echo of the phenomenon, how is it? On the Internet to find some information, and finally found a solution, the following small set to share with you the computer speakers have echoes how to solve the details, the specific contents are as follows: In the comp

Daily maintenance of computer speakers

Maintenance Knowledge 1. Correctly set the sound card output mode. Generally we use the integrated AC97 sound card, the back panel of the chassis has 3 interfaces, we normally use are active speakers, so should be plugged into the line output of the interface (green), and the red interface is connected to the microphone, and the other is the line input (analog input) interface (blue). Maintenance Knowledge 2. When powering on, shutting down, restarti

Computer speakers don't have sound.

There's no sound on the computer speakers. It is probably because of the problem of sockets, we suggest that the speaker to move the Jack to the back, if you need to plug in front of the need to enter the BIOS settings set it. If the original can be normal playback, after a period of time there is no sound, then we can do the operation: 1, the first speaker is normal. Try it on another

Win7 computer speakers do not sound what to do

First of all, we do not plug in headphones, in the case of computer hardware equipment, to see what the system will give a hint. Open the Start menu-control Panel to find and troubleshoot problems in the system and security. Turn on the hardware and sound, select Play audio under Sound options, and in the Play Audio dialog box, click Next. In the Failure dialog box, select Headphones, and click Next, when the

The computer has no sound and prompts that no speakers or headphones are inserted. How can this problem be solved ?, Speaker headphones

The computer has no sound and prompts that no speakers or headphones are inserted. How can this problem be solved ?, Speaker headphones The test is successful. You can try it. Right-click the volume icon, and then click "sound (S )", Click "Recording". The microphone displays "not inserted" and the line Input displays "not inserted" Click "play" again. Similarly, the Realtek HDMI Output dis

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