hooking hdmi from computer to tv

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How the computer connects the TV with the HDMI

  Why do you use the HDMI cable to connect the computer to the TV? Because now the LCD TV basically has a VGA interface, so you can easily use the VGA cable to achieve the computer connected to the TV, but there is a place in the

The computer is connected to the LCD TV via the HDMI line

Operation Steps: 1, the first HDMI interface to connect to the computer, preferably in the state of shutdown, do not turn off the status of the machine is also OK, but the television is best closed first and then open; 2, and then connect the television; 3, after the good line, then turn on the computer and TV; 4.

How to connect your TV with HDMi

Because now the LCD TV basically has a VGA interface, so you can easily use the VGA line to achieve computer connection on the TV, but the article has a place not mentioned, that is the resolution of the problem, now the mainstream LCD TV panel is full HD panel (1920x1080), but unfortunately, A lot of

How to get the Windows7 system HDMI connection TV

PS: Not all televisions can be connected, the premise is that the connection must have the HDMI interface of the computer and TV, now the general computer and television have, but the old will not necessarily have, so pay attention! 1, equipment A,TCL L19N6 LCD TV (Use thi

How to connect the LCD TV to the Win7 system via HDMI

1: Equipment A:TCL L19N6 LCD TV Machine (the model used in this test) b:v450a 2: Need material HDMI Cable (Note: This line must be of good quality, do not just get a bargain, may not use it well or not!) believe that a penny of the price is better. ) Connection process A: First, the HDMI interface to connect to the comp

WIN8 the TV with the HDMI, no sound can be solved.

One, sound card setup Error 1, sound output equipment errors, generally connected to the HDMI sound will automatically switch HDMI interface output, but there will be some machines need to manually set up, the method is as follows: WIN7 and WIN8 system 2, right click on the sound icon, select the playback device, as shown in the following image: 3, select the Playback device, pop-up window as

Notebook HDMI, VGA connection to the whole process of HD TV record

Notebook HDMI, VGA connection to the whole process of HD TV recordThese two days, as long as you finish dinner in the evening, you can watch HD movies on TV.Just have a friend ask HDMI to answer some of the problems of TV, put myself to the process of the TV said HaFirst of

Win7 notebook How to connect LCD tv via HDMI

  First, the things to be prepared beforehand 1, an HDMI connection line; 2. A notebook computer with HDMI interface; 3, the TV with HDMI interface;   Second, the detailed connection process 1, the first HDMI interface to con

TIPS: Ubuntu is connected to an HDMI display/TV without sound solution

TIPS: Ubuntu is connected to an HDMI display/TV without sound solution The laptop display was accidentally damaged last night. Now I use an HDMI cable to connect my Ubuntu laptop to a home TV for temporary use. Ubuntu is the official version of the latest version 17.10. HDMI

win8.1 System HDMI HD cable connected to the TV after no sound?

win8.1 System HDMI HD cable connected to the TV after no sound what to do 1, open the Control Panel, into the "hardware and sound" 2, click the Sound of "management audio equipment" 3. Right-click "Speaker/handset" In Sound equipment, select "Set as Default Device", click OK 4, the reason is because the HDMI line has the sound synchronous

Home Theater, LCD TV, LCD TV, computer connection

the screen width.There are some regrets about the VGA connection mode, that is, the audio noise. I have tried the VGA connection between Hp ipv2tx and Dell d610,Neither XP nor Vista can completely eliminate noises. (Note: Samsung la32a550p1r needs to be in audio control.Turn off the "Automatic sound companion" option to reduce the noise .) However, in either case, the battery is used only if the external power supply is not used,In addition, the audio is converted through Bluetooth, that is, th

How the TV and computer Connect

The advantages of connecting a computer to a large-screen color TV or a projector are self-evident, and the products of the sand bean AV Pass are provided for you to connect the remote control operation. So to get the economic benefits, and comfortable to enjoy the life experience, first of all, the family already have a computer and television connected. Below w

How the computer connects to the TV

Now the computer has become the home of the multimedia center, computers can watch movies, listen to music, play games, surf the internet and so on, now the media resources on the network is very rich, 1080p/720p HD movies are also many, but the size of the computer monitor is small, even in the 24-inch display to see the film, the effect is not very cool, And sitting in front of the monitor for a long time

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