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Remember once the centos7 hostname becomes bogon, which causes Oracle to fail Remote Access (original)

1.backgroundThe temporary environment for the work is the CENTOS7 server VM11 by the virtual machine, with the oracle11g ( normally accessed and saved as a snapshot. Centos7 ip192.168.44.55, Gateway laptops often travel

about hostname and FQDN differences and how to get and set

Many applications will involve FQDNsWhat is the difference between a fqnd and a host that the salt gets to be different?The FQDNYou can ' t change the FQDN (as returned by hostname--fqdn) or the DNS domain name (as returned by DnsDomainName) with

Ubuntu modifies user name and hostname |ubuntu into standalone mode (single user mode)

Question: Use a week Ubuntu14.04, feel oneself originally set the username and hostname is too long, want to modify.The result: One night passed, or a tragedy.Google search: Ubuntu modified the user name, looked at the first students in the article,

Linux modified hostname Script-no restart-support Redhat, SUSE

The host name needs to be modified with a script, involving the Redhat, SUSE system, and requires that the modifications take effect immediately without restarting, and here is my script.Here's how to use the script:1 First create a script file, if

The Linux hostname inexplicably became Bogon and resolved to change to localhost

Cause: The company network interface to do the interface authentication, the virtual machine bridge to the physical network card can not complete authentication network access, but can only say that the virtual machine network mode changed to NAT

Search advanced syntax for Baidu, Yahoo and Google search engines

To learn SEO, then we start from the most basic search engine grammar, following the collation of Baidu, Yahoo, Google three search engines for advanced syntax and application. Baidu Search Advanced Syntax 1, limit the search scope to the title of

Fedora wget unable to resolve hostname

Download an Ubuntu image file with fedora wget today. The result is always displayed.Resolving xxxxxxxxxxxx (Domain Name)... failed: No address associated with hostname.Wget: Unable to Resolve Host address "xxxxxxxxxx (Domain Name )"I checked some

MySQL connection error: Can ' t get hostname for your address

Simple explanationMySQL Server received a request from-you-to-connect to the database. So next thing it tried to do are to check the name is bound to your IP address (name resolution) and it failed to do s O. So it just denied you access.You can

One day learning about Linux file search/search

In a Linux file system, there are two types of search concepts: Search for file names and search for specified content in a file. File Search is a very important feature in the use of the operating system. so today we will study it. I. search for

JS get client IP address, MAC and hostname seven ways

JS get the client IP address, MAC and hostname of 7 methods Summary, JS itself is not support to obtain IP address and other information.Today in the JS (JavaScript) to get the client IP applet, the Internet search, many in the current system and

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