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2016 China's comprehensive economic reform the most efficient way to make money in the next three years

Give your friends a detailed share of the 2016 China Comprehensive economic reform, the next three years the most efficient way to make money. Foreign brands will be a large number of entry into China, go all e-commerce and new models, to a

"Resource revolution: How to seize the biggest business opportunity in 100 Years": resource shortage is a huge

The author thinks that the world is in the third industrial revolution, the most important change of the third industrial revolution is that the developing countries will have 2.5 billion people from poverty to middle-class, which will bring

Time Archives: femtosecond, Picosecond, nanoseconds, microseconds, milliseconds, seconds (from Sina)

The unit of time can be from very small to great, the following description is to convey a feeling of a large time span.A second (One-zero seconds of One-zero)The scientists timed the instantaneous events with a few seconds.Researchers have used

Why do some people have 1 years to get you 10 years of ability

Ext.: write really good, programmer's brain can really unlimited development, but not every programmer can, after all, people and people, people also have attributes, like Label,button have

10 years North Drift

   2005 August with seven other small partners to study Beijing Beida Jade Bird Network engineer. Started working in Beijing in 2006, In the blink of an eye is ten years. The little friends who came to Beijing together left me and Rui Qing two

Top 20 programming lessons I 've learned in 20 years

I 've been programming since I was 11 and I 've loved technology andProgramming every since. There are some hard and easy lessons I 've learned overTime. As a fellow programmer, you may not have experienced these, but I'mOffering them to individuals

20 years of experience in programming

Author Jonathan danylko is a freelance web architect and programmer with over 20 years of programming experience, involved fields include e-commerce, biotechnology, real estate, medical care, insurance, and public utilities. As Jonathan said in his

How Tsinghua University students spend four years

Note: Reproduced articles, non-original(a) Never say that you have done your bestI was in high school sports especially poor, run 1000 meters are very deadly, never failed. After Tsinghua, the first class of physical education, the teacher told us

Silhouette of the years [you are the person of the world on October 18]

:) September 22-September 22, April 4, 2014 ----- Forgive me for failing to leave you alone. If it is too close, will it suffocate people. I still didn't ask. I guess I wouldn't ask. I want you to tell me. Well, I won't ask if you don't. We always

Years of O & M experience, details on how to optimize MySQL data

The database design may only be based on the current business needs. It may not need high availability, high scaling, and other features at that time, but as the business and user volume increase, the infrastructure is gradually improved. This blog

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