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Crystal Ball-Monte Carlo Simulation Software

Crystal Ball is a gain tool for Microsoft Excel. It uses the Monte Carol simulation feature to help you analyze risk and uncertainty models. Features include sensitivity analysis, correlation analysis, Tornado analysis, precise control, and historical data distribution.‧ Meaning of SimulationWhen we use simulation, we use analysis models to simulate real-life sys

Flash 3d Effect Example--crystal ball

the editing area of the component bubble, drag the symbol four times from the gallery to the edit area, and then adjust its position to the upper left of the sphere, as shown in Figure 6: Figure 6 Add Highlights Such a sphere with a bright spot is done. 7. Then realize the crystal ball a stretch of the effect of a contraction. Create a new movie clip symbo

How to make a crystal ball with flash

bubble, drag the symbol four times from the gallery to the edit area, and then adjust its position to the upper left of the sphere, as shown in Figure 6: Figure 6 Add Highlights Such a sphere with a bright spot is done. 7. Then realize the crystal ball a stretch of the effect of a contraction. Create a new movie clip symbol, named up BTTN movie, a

PS Tutorial: The creation of the Genie Crystal Ball

Select "Layer 1 copy", Execution: Filter > Twist > Rotation distortion, angle 999. 4, Execution: select > Modify > Shrink, the value is 15, and then execute: select > Feather, the value is 10, and then press DELETE to delete the selection section. 5, press CTRL + M to adjust the curve, improve the "Layer 1 copy" brightness, parameter settings as follows, and then use the rubber tool, size of about 35

A balance, 12 balls of the same size and appearance. The weight of a ball is different from that of other balls, and the ball is identified three times.

An interesting smart question: given 12 balls of the same size, only one ball has a different weight from other balls. How can we use tianyao to name it three times to find the unique ball, in addition, it is determined that the emphasis is light or not. Number the ball, 1

Fireworks Create Mac crystal ball effects

circle color is not enough to reflect the ball three-dimensional. 6. Now add the "inside glow" effect to the circle, click on the + number in the "Property bar", select "Inside Glow" under "Shadow and Halo", and select the color (this color is the same as the Dark one in which you just started setting the gradient), with a width of 2, opacity of 80%, and a soft

Create a super-realistic white crystal ball with super texture-PS tutorial

This tutorial introduces PS to a friend of the footman's house to create a super-realistic white crystal ball. the white crystal ball made in this tutorial is very beautiful and realistic. isn't it very big, let's take a look. this tutorial introduces PS to a friend of the f

PhotoShop creates high waves in the crystal ball and beautiful mermaid-PS tutorial

This tutorial introduces the high waves and beautiful mermaid methods in the crystal ball produced by PhotoShop to a friend of PHP chinnet. The results produced by this tutorial are very beautiful and difficult, we recommend that you go to the PHP Chinese web. if you like it, let's take a look at it. this tutorial introduces a friend of PHP Chinese web to how PhotoShop creates high waves and beautiful merma

The effect of making crystal ball with PPT2007

%, color is white, transparency is 20%, as shown in Figure 7." Figure 7 setting of graph two Closes the dialog box with the effect shown in Figure 8. Fig. 8 The effect diagram of graph two Fifth step: Assemble the graphic Drag the 24-week handle of the graph to make the shape two deformed,

Photoshop production of crystal ball Wallpaper Example Tutorial

. 5, the same method, create a new layer, with a pen to check out the selection shown in the following figure, fill a slightly darker color: #7DDEB5. 6, create a new layer, with a pen to check out the selection shown in Figure 8, feather 8 pixels After the fill color: #4CCB98, the effect as

PPT crystal ball-type proportional drawing method

PPT is a commonly used Office software, but not a professional drawing software, so we use PPT directly to draw a chart will be more trouble. Today, we make a crystal ball style scale diagram, familiar with the ppt of the drawing method. First on the effect chart We need to draw the outer circle and the middle sphere and draw a circle first. 1. Ins

PS Filter to create a dream crystal ball

of the filter to the new layer, and get "Layer 2" as shown below. 5. Adjust to current layer selection, perform: Filter > Twist > Rotation Distortion, parameters and effects as shown below. 6, keep the selection, plus the layer mask, with a black brush to the middle part of the sphere to wipe out, the following figure. Bring up the sphere selection, merge all the layers, press CTRL + J to copy the selection parts to the new layer, and then fill the backgro

How to create a crystal ball in Illustrator

For your illustrator software users to detailed analysis of the production of texture crystal ball tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Let's take a look at the final effect chart: First of all, this is used to capture the customer's eyeball, to attract customers to see, not at one glance feel boring monotonous. To put it plainly, wear

Photoshop design and create a beautiful green crystal ball button-PS tutorial

The crystal ball consists of a sphere and a border. The part of the sphere is a little more complex. the highlights and dark parts have more details. each part needs to be selected first, then filled, and then masked to control the scope of the crystal ball. it

Fireworks Tutorial: Making Super light crystal ball

This article is to use fireworks to make a beautiful super crystal ball, the production method is very simple is to use a circular tool to draw a few balls, combined and then adjust the light, and finally reached a super light effect cry

PS Making Super textured crystal ball Tutorial

See the effect chart first: Share Summary: This tutorial difficult general, suitable for beginners, use more is the layer style, first use the layer style to create a sphere shape, and then use the gradient to draw a light sense, and finally use the layer style to improve the entire work, I hope you like this tutorial! The specific production steps are as follows: 01 Create a new file with a width of 850 pixels and a height of 500 pixels, cl

Photoshop makes a beautiful green crystal ball

The crystal ball is divided into two parts: a sphere and a border. The sphere is slightly more complex, with more light and dark detail, each of which needs to make a selection first, then fill the color, then use the mask to control the range.  Final effect 1, a new 900 * 650 pixel, resolut

Fireworks MX creates mac crystal ball effects

In the Dream forum to see friends mentioned Crystal ball (or Mac Sphere) to draw the problem, want to write a small tutorial for everyone, I hope you like! below are a few of the Friends of the Dream Forum and the crystal Ball I made:

Photoshop makes Christmas snow crystal ball tips

The crystal ball is roughly composed of base, crystal ball and some decorative material. The production process is also not complex, you can split into a number of small pieces, and then gradually depict the layer can be. Final e

Red, yellow, blue three-color ball each 8, take out 9, request each color ball at least one, ask how many different ways?

The corresponding parent function is: The coefficients for which 9 corresponding combinations are taken, i.e. Two Chinese ellipsis is shift+^ (Chinese), or three decimal points (either in English or Mandarin). The problem is not difficult, the error point is as follows: 1. How many methods do you ask?

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