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How PHP operates cross-origin cookies on different servers

First, the domain names of two different subdomains are resolved on different servers. Of course, the directories are also different. I failed to perform cross-domain operations (delete cookies. Unable to operate. I tried the P3P protocol, but I

Cross-domain access to AJAX JavaScript execution _ajax related

Suddenly feel that is the problem here, research, after the deal actually feel quite easy, but their knowledge or some deficiencies, the solution is as follows: Blocked Ajax requests Let's confirm the blocking of the request first. We use the

As code 2.0: for Flash Player 7

If your existing script is written for Flash 6 or earlier, but you want to release the Flash 7 player, you may need to modify your scripts so that they meet the requirements of Flash 7 player and work according to design ideas. Here we will

Postfix Anti-Spam technology

Postfix Anti-Spam technology-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. The Anti-Spam function of MTA is to filter sessions during MTA processing. This filter not only filters the Spam

PHP Single Sign-on SSO implementation method

SSO is a single sign-on that controls access to multiple related but independent systems, and users with this privilege can access one or more systems with a single ID and password to avoid using different usernames or passwords, or to log on to

Ajax blocking and cross domain resolution _AJAX related

Blocked Ajax requests Let's confirm the blocking of the request first. We use the following code: Three consecutive requests launched function Simplerequest () { var request = new XMLHttpRequest (); ("POST", "script.ashx"

OSS construction ideas of telecom operators

1 Introduction to telecom OSS Every telecom operator wants to have an automatic and efficient service Introduction, service repair, and service launch. The goal of CEN systems is to provide a variety Stable and reliable business. The system used by

Magento -- steps for implementing multiple domain names and multiple online stores

  Http:// Address Source     How to setup multiple magento stores By Kyle on December 28,200 8. posted in howto, magento · 78 comments There are numerous ways to

Linux DNS multi-service Setup

A: What is DNS why there is DNSDomain Name Systems (English: Domain Name System, abbreviation: DNS) is a service of the Internet. The internet was born early because the number of access to the Internet is very small, there is no dedicated DNS

How to build a website

First, the preparation of the station material: domain name and spaceA web site is usually composed of a domain name and a bunch of web page files:Domain name is the name of a computer or group of computers on the Internet consisting of a dotted

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