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One day a linux Base command Directory Management Class command CD

CD Switch Directory command1. command formatCD [option] [ directory name ]2. Command functionSwitch working directory3. Common examplesExample 1:CD ~Description:~ default is the home directory of the root, if the ~ after the user name, you can enter

Linux tool direct to common directory avoid frequent CD switch directory

Copy the source code to the file in your user directory and open it with vim. BASHRC This directory, add "source/home/yourname/" at the end.Then go back to shell execution: source. bashrc. So this thing will come into effect.For example,

Linux IDE CD-RW disc recorder Installation notes

Now the medium-grade CD recorder CD-R and CD-RW is getting cheaper and cheaper, a variety of brand types of CD recorder has become a lot of friends home computer standard peripherals. Installing and using CD-R and CD-RW in WINDOWS is really very

Multiple image files are engraved on one CD

  It is applicable to the production of integrated CD for any Windows version and N multi-ISO images (full text to make Vista, 2003, XP (Chinese), XP (English), 2000 5-in-One plus dostoolbox installation CD)(1) PrerequisitesTo create an ISO for the

Relative and absolute paths to Linux, CD commands, create and delete directories, RM commands

Relative path and absolute path: /( root ) directory for the path. The relative path does not take the / start with an absolute path with / ./abc is a relative path (./represents the current path), /abc is the absolute path. However: ~/

Enable the CD with easyboot

Defects of the original system disk installation-whether it is Windows 98 or Windows NT/2000/ XP, which can only implement initial installation of a single system, and lacks debugging and maintenance, system recovery, DOS anti-virus, and other tools.

Mass production teach you how to make the U disk into a CD-ROM, after the installation can do not bring a CD and optical drive 0

Yesterday nothing, try to put your beloved 2G ultra disk mass production, plan to make a CD-ROM and a normal U disk.{If (this. width> = 702) window. Open ('HTTP: // ');} "Src ="

Introduction to creating Linux CD image files

With the popularity of CD recorders on Linux computers, the production, conversion, and editing of CD image files based on ISO has become a matter of great concern. An ISO file is an organization of data on a data disk, that is, the file system

Rookie Learn Linux command: CD RM MV CP PWD Directory operation

file and directory operations must be mastered. pwd CommandThe PWD command is used to print the current directory.CD CommandThe most basic operation of Linux.Command formatCD [directory name] Toggle current directory to DirName parameter rule 1.

Linux Learning Notes--CD command (toggle directory) __linux

CD: English name change directory, changing the meaning of your directory. 1. Command format: CD [Directory name] 2. Simplify the operation: CD ~ Enter the home directory of the current user the CD is the same as the CD ~ command, which is

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