how to check postgres version in linux

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Linux install PostgreSQL and start and close tutorials

Operating system version[Root@web103 ~]# More/etc/issueCentOS release 5.9 (Final)Kernel \ r \m[Root@web103 ~]# Uname-aLinux web103 2.6.18-348.el5 #1 SMP Tue 8 17:53:53 EST 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 gnu/linuxdownload corresponding PostgreSQL

Prepare for Project release (Freesbsd on Postgres upgrades, etc.)

0. Remove unnecessary tables and stored procedures from the 200 server Setup database DROP TABLE "Sensorpressure";DROP FUNCTION hex_to_int (text);DROP FUNCTION "Pressuredatatosensorpressure" (); 1. Back up 200 of the SETUPD database,:p g_dump-d-H

PostgreSQL Service Deployment

PostgreSQL is a very complex object-relational database management system (ORDBMS), and is currently the most powerful, feature richest and most complex free software database system.os:centos6.5 x64ip: Version:

Linux CentOS 7 Installation PostgreSQL 9.3 (release version)

ObjectiveTitle, this blog record in the Linux CentOS 7 installation postgressql The entire process, as well as the database configuration, in the Linux system, PostgreSQL installation methods are divided into two kinds, namely: Binary

Install postgresql using GentooemergeUSE

This document describes how to install the software in Gentoo Linux by using postgreSQL as an example, and summarizes the USE flag. 1. Run emerge-pv postgresql-server to check the USE [Plain]View plaincopyprint? # Emerge-pv postgresql-server These

PHP 5.4.4 + nginx 1.2.1 + PostgreSQL 9.1.4 source code compilation automated deployment version 4

Limited energy, only one script can be maintained temporarily, so MySQL and the original lnpp are unified PHP 5.4.10 + nginx1.0.15 + PostgreSQL 9.1.3 source code compilation automated deployment Third

Build a Ruby on Rails native development environment with Ubuntu 12.04

Reprint, original link using Ubuntu to build a Ruby on Rails Local development environment Want to develop a Ruby on Rails app? Although there are already some (beginner) Ruby on Rails

Postgresql+slony-i installation Configuration Master-Slave

Postgresql+slony-i installation Configuration Master-SlaveSlon Software:slony1-1.2.6, PostgreSQL installationMethod

Build a python development environment under Ubuntu (Pycharm,postgresql,virtualenv, Django)

The system and software used Ubuntu 12.10Python 2.7.3Django 1.4.2Pycharm 2.6.3Postgresql 9.1VirtualenvVirtualenvwrapperOpenjdk Before you start, be sure to make a backup of your system. Because if the operation is wrong, there will be unnecessary

Linux CentOS 7 Source code compilation installation Postgresql9.5_postgresql

Previous blogs recorded the installation of PostgreSQL 9.3 via the RPM package (Linux CentOS 7 Installation PostgreSQL 9.3 (release)), this blog will be recorded in the form of the source code compiled PostgreSQL 9.5. Download The source file

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