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Ubuntu apache2 under the directory structure.

Under Windows, Apache's configuration file is usually only one, which is httpd.conf. But when I installed Apache2 with the Apt-get install apache2 command on Ubuntu Linux, I found that its httpd.conf (located in the/etc/apache2 directory) was empty.

Linux--Install and configure Apache2 under Ubuntu

Installing Apache in Ubuntu  Installation Instructions : sudo apt-get install apache2  start and stop Apache files are:/etc/init.d/apache2Start command: sudo apache2ctl-k start (or Server apache2 start)Stop command: sudo apache2ctl-k stop (or server

Ubuntu apache2 Server Configuration

Deploy the Django-developed project to the APACHE2 server. Log my configuration process.The Apache,django,mod_wsgi,python version is as follows. Different versions are similar.II apache2 2.2.22-1ubuntu1.6

Configure the apache2 server

Install Apache in Ubuntu Installation command: sudo apt-Get install apache2 After installation: The generated startup and stop files are:/etc/init. d/apache2 Start: sudo apache2ctl-K start Stop: sudo apache2ctl-K stop Restart: sudo apache2ctl-K

Ubuntu Change apache2 (/var/www) directory

Recently seems to have a lot of Ubuntu brothers in Gaim asked about Apache2 virtual host settings, today is just a bit of time, so I tried to write this HowTo, for your reference. = = Test Environment = = * Operating system: Ubuntu 5.10 * Test

Debian system installation and configuration Apache2 + MySQL5 + PHP5 server environment

Finally, we installed LAMP with apt-get in Debian. Previously, we used CentOS for compilation and installation, which was faster than now, but the memory usage was not optimized, there is no time for further research... After installing yum, it is

Use Apache2+mono 3.2.8 to configure the ASP. 14.04 in Ubuntu 4.0 Web site

The article assumes that you have installed the Apache2+mono 3.2.8+mysql, if not installed please self-degree Niang, the article has a lot, but about apache2 and mono in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS configuration article is very few, so record down.This article

When installing php, the system prompts chmod: "/usr/local/apache2/modules/" cannot be accessed"

Both configure and make are normal, and errors will occur during makeinstall. The error prompt is as follows: {code ...} make: *** [install-sapi] Error 1. The error message is: is not compiled, but why? The configure parameters are as

(go) Ubuntu apache2 load balancing and reverse proxy

Apache function is actually very powerful, recently studied the next Apache reverse proxy and load balancing, reverse proxy network network export and my blog export is through the reverse proxy Apache implementation, summed up, the emphasis is on

Install and configure the PHP environment in Linux (Apache2)

Install and configure the PHP environment in Linux (Apache2) In the Linux environment, configure and install the PHP environment (Apache2) and refer to some other people's configuration methods for online query. The installation steps are as follows:

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