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Jmeter User Manual section 7th (Create a database test plan)-[jmeter]

Copyright Disclaimer: During reprinting, please use hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information of the article and this statementHttp:// 7. Create a database test plan In this section, you will learn how to create a basic

Create a Web test plan

Learning to create a basic test plan for testing a Web site will create 5 users to send requests to two pages. Each test needs to run two times.So, the total number of HTTP requests = 5 (number of users) x 2 (2 requests) x 2 (Repeat send 2) + 20 HTTP requestsTo build a

Create a Database test plan

Label:Establish a test plan to test the database server.You will create 50 user 2 SQL requests to send to the database server. Repeat these tests 100 times.Total number of requests = 2 x x = Ten ' JDBC requestsTo build this test plan

Use jmeter to create an FTP test plan

The FTP service provides upload and download functions. We have time to test the server's upload and download performance. Here is an example of an FTP test plan through jmeter. Of course, the user manual on the jmeter official website also has examples. However, since the version is earlier, I can summarize my own learning, so I will sort it out again. * I a

How to use JMeter to create an FTP test plan

The FTP service mainly provides upload and download functions. We have time to test the server upload and download performance. Here I do an example of an FTP test plan through JMeter. Of course, the JMeter official website User manual also has an example, but because of the earlier version, I am also a summary of their own learning, so the reorganization of one

Element _ Software Test in JMeter test plan

certain HTML tags, common error strings, and so on.    JMeter allows the use of regular expressions to create these assertions. 3.2. The logical controller (Logic controllers) logic controller lets you customize the logic that jmeter determines when it wants to send a request. The logical controller can change the order of requests from child elements.   They can modify the request themselves, causing JMeter to repeat the request, and so on. To under

M $ test plan Overview-Chapter 3rd-test requirements

gradually increase the complexity after the test is successful. After each test is completed, the test result should be edited into a document and checked against the project requirements. Investigate and solve any problems. To achieve its testing objectives, the MSM testing team has constructed an integrated testing environment for the integration

Develop a test plan

test plans include: Create a test plan, version management, create a test plan to usePerform teststhe function. The test

Develop a successful test plan

test. If one day you find a problem in an untested part, you should be glad to have this documented document to prove that you have tested nothing. Key points include:Functional testing: theoretically, testing covers all functional items, such as adding, editing, and deleting records in the database. This is a huge project, but it is conducive to the integrity of the test.Design test: for some user interfa

SQL Server Query Optimization (test 02) parameter sniffing-execution plan selection

Label:Recently often see the word "parameter sniffing", read a few articles, so I try to do a test to deepen the impression! Go to the official website to download the database: AdventureWorks2012 Direct Test it! Find a few familiar tables to associate with, Use ProductID as a condition to find two IDs returns a value that has a large difference in the number of rows. productid=870 (4688 lines) productid=89

"Go" Oracle index column NULL value raises execution plan test sample for this table

Sometimes the development of the table structure design, is too random to table field is empty, such as ID1=ID2, if the Allowed field is empty, because the Oracle hollow value is not equal to null value, it is possible to get unexpected results. Beyond that, the key is that null affects Oracle's execution plan.The following null affects the test example for the execution plan./*1. Build

Test example of the table where the NULL value of the Oracle index column triggers the execution plan

Sometimes the development of table structure design, whether the table field is empty is too casual, such as id1 = id2, if the field is allowed to be empty, because the Oracle empty value is not equal to the null value, unexpected results may be obtained. In addition, NULL affects the execution plan of oracle. The following is a test example where NULL affects the execution

Jmeter-building a Web test plan (1)

Because the project I'm in touch with is web, it's a priority to start by creating a Web test plan.Official Tutorial Address:Http:// this section, we'll learn how to create a basic Test plan to

JMeter Web test Plan

In this section, you will learn how to create a basic test plan for a test Web page.For demonstration testing purposes, we will test the url- page performance.Create a JMeter test

JMeter---Components in the test plan

1. Thread GroupA thread group component is the starting point for any test plan. All components in a test plan must be under a thread group. As the name implies, thread group components control the number of threads that are used when JMeter executes your test

JMeter Webservice API test Plan

:3f25ec8eed9e1951e21407a34312c2c8Shows the API key generated after a successful login.We will now use this API key and the method of invoking the API to get the desired results. The method that invokes the API includes the server name, followed by the city Code/city name and the API key.Shows an example of API invocation provided by the OPENWEATHERMAP Web site.Now we will create a test

The element of the test plan

multiple requests of the same type (for example, HTTP requests) to the same server, consider using a default configuration element. Each controller has one or more default element.Remember to add a listener to your test plan to view your requests and/or store the results on disk.If you are interested in having JMeter perform basic validation in response to your request, add a assertion to sampler. For exam

Purpose of writing a test plan

To prescribe the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of the testing activities. to identify the items being tested, the features to be tested, the testing tasks to be completed MED, the personnel responsible for each task, and the risks associated with the plan. -IEEE Standard 829-1998 Define the test scope, test method, required resources, and progress, an

Type conversion causes the execution plan to not go through the index test case

Test Environment Simulation:SQL> drop table t_col_type purge;Create Table t_col_type (ID varchar2 (20), col2 varchar2 (20), col3 varchar2 (20 ));Insert into t_col_type select rownum, 'abc', 'efg' from dual connect by level Commit;Create index idx_id on t_col_type (ID );Set linesize 1000Set autotrace traceonlydrop table t_col_type purge*Error at line 1:ORA-00942:

Type conversion causes the execution plan to not go through the index test case

Test Environment Simulation: runtime; createtablet_col_type (idvarchar2 (20), col2varchar2 (20), col3varchar2 (20); runtime, abc, efgfromdualconnectbylevel10000; commit; createindexidx_idont_c Test Environment Simulation: SQL drop table t_col_type purge; create table t_col_type (id varchar2 (20), col2 varchar2 (20), col3 varchar2 (20); insert into t_col_type sele

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