how to edit pdf document in word

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How to edit a PDF document by using Word 2013

Aside: Remember when you first entered the company, almost all the training documents are PDF, standard documents, the company used the software is Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (do not know how much money, hehe), the software is of course to purchase genuine; Last year, the company purchased a new version of Adobe Acrobat 9.0, because the amount of purchase is very considerable, so the price is probably around 2k/, hehe. The Office version of their own use from

How to edit PDF document, how to set PDF text font

How to edit the PDF file, how to set the font? Many people will edit such documents as Word and PPT, but for PDF documents few people know how to edit them, the following is how to edit

How to convert a PDF to a Word document-pdf convert to Word tutorial

How do I convert a PDF to a Word document? As we all know, now on the Internet to find a resource quite simple, we directly in the Baidu Library or Sina network disk search, you can find a variety of download resources, but sometimes we will encounter some problems. Small series of things to take before the case, the small series wanted to find a C-language answe

What are the ways to edit the contents of a PDF document

The PDF file is a font embedded system that can transfer fonts along with files, so the document is better than the Word document format for viewing and transmitting, but this document is not as easy to edit as it is in the case o

How to edit the contents of a document in PDF format

There are many different formats of document files that are often handled in a variety of documents, in addition to documents such as Office, TXT, PDF documents are often encountered, some PDF files can be edited, but editing text is not easy to edit word, and need to

word2013 How do I edit a PDF document?

word2013 How do I edit a PDF document? WORD2013 has a new function, that is, you can directly edit the PDF document, how to operate it? The following small series to teach you word2013 edit

How to convert a Word document to a PDF document in Word 2013

In Word2013, a user can convert a Word document directly to a PDF file, so that word transfer to a PDF does not help. The steps for Word transfer to PDF in Word2013 are described below:

word2016 How do I edit a PDF document directly?

Microsoft's new Office software: office2016 for the user to bring a lot of practical functions, which, let small make the impression that the most profound is, do not need to convert the PDF format document Word format, using office2016 word2016 can directly edit the PDF

JSP generates Word document, Excel document and PDF document Method _jsp Programming

The example in this article describes how JSP generates Word documents, Excel documents, and PDF documents. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In Web-oa system, document management seems to be indispensable, sometimes need to query some data from the database in some format output, and in the form of

Use the solid converter PDF Control to convert a PDF file to a Word document

Solid converter PDF accurately converts a document in pdf format to a word (DOC) format, and retains text, images, page la S, tables, headers, and footers. Getting Started Guide: convert a PDF document to a

Edit PDF Feature for Word 2013

PDF has the "Can not be modified" feature in many cases, the user, but only simple copy and paste is not very good to the content of the diagram and so completely copied to word, in the upcoming new version of Word added "PDF reflow" feature, Be able to directly and completely save the contents of the

How do I edit a PDF document using word2013?

1. Open the Word 2013 application software. 2. Select "File" in the menu bar, as shown in the following illustration: 3. In the pop-up menu bar, select Open. As shown in figure: 4. Find the path to the PDF file you want to edit, as shown in figure: 5. Click the Open button. If it is the first time to open.

PDF conversion to Word Document Method summary

  PDF conversion to Word Document Method summary 1, consider in life and work often have friends encounter the various sources of PDF documents into Word or txt needs; 2, once a friend has published similar software, the software function is simpler, often can not meet the

Replace a simple Word document with a PDF document in Java

There are many ways to replace a simple Word document with a PDF document in Java, because many of them are not actually tested, so here's a general look.On the whole there are two kinds of:1. Pure Java code Implementation, there are a lot of good open source software can be used, such as poi,itext,xdocreport,docx4j an

How to convert PDF to Word document editing

Based on the various features of the PDF file, many resources are now shared on the Web platform in PDF or publish, but the user's different needs make it feel bad for such a file. PDF files provide high-quality reading for users who simply download the file, and the security of the PDF file is not comparable to the Of

How to convert a PDF to an editable Word document

When working with PDF documents, the PDF is usually converted to Word format, because the content of the Word document is easy to edit and easy to use. So many people will convert the PDF

How to convert a PDF to a Word document

Using the online version to break the space-time boundaries between PDF and Word, the document content in Word for two times edit, farewell to the installation of download and registration restrictions, to provide a more convenient platform for text workers. The author after

How to convert PDF to Word Office Document format

As a working family, work often use Word Office documents for text input, typesetting and collation, and so on, a long time on the use of Word documents are more proficient. However, when we meet the PDF format of the document, we want to edit it is difficult, we know that t

How to convert PDF to Word document editing

Many Office documents are edited in Word, and now many occasions need to use the PDF file, so when sending the file will be sent in PDF format, if you receive this format file needs to edit the contents of the document or need to apply to some of the content information, Dir

Convert a PDF file to a Word document format

It is common for editors to modify some documents to be of office type, but as PDF files are used more and more widely, it is also very popular to meet PDFs when working with documents, although there are already pdf editing tools, it is inconvenient to make extensive changes to the document content. In general, we edit

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