how to get two decimal places in java

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Java preserves two decimal places for multi-method Java with a double reserved two decimal places

This article mainly introduces the Java method to keep the double type two decimal places, please refer to the use of itCopy CodeThe code is as follows:Mport Java.text.DecimalFormat;DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat ("##### #0.00");Double D1 = 3.23456Double d2 = 0.0;Double d3 = 2.0;Df.format (D1);Df.format (D2);Df.format (D3);The 3 results were:Copy CodeThe co

Java rounded to reserved decimal places, java rounded to decimal places

Java rounded to reserved decimal places, java rounded to decimal places // Method 1: Double f = 3.1516; BigDecimal B = new BigDecimal (f ); Double f1 = B. setScale (2, BigDecimal. ROUND_HALF_UP). doubleValue (); // Method 2

Java float retains two decimal places or decimal places

Method 1: Use Math.Round to calculate the number format that is returned here.float price=89.89;int itemNum=3;float totalPrice=price*itemNum;float num=(float)(Math.round(totalPrice*100)/100);//如果要求精确4位就*10000然后/10000Method 2: Return with DecimalFormat in string format. The class is fully encapsulated in decimal. Like the% number, thousand bits, decimal precision. Scientific calculation.float price=1.2;Decim

Java float retains two decimal places or decimal places

Java float retains two decimal places or decimal placesMethod 1: Use Math.Round to calculate the number format that is returned here.float price=89.89;int itemnum=3;float Totalprice=price*itemnum;float num= (float) (Math.Round (totalprice*100)/100); If the exact 4-bit is required *10000 then/10000Method 2: Return with

JS method to get two decimal places

1. The stupidest Wayfunction get () { var s = 22.127456 + ""; var str = s.substring (0,s.indexof (".") + 3); alert (str);}2. Regular expression effect is good3. He is more clever ...4.js Reserved 2 decimal places (mandatory)For the number of decimal places greater

How to get 2 decimal places in JS and divide the data into thousands of bits

JS in the tofixed (n) method to round the number to the number of the specified number of decimal digits, Note: This method can only be used for data type numbers, including Float,int. For example:123.12345.toFixed (2); "123.12" divide the data by using a single statement like this:. Replace (/\d{1,3} (? = (\d{3}) + (\.\d*)? $)/g, ' $, '). Note: thereplace () method can only work on string types , and our team data is usually divided by the number of

Liang Yong (danniel Liang) Java Textbook example: Java program purchase amount according to the tax rate for sales tax Java value reserved 2 decimal places method

Package com.swift;Import Java.util.Scanner;public class Purchasetaxdecimalstwo {public static void Main (string[] args) {Scanner scan=new Scanner (;//Scan Workbench InputDouble purchaseamount=scan.nextdouble ();//Enter a value to assign the purchase amount variableSystem.out.println (Purchaseamount);Double taxrate=0.06;//tax RateDouble tax;tax=purchaseamount*taxrate;//Tax Multiple decimal placesSYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN (tax);SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ((i

Java retains two decimal places

Java methods for preserving decimal problems:Method One: Rounding using Java. Math.bigdecimal class Double d = 12.345;BigDecimal bd = new BigDecimal (2,bigdecimal.round_half_up). Doublevalue ();Method Two: Use the Java.text.DecimalFormat class  Double d = 12.345;DecimalFormat Dformat = new DecimalFormat (". 00");Dformat.format (d);  (". 00") indicates that two

Java precision calculation code, specifying precise decimal places and java precision code digits

Java precision calculation code, specifying precise decimal places and java precision code digits Java code: Public class App2 {public static void main (String [] args) {String val = checkNumber ("10.1234155", 2, 6 ). toString (); System. out. println (val);} public static B

A summary of several ways Java retains two decimal places _java

Double num = 123.4567899; System.out.print (String.Format ("%f%n", num)); 123.456790 System.out.print (String.Format ("%a%n", num));//0X1.EDD3C0BB46929P6 System.out.print ( String.Format ("%g%n", num)); 123.457 Available Identities: --left-aligned within the minimum width, and cannot be used with 0 identities. 0, if the content length is less than the minimum width, then on the left with 0来 padding. #, add 0x before adding a 0,16 to the 8 and 16, 8 before the system. +, the r

Examples of Java decimal places _java

follows: The method of preserving N decimal places in Java, example. Copy Code code as follows: Import Java.text.DecimalFormat; public class Numberfarmat { public static void Main (string[] args) { Double sd = 23.2558896635; The first method, 10000.0, only indicates that the decimal p

Java: Rounding the double value to five, retaining the two decimal places, double rounding to five

Java: Rounding the double value to five, retaining the two decimal places, double rounding to five1. Functions The double value in the program is accurate to the two digits after the decimal point. It can be rounded up or truncated. For example, if the input value is 12345.6789, the output value can be 12345.68 or 1234

Java multiple methods for keeping a double two decimal places

Java keeps a double of two decimal places in a multi-method Java reserved Two-bit decimal mport Java.text.DecimalFormat; DecimalFormat DF=NewDecimalFormat ("##### #0. XX"); DoubleD1 =3.23456 DoubleD2 =0.0;DoubleD3 =2.0;d F.format (D1); Df.format (D2); Df.format (D3); 3 resu

Reprint: Java Reserved 2 decimal places

Reprint: retains two-bit decimal questions:Way One:RoundedDouble F = 111231.5585;BigDecimal B = new BigDecimal (f);Double f1 = B.setscale (2, bigdecimal.round_half_up). Doublevalue ();Keep two decimal places---------------------------------------------------------------Way two:Java.text.DecimalFormat DF =new

Java formats decimals into fixed decimal places-including instances

This article takes the retention of two decimal places as an example. If you have other requirements, you can easily change them. 1. Use Java. Text. decimalformat (recommended) Java. Text. decimalformat df = new java. Text. decimalformat ("#. 00 ");DF. Format (number );Eg:

Java Basics Getting Started-float rounding keep two decimal places to note

Float rounding Keep Two decimal places note the placeRecently in Codewars did a very simple topic, but it took me 20 minutes, although the final solution, but in the middle found that the foundation of Java is not really, go back to a good fixDo not say so much, on the topic: is to write a method, the mileage per gallon conversion into kilometers per liter, keep

Java double type retains two decimal places and rounding

=numberformat.getnumberinstance (); //keep two decimal placesNf.setmaximumfractiondigits (2); //If rounding is not required, you can use the Roundingmode.downNf.setroundingmode (roundingmode.up); returnNf.format (d); } /*** This method is quite simple. * DecimalFormat is a concrete subclass of NumberFormat that formats decimal numbers. * @paramd *@return */ Public StaticString FormatDouble4

Two decimal places reserved for two integers of Java

in Java, when two integers are divided, because the number after the decimal point is truncated, the result of the operation will be an integer, and if you want to get the result of the operation as a floating point, you must cast both integers one or both to the floating-point numbers. For example: (float) A/b///convert one of the integers to a floating-point

java-tips -005-double type reserved Two decimal places 4 ways

4 methods, all rounded, for example:ImportJava.math.BigDecimal; ImportJava.text.DecimalFormat; ImportJava.text.NumberFormat; Public classFormat {Doublef = 111231.5585; Public voidM1 () {BigDecimal bg=NewBigDecimal (f); DoubleF1 = Bg.setscale (2, bigdecimal.round_half_up). Doublevalue (); System.out.println (F1); } /*** DecimalFormat conversion is the easiest*/ Public voidm2 () {DecimalFormat DF=NewDecimalFormat ("#.00"); System.out.println (Df.format (f));

Java rounding float to retain two decimal places

)/100.0;System. out. println ("use Math to perform division:" + d2 );// 2. Use setScale () of BigDecimal to realize rounding and determining the number of decimal places, and convert it into a BigDecimal object.BigDecimal bd = new BigDecimal (d );BigDecimal bd2 = bd. setScale (2, BigDecimal. ROUND_HALF_UP );System. out. println ("obtained through BigDecimal. setScale:" + bd2 );// 3. Retu

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