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Win8.1 and Win2012 use PowerShell to quickly generate/install/export a Self-Signed Certificate (Self-Signed Certificate) tutorial

Self-signed certificates are widely used for testing, development, and use on local or cloud websites (such as Microsoft Azure Web Site. This article describes how to use PowerShell to quickly generate a self-signed certificate on Win8.1 and Win2012 R2, automatically export the private key, and automatically install it under LocalMachineMy and LocalMachineRoot. Easy to use. [Here is the complete script down

Xiaomi phone-Charles failed to install the certificate because the certificate could not be read

1. Do not install the certificate using Xiaomi's original browser2. Install using a third-party browser, as I am using a UC Browser3. The certificate format installed using a third-party browser is a ". PEM" format questionnaire4. Put this file into Xiaomi's download folder5. Rename the file using Xiaomi's "file manage

How to use PowerShell to quickly generate, install, and derive a signed certificate (self-signed Certificate) on Win8.1 and Win2012

defined as follows# . DESCRIPTION selfsignedcertificate Autoscript. NOTES author:freist lilast Updated:10/30/2014#>#Cert genearation Related Functions#*********************************************************************************************************** *********#Create Cert, install Cert to My, install Cert to Root, Export Cert as PFXFunctiongenerateselfsignedcert{Param ($CERTCN,$password,$certfilepa

iphone 5s, iOS 7.1 Enterprise certificate published, unable to install, still prompt for invalid certificate

I am not familiar with iOS, the latest write an iOS app, issued with Enterprise certificate, test install phone for iphone 5s, iOS 7.1. Both itunes and the online installation are the last tips to fail.Certificate generation process Reference: files are certainly not a problem, profiles are configured, the compilation parameters are select

Fiddler Unable to install HTTPS certificate problem unable to configure Windows to trust the fiddler root certificate

Need to be in the Command line tool CD "C:\Program Files (x86) \fiddler2" Makecert.exe-r-ss my-n "Cn=do_not_trust_fiddlerroot, O=do_not_trus T, ou=created by "-sky Signature-eku 1-cy authority-a sha1-m 120-b 09/05 /2012 if it works. Open Web page: http://localhost:8888/click You can download the Fiddlerroot certificate If it fails, please refer to:

Install an SSL digital certificate under IIS 6.0 to achieve HTTPS access

HTTPS access to a Web site, server-side and client data transmission is encrypted, will not be intercepted, than the normal HTTP protocol more secure. Let me introduce the configuration of SSL under IIS6.0 to achieve HTTPS access. Detailed process screenshots are described. 1, enter the site properties, select Directory Security, and then click on the server certificate to configure the certificate:

Install the Chrome browser certificate under Ubuntu

Transferred from: Goagent is turned on in the Ubuntu system and the agent is hooked up to Chrome, it is found that websites that visit HTTPS get out of an unsafe warning, which is an issue where SSL cannot be verified.This is because the browser does not have a related certificate. Under Windows, install the cert

Install the use of Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for the website on CentOS 7

Install let ' s Encrypt client For CentOS distributions There are currently two ways to install let's Encrypt clients, one of which is a direct yum installation from the upstream Epel source, one that is downloaded from the Encrypt source of let ' s GitHub. Waterscape One page uses the following second method, downloaded from the GitHub. Two ways of installingSimple comparison: YUM installation follows t

MAC Local build server implements Itms-services way to install IPA (self-made certificate)

"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" " Xhtml1-transitional.dtd ">HTMLxmlns= ""> Script>Script> Head> Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8" /> title>Applicationtitle> Head> Body> H1style= "Font-size:40pt">iOS app InstallationH1/> H1style= "Font-size:40pt"> ahref= ' itms-services://?action=download-manifesturl='>

How to install the ' root certificate ' when buying train tickets online

Enter 12306 in the Baidu Search bar, then click to open the ' 12306 Railway Customer Service Center ' website homepage. After opening the ' 12306 Railway Customer Service Center ' homepage, find the ' root certificate ' on the top of the homepage and click Download. Download save to desktop. When opened, double hit opens srca12306. Double-click the install

Linux cpanel host panel install SSL certificate to achieve HTTPS Web site Access Example

SSL Certificate The SSL certificate is designed and developed by the Netscape Communication Company by establishing an SSL secure channel between the client browser and the Web server (Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol. This security protocol is primarily used to provide authentication to users and servers, to encrypt and hide transmitted data, to ensure that data is not changed in tran

Allow the WPF Browser Application to automatically download and install the digital certificate)

Original address: Url = % 2 fstarlee In my article "create digital certificate for WPF Browser Application", I provided a method to create a digital certificate for WPF Browser Application, this avoids "Trust not granted" errors and makes it a real "full trust" WPF Browser Application.To access the WPF Browser Application on a client computer, you must

Xcode cannot install The document, so cocould not download and install iOS 8. The certificate for this server is invalid...

Xcode cannot install The document, so cocould not download and install iOS 8. The certificate for this server is invalid... The specific solutions are as follows: Follow this URL: After the download is complete, double-click to install

Fiddler Install certificate (view HTTPS)

Many interfaces with more important information now use higher-security HTTPS, while fiddler defaults to fetching HTTP-type interfaces, and installing the Fiddler certificate is required to view the HTTPS type interface.1, first ensure that the installation of Fiddler is a newer version, older versions may appear to install the Fiddler Certificate generator is no

Step 3 of Android development: sign the certificate and install the compiler on the real machine

From: Tid = 519993 Step 3 of Android development: sign the certificate and install the compiler on the real machine The main change in Android SDK 1.6 is the debug signature Certificate automatically created by the simulator or real-machine available system (debug. keystore), but you must first create a self-signed

Teach you to install SSL certificate upgrade HTTPS

Do you think the small green lock in front of others ' website looks good?What's more, Google officially admits that HTTPS is a factor that affects search rankings, so how do you upgrade your site to HTTPS? Today's content describes how to deploy in Nginx WordPress add a small green lock.1. Select SSL CertificateHTTPS (hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, Hypertext Transfer Security protocol) is a transport protocol for secure communication over a computer network. Communicate via HTTP, but use S

Install and configure OpenVPN in CentOS and log on with the certificate or account password.

/community/releases/openvpn-2.3.0.tar.gz tar zxvf openvpn-2.3.0.tar.gz cd openvpn-2.3.0./configure make install mkdir-p/etc/openvpn cp-Rf sample/etc/openvpn/cd ..Download easy-rsa separately to create ca certificates, server certificates, and client certificates.Unzip openvpn-2.3.0.tar.gz the source code does not contain easy-rsa, so you need to separately download and install easy-rsa wget-c https://github

Windows Server IIS 8-Install an SSL certificate

)Click Browse, select the corresponding ca> certificate, then click NextWhen you are finished, import the cross-certificate, just like the certificate you selected.Intermediate and cross-certificate import after completion in the intermediate certification authorities can see the two certificates just imported, if not

Nginx Install lets Encrypt SSL free HTTPS encryption certificate

certificate will expire in 2017-08-09.Note: You need to make sure that the Nginx 443 port is in a running state before generating the certificate, otherwise it will fail to generate a certificate.If you encounter the installation: problem binding to port 80:could not bind to IPV4 or IPV6. Error, please close Nginx service and install.Automatic certificate renewa

In Win10 1709, what should I do if the system fails to install the certificate ?, Win101709

In Win10 1709, what should I do if the system fails to install the certificate ?, Win101709 When you install the Certificate in Windows 1709, you are always prompted that the installation failed and the certificate file cannot be correctly installed. What should we do if th

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