how to make android app responsive in android studio

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Build and run your app in the official Android studio document

create. For more details, please see Create and edit virtual devices.If you are using Android real computer, you need to turn on USB debug mode on your device. For more details, see Using hardware devices.Note: You can also deploy your app via debug mode by clicking Debug. In debug mode you can set breakpoints in your code, check the values of variables and expressions at run time, and run debugging tools

0. Configure Android studio from a zero installation and write the first Android APP

not start Android Studio), change the following configuration file before starting. file (file is located in the bin directory of Android Studio Android directory, the author's path is "C:\Program files\android

Work (engineers) to be good, it will first benefit (compiler)-"Android Studio Combat-fast and efficient building Android app"

Studio,Like no watt, someone can invent a steam engine. But without Shakespeare, there would never be a merchant of Venice.Frontthose that are directly helpful to programming.Chaptersnot readThis book can also be explored slowly,This chapter onlyreading will make you feel that Android Studio is the most amazing compil

Fourth article: The Eclipse Android App project migrated to Android Studio

This problem is certainly unavoidable, fortunately, the project catalog of Android Studio is far more clear than Eclipse.Catalog comparisonWe created a Eclipsedemo Android project in Eclipse and created a My application Android project in Android

Smalidea + IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio dynamic debugging Android app tutorial

Smalidea + IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio dynamic debugging Android app tutorialSmalidea Smalidea is an IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio smali language plug-in that enables dynamic debugging of smali code. Github address:https://github.

0. [WP Developer experience Andriod Development] install and configure Android Studio from scratch and write the first Android App, andriodandroid

0. [WP Developer experience Andriod Development] install and configure Android Studio from scratch and write the first Android App, andriodandroid0. required installation files I have been working on WP for a few years. Recently I am a little interested in Android. I will t

Create the first Android app to load the HTML5 page with Android Studio

Prefacesoftware version:Android Studio v1.0 version, due to v0.x since the software changes have been relatively large, many problem search solution is also v0.x version of the era, so first declare the version.motivation: due to the need for mobile software development in several ways of comparative research, it has the production of this article, it is estimated that there will be other technical solutions to the post.goal: in order to adapt to cros

"Logcat" View Android APP logs in Android studio

Resources:Http:// Start Android Studio First and select Tools>android>android Device Monitor from the toolbarIf you need to select Android project for first time, open

When Android studio runs the app, you are prompted to select the Android SDK

Android Studio prompt to select Android SDK when running the appFrom the GitHub clone code to the local to the as found, found not to click "Run" key running the app, and error Error:Please select Android SDK :Finally, the build tools version will be modified in file->projec

Android Studio Configuration Androidannotations--hi_ Blog Android APP Development notes

"Org.androidannotations:androidannotations-api: $AAVersion"Compile ' '5.3 Apt {arguments {Androidmanifestfile Variant.outputs[0].processresources.manifestfileResourcepackagename ' Org.shuaibi.hi_blog '}}Such as:The configuration is done here, let's see how to use it.Package Org.shuaibi.hi_blog.activity;import;import android.content.intent;import Android.os.bundle;import Android.widget.textview;import Android.widget.toast;import Org.andr

Android App development Android Studio Bug Collection--assemble all as errors into this article

name (at ' icon ' with V Alue ' @mipmap/ic_launcher '). Error: (1) Android Resource Packaging: [Midiscope]/users/hanshuliang/downloads/midiscope/application/src/main/ Androidmanifest.xml:27:error:error:no resource found that matches the given name (at ' label ' with value ' @string/app_na Me '). Error: (1) Android Resource Packaging: [Midiscope]/users/hanshuliang/downloads/midiscope/application/src/main/ A

Android phone with WiFi connection to Android Studio, real-computer test app

1, the phone to get root privileges (my is Xiaomi note, directly download MIUI development version installation can be)2, download in App market ( Terminal Simulator ), install. 3, give (terminal emulator) root privileges. Tip: To test whether it has root privileges, open the terminal emulator, enter the command: Su, return is not "permission Deny" the second time the software obtained root permissions. 4 . Confirm that your real computer and PC a

"Android" Mac under Android Studio Settings App launch page

First put the start page in the project resource, the picture is generally 1080*1920 jpg.Create a new activity,After the creation is successful, open the activity you just created to write the code:public class BZLaunchActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private final int SPLASH_DISPLAY_LENGHT = 2000;//两秒后进入系统,时间可自行调整 @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_bzlaunch);

Android Studio tips error running App:no Android facet found for app

The error resolution is as follows:There are several steps you can take to resolve the issue:1) Click menu file, select Project Structure, or use the shortcut key (Ctrl+alt+shift+s) to open Project Structure.2) then select the "Facets" column under "Project Settings"3) Click on the "+" sign in the second column to add a new facets.4) Select the "Android" facet from the "ADD" menu to select a module by opening another dialog box. (Select a facet that y

about how to simulate debugging Android's U3d app on Visual Studio

does run correctly, but the AVD assigned to the Android Simulator network is a NAT network, that is, The IP that runs inside the Android simulator is the re-assigned virtual IP, And if we use来 attach is not able to access the emulator internal port, then there is only one way, using the redir instruction to redirect, the simulator assigned to the Android

Use android studio to detect app Memory leakage [reprinted] And androidapp

Use android studio to detect app Memory leakage [reprinted] And androidapp In Android development, various memory leaks are inevitable. If you do not find and handle the vulnerabilities in time, the larger the memory usage, and various strange crash may occur due to memory leaks, the

How does "Android" make an Android app not be killed? Finishing

[Reprint] How to make an Android app not be killed? FinishingOriginal Address:How to make an Android app not be killed? FinishingDrifting brocade Maple Reference:

Android Official development documentation for Android Studio (Meet Android Studio) Chapter

summary of the latest release changes, see the Android studio release notes.2. Engineering structure (Project Structure)In Android studio, each project contains one or more modules source files and resource files. Modules includes the following major types: Android

[. Net programmer's note] the new trend of Microsoft Android and IOS app visual studio 2015 Cordova [1] [original], androidcordova

[. Net programmer's note] the new trend of Microsoft Android and IOS app visual studio 2015 Cordova [1] [original], androidcordova Since Satya Nadella took office as CEO of Microsoft, it has been a constant of surprises, as if it has aroused hope in the world, especially for our. net programmers. First, the iOS and Android

Android Studio, using an external emulator as an emulator to build app debugging

\Administrator\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools\.So here is the only indication that the ADB is connected to the simulator.    Here, even if Android studio is connected to the emulator. Our Android studio can also be viewed above.2.3. Click

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