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Implementation of DNS in Windows 2000 (1)

New features provided by DNSSupports Active Directory AD)Unlike NT 4.0, the domain name of the Active Directory in Windows 2000 Server adopts a DNS name similar to that in the Internet, and the DNS is integrated into the design and implementation of

Linux DNS detailed

DNS ServiceDNS: Domain Nsme ServiceRole: Resolving the domain name to IP (forward parsing) or resolving IP to a domain name (reverse parsing)Classification of DNS top-level domains:Organization domain:. com. net. org .....Country domain:. CN. tw. JP

To configure Internet access for DNS in Win2003 _windows2003

This step-by-step article describes how to configure Internet access for Domain Name System (DNS) in the Windows Server 2003 product. DNS is the core name resolution tool used on the Internet. Responsible for resolution between the host name and

Create an internal DNS Server

DNS is a very important basic service. Many applications are based on DNS services, such as the most commonly used HTTP browser. Many of my friends said they could not access the internet in the Forum. In fact, they could not resolve the FQDN name,

Windows Server DNS Policy geo-location 1

With the continuous development of information technology, people's requirements for IT infrastructure are also higher, beginning to require the provision of rapid delivery, batch deployment, data analysis, network virtualization and other new needs,

DNS server Management and configuration techniques _dns Server

People may have such a puzzle: computers on the network can only identify such as "" such as digital address, so why when we open the browser, in the Address bar to enter the domain name, we can see the page we need? In

DNS settings and Management

1. Start to install DNS> Settings> Control Panel> Add/delete Program -> Add/delete Windows Components-> "Network Services"-> select "Domain Name Service System (DNS) "-> follow the instructions to install the DNS. 2. Create the DNS resolution region.

DNS-domain name resolution System

DNS is the domain name resolution system. It can convert an IP address to a domain name or an IP address.1. Install DNSStart> set> Control Panel> Add/deleteProgram-> Add/delete Windows Components-> "Network Services"-> select "Domain Name Service

Server Management and Maintenance: how to clear DNS Cache correctly

Windows 2000 automatically starts the DNS Client Service, which provides the Client name resolution and cache service. Your DNS query results are cached locally. When configuring a DNS server, if you do not have a good grasp of this principle, some

Clever Use of DNS: simple control of Internet access time periods

There are a total of one hundred student terminals in the campus network of our school, which are divided into two student data centers. The Student Terminal IP address is provided by the School Server (using Windows2000 System) Manage allocation

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