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How to delete windows. old files and windows. old files

How to delete windows. old files and windows. old filesMethod 1: 1. Right-click the drive C and select Properties.2. Click "Clear disk" on the General tab.3. Click "clear system files" in the pop-up tab.4. Select the previous Windows Installation5. Click OK to clean up securityMethod 2: How to delete the windows.

Scry Chinese name first: No domain--open the intelligent contract era based on the data economy of block chain __ block chain

trigger thinking, so that real data information stored in the intelligent contract permanently and through community participation in the open sharing mechanism for the use and dissemination, so as to open a block chain data economy in the era of intelligent contract. At the same time, food is developed before the application of a business system, for the compa

Pay tribute to the old open-source social platform ThinkSNS with technical analysis

Pay tribute to the old open-source social platform ThinkSNS with technical analysis As an IT otaku, I started my SNS social networking from high school. The scenes of the year 78 s were used on SNS social networking, with smiles, sweat, and sadness. When I go out for lighting, I will take a few photos and share them with SNS for social networking. if I encounter behavior detrimental to society, I w

Database open error ORA-01555: snapshot too old

Original blog link address: Database open error ORA-01555: snapshot too old During his honeymoon in Dongguan today, a student said that the test library he managed had a problem and could not be opened. Let's first look at the problem: Recovery of Online Redo Log: Thread 1 Group 4 Seq 4 Reading mem 0 Mem# 0: /onlinelog/shr/redo04.logCompleted redo application of 0.00MBCompleted crash recovery at T

A 23-year-old university student's Raspberry Pi Open source project

For most people, the closure of Google's readers is a pain in the Bu Cook, but for Jacob Cook, a college student, it is an opportunity for ambition. He has developed an operating system called "Arkos", claiming to replace all services offered by Google or other cloud companies, including basic services such as running e-mail, chatting, file sharing, virtual hosting, and so on, through a private server with a credit card size.Arkos is a Linux-based server operating system that runs on a small, Ra

Old Cat's ideal open-source small example

sample code Demo An example of mutual value transfer is displayed! Click to download sample code Demo Sample of the effect of the three pop-up windows like MSN! Click to download sample code Demo 1DEMO 2Demo 3 Source code of the webdiyer ASP. NET paging control! Click to download the code Source code of Microsoft Data Access Application Block 3.1! (Powerful data access layer) Click to download the code The most widely used refl

Clears old system backup files from the system disk

Some friends who upgrade to Windows 8 from an older version of Windows will feel the system disk footprint is larger because the WIN8 upgrade will store the previous automated backup of the system files in the Windows.old folder, which ranges from several gigabytes to more than 10 GB. If the space of the system partition is not very sufficient, the problem that disk occupies is more obvious. To remove this folder, you can use the Disk Cleanup feature

The old cat summarizes how to publish files to the phone

firemonkey[Mobile Development]165232328The group master old Cat summarizes how to publish files to the mobile phone, very practical, posted over. This group under the management of the old cat, there are a large number of the use of Delphi to develop the app may encounter problems of the solution, experience, there are a lot of problems in the implementation of t

Old boy Education daily-109th Day-linux Create various types of files

Reference Answer:Create a normal fileTouch filenameCreate a catalog filemkdir dirnameCreate a linked fileln-s filename linknameCreate a block device fileMknod/dev/sdb B 16 8Create a character type fileMKNOD/DEV/CCC C 20 5Create a socket fileMksock A.sockCreate a pipeline fileMkfifo PipeNoteToday is the 109th Day of the day to accompany you and look forward to your progress .For questions and answers, please leave a comment in the blog comments section

SQL Server sets automatic backup and deletion of old database files

[testdb] to disk = @ filename with initGo Select "go to next" for the advanced "operations to be performed upon success" in the step properties, so that the "backup data for the current day" step has been created. 2. Step 2 of data backup-"delete old backup" We can set to retain only the backup data for five days, so we must delete the data backup file five days ago. In the step section of the "Backup Data" job Properties window, create the s

How the WIN10 system cleans up old system backup files Windows.old

A lot of users through win7/win8/win8.1 upgrade to the latest WIN10 system, and the use of upgraded installation WIN10 will be left in the C disk Windows.old backup, many users to delete the way to find Windows.old can not be deleted, Prompt for insufficient privileges requires system permission to operate, so how do we handle it? In fact, we do not need to delete this, the same in the WIN10 system with the Disk Cleanup tool, the use of cleaning tools to smooth out some of the

VFS: cannot open root device "mtdblock2" or unknown-block (2, 0)

server available, giving up.VFS: Unable to mount root FS via NFS, trying floppy.VFS: cannot open root device "mtdblock2" or unknown-block (2, 0)Please append a correct "root =" Boot option; here are the available partitions:Kernel panic-not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root FS on unknown-block (2, 0) [Solution process] 1. I thought there was no/dev/mtdblock2 de

Learning the Intel thread building block Open Source Library (TBB) _ Parallel Computing

Learn about Intel thread building blocks open Source libraries Brief introduction We have found a powerful alternative to POSIX threads and windows-based threads, the Intel thread building block, which is a C + + based framework designed for parallel programming. 0 Comments: Arpan Sen, independent writer February 27, 2012 content Develop and deploy your next application on the IBM Bluemix cloud platform. St

Vfs:cannot Open Root Device "Mtdblock2" or Unknown-block (0,0)

: s3c24xx_uda134x (uda134x)TCP Cubic RegisteredRpc:registered UDP Transport module.Rpc:registered TCP Transport module.Lib80211:common Routines for IEEE802.11 driversS3C2410-RTC s3c2410-rtc:setting system clock to 2009-03-05 18:52:59 UTC (1236279179)Root-nfs:no NFS server available, giving up.Vfs:unable to mount Root FS via NFS, trying floppy.Vfs:cannot Open Root Device "Mtdblock2" or Unknown-block (2,0)Ple

vim--open multiple files, display multiple files at the same time, switch between files, position switch

next document.: 2n edit the next two documents.: N edits the previous document. Note that this method can only be used to open multiple documents at the same time.: E document name This is the case when you enter vim and open other documents without leaving Vim.: e# or ctrl+ˆ edits the previous document for use when two documents are exchanged for editing. # represents a document that was edited the previo

Linux file descriptor the difference between open file descriptors and open files is an open fileAn open file is a regular file, a directory, a block special file, a character special file, an executing text referen CE, a library, a stream or a network file.What is file descriptorA file descriptor is a data structure used by a program to get a handle on a file. The most commonly known is:0 in

Open files and close files

will all disappear.(4) "WB". Opens a binary file for writing. You can write at the specified file location, and the remaining features are similar to "w".(5) "a". Open a text file to add data to the back of the file. If the specified file does not exist, a new file is created with the file name specified in the fopen call, and if the specified file already exists, the contents of the file are saved and the new data is written after the original conte

CENTOS7, Process max Open file too many open files error

problem.The current is to see is the docket startup script, Docket is Yum installed, the script has the following two words, with my old experience to see this is the limit process open number, if I add these two sentences to the Tomcat startup script, then restart the application, see the process constraints, found that the maximum number of open

Solve the problem that pirated VC ++ cannot open files and cannot add files to the Project

, select openfile entries, and then click the press new shortcut key input box, press the shortcut key or shortcut key combination you want to set (for example, the default shortcut key Ctrl + O to open the file), and click assignYou can set shortcuts for other commands in the same way. Finally, you should make corresponding changes in the menu bar to remove the old ope

Test Linux max open files parameter

how many files the process actually opened, it was described earlier, using the lsof command.Other questions1. Does the network connection occupy the number of open files?Will, a listening or established state network connection consumes an open file count. Therefore, when the Web application is slightly larger, if it

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