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Latest Cenos Execution Service httpd Restart error failed to restart Httpd.service:Unit not found.

will prompt: XXX The service does not support Chkconfig. So we first edit the httpd script, and in line 2nd (#!/bin/sh below) Add the following comment information (including #):# chkconfig: 35 61 61# description: ApacheThe 3 parameters for the first line are: at which RunLevel, start httpd (3,5), start sequence number (S61), and close ordinal (K61). Note: The d

Linux system real-time monitor Apache running status and automatically restart HTTPD service

In order to achieve a highly available based on the Apache web site environment, in Apache for a variety of reasons automatically stop running, want to immediately restore site access, this requires a tool to monitor the operation of Apache real-time and can automatically restart the HTTPD service, on the Internet to find relevant information, Rewrite the followi

CENTOS7 System Operation httpd Service-boot start/restart/view status

CENTOS7 System Operation httpd Service-boot start/restart/view status First, start, stop, restart Systemctl Start Httpd.service #启动 Systemctl Stop Httpd.service #停止 Systemctl Restart Httpd.service #重启 Second, set the boot up/off Systemctl Enable Httpd.servi

How can I restart, end, and start the httpd service?

When a K connection is applied, the Stop parameter is applied accordingly; when the S connection is applied, the Start parameter is applied accordingly. There is one exception. The slink in the rc0.d and rc6.d directories will not start any service. They are called with the stop parameter to end some services. The logic behind this is that when you are about to shut down or restart, you don't want to start

How to restart, stop, start httpd service?

/etc/init.d/xxx Start |Stop | Restart /ETC/INIT.D/HTTPD Reload Advantages: No need to find the PID of the process /ETC/INIT.D/HTTPD restart Close and reopen There are many such as RC under the/etc. D's directory, which has many symbolic links. Here,? refers to the running level corresponding to the number and RCSYSINIT

Httpd-2.2 and httpd-2.4 Build Secure http service based on VirtualHost

/vhost/www1ServerName www1.magedu.comCustomLog/var/log/httpd/www1/aceess_log commonErrorLog/var/log/httpd/www1/err_log # create the log file path by yourself. Otherwise, the service fails to be started.Options NoneAllowOverride NoneOrder allow, denyDeny from ### no host in the current segment can access www1 SetHandler server-statusOrder a

HTTPD corrupted HTTPD Service stopped

In the afternoon when the site on AWS EC2 is inaccessible, and the IP is accessible, login to SSH and view the service Service--status-all Discover that the HTTPD service is stopped, and then try to start httpd, prompt: Starting httpd

Apache service, or HTTPd service, how to start and how to start it.

/sbin/httpd-K startApache 6682 6679 0? 00:00:00/usr/sbin/httpd-K startApache 6683 6679 0? 00:00:00/usr/sbin/httpd-K startApache 6684 6679 0? 00:00:00/usr/sbin/httpd-K startApache 6685 6679 0? 00:00:00/usr/sbin/httpd-K startApache 6686 6679 0? 00:00:00/usr/sbin/

Linux Automatic Restart service and Linux Restart service

Linux Automatic Restart service and Linux Restart service The apache and mysql services are automatically restarted on a regular basis without restarting the server. The procedure is as follows:I. Restart apache and mysql services at and every day[Root @ www bin] # cd/opt/[

Linux Detailed construction httpd website construction Service (Apache)

prefork:一次一个进程响应一个请求worker:一个进程生成多个线程,一个线程响应一个请求event:基于事件驱动,一个进程响应多个请求 4.HTTPD Self-brought tool program Tools function htpasswd Basic Authentication in the file implementation, the use of the Account password generation tool Apachectl HTTPD comes with a service control script that supp

Modify the httpd service of apache to the root permission.

source code: Modify the Code include/http_config.h and add it to the file header. #ifndefBIG_SECURITY_HOLE#defineBIG_SECURITY_HOLE#endifRe-compile: [root@localhost httpd-2.4.10]# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/httpd --enable-ssl --enable-cgi --enable-mods-shared=allable-ssl --enable-cgi --enable-mods-shared=all --enable-track-vars --enable-rewrite 3. modify the configuration file and

Modify Apache's httpd service as Root

Download Apache and modify the source code: Modify the Code include/http_config.h, add the file header #ifndefBIG_SECURITY_HOLE #definebig_security_hole#endifRecompile: [Email protected] httpd-2.4.10]#/configure--prefix=/usr/local/httpd--enable-ssl--enable-cgi-- Enable-mods-shared=allable-ssl--enable-cgi--enable-mods-shared=all --enable-track-vars--enable-rewrite 3. Modify

HTTPD build Virtual host and Apache website basic Service

format for a virtual directory:Alias/test "/opt/test/" #别名,/test =/opt/test (site storage) add test when visiting the websiteOptions Indexes multiviews followsymlinks #建立索引, fixed formatallowoverride None #不允许重写 (fixed format)AuthName "Hello" #hello信息AuthType Basic #认证类型 Basic is one of the most fundamental certificationsAuthuserfile/etc/httpd/user #身份验证登陆 and specify the file seat#authgroupfile/etc/httpd/

Web service httpd-2.2 based on domain name virtual host

, company) [Default company Ltd]:ymOrganizational Unit Name (eg, section) []:opsCommon name (eg, your name or your server ' s hostname) []:www2.a.comEmail Address []:[email protected][email protected] ssl]# CP httpd.csr/testdir/3.CA issue the certificate and send the certificate to the requestor[email protected] ssl]# OpenSSL CA-IN/TMP/HTTPD.CSR-OUT/ETC/PKI/CA/CERTS/HTTPD.CRT[Email protected] ssl]# cp/etc/pki/ca/certs/httpd.crt/etc/httpd/ssl/4. Instal

CentOS 7.2 Configure the Apache service httpd (top) _linux

箱 Please enter the following ' extra ' attributes to be sent with your certificate request A Challe nge Password []: #默认 a optional company name []: #默认 # [Root@linuxprobe certs]# OpenSSL x509-in server.csr-out server . crt-req-signkey server.key-days 3650 Signature OK subject=/c=cn/st=shanghai/l=shanghai/o=linuxprobe/ou=devops/cn= getting Private Key X. Configuring SSL [1] Configure SSL. [Root@linuxprobe ~]# yum-y Install mod_ssl [ro

The Linux boot httpd service appears Could not reliably determine the server ' s fully qualified domain name.

When the Apache Boot httpd service is installed, httpd:could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using XXX for Serverna MeFind a lot of information on the Internet, called Modify the httpd/conf/httpd.conf configuration file installed in the Apache root directory1. Open apache_home/httpd/con

How the httpd service boots up

=650; "src=" Https:// "style=" float : none; "title=" Qq20170917191603.png "alt=" Wkiom1m-wzyggpqeaabugyd6_xm531.png "/>3, Chkconfig--add httpd Add script to boot list, but it is not running boot4, because we do not specify in which mode the HTTPD service script is running, you can set it here, for e

Deploy OA speed airship source code download saltstack and batch installation httpd service

salt ' * ' pillar.items//view pillar (Dynamic Info) Salt-key//view clients that have been acceptedDeploy Saltstack and Bulk install httpd service deployment Saltstack and bulk install HTTPD services??Saltstack Configuration Management installation ApacheNote: ' * ' means all clients execute Apache moduleVim/srv/salt/top.slsBase‘*‘: ApacheDeploy Saltstac

How the LINUX operating system starts the HTTPD service __linux

How to start the httpd service under Linux See if native Linux has httpd installed See where the httpd command is placed by command cat/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf | More To view the contents of the httpd.conf configuration file Here's the DocumentRoot "/var/www/html."

"Httpd unrecognized service" SOLUTION

This problem occurs when you use automatic compilation and installation, that is, input # servicehttpdrestart to give such a prompt; at this time, you can restart # usrlocalapache2binapachectlstart. If you want to use # servicehttpdrestart, note that this problem occurs when daemonusrlocalapache2binapac is automatically compiled and installed. # ServiceHttpdRestart This prompt is provided. You can restart t

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