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Read the MP3 file under the SD Card folder and play the MP3 file

First get all the MP3 files under the path path of the SD card and save the file name and size to the list array (this code is defined in the Fileutils Class):/*** Read the name and size of the Mp3 file in the directory*/Public listSdcardroot = Environment.getexternalstoragedirectory (). GetAbsolutePath (); Get the pat

JFS overview how to shorten system restart time for a log file system

JFS provides an overview of how to shorten the restart time of a log file system-Linux Release Technology-Debian information. For more information, see the following. In the event of a system crash, JFS provides fast file system restart. By using the database log technology, JFS can restore the file system to a consist

Dojo Build package standalone JS file optimization load significantly shorten page load time __js

Dojo Build Package standalone JS file optimization load significantly shorten page load time Dojo is a very powerful JS open source front-end library, design avantgarde, low coupling, each module (control) JS file Independent, the use is very convenient, to meet the vast majority of enterprise Web application developm

Swift records multiple audio and converts audio to MP3 and synthesizes multiple MP3 files as one file

My requirement is to be able to record multiple files, the last generated file format is mp3 form, looked up the various information, because Swift cannot directly record the audio as the MP3 format, so finally I took the solution to the first to convert each individual file to MP3

MP3 file structure and encoding and decoding process

AGENDA* MP3 Profile* MP3 File structure--TAG_V2 (ID3V2) label frame--Data frame--TAG_V1 (ID3V1) label frame*mp3 encoding and decoding process*mp3 File playback Process First, MP3 Introd

MP3 file format analysis (1)

After downloading a pile of mp3 files, such as songs and music scores, it is difficult to manage and disorganized. As a result, repeated songs are everywhere, occupying a large disk, almost 80% of the songs are never heard. I always wanted to find a good tool and software to manage all the music files on the disk. Then I listened and filtered them, and gradually divided them into different categories. I deleted duplicate and dislike files, but I could

Embed an MP3 file into the EXE file and play it back

You need to write an EXE file, which is embedded with a piece of music that I designed. After opening the EXE file, the music will be automatically played. The most important thing is that there cannot be any additional files except the EXE file. Copy the EXE file to another computer (with framework installed) and run

Iv. MP3 file types and determination

Based on the analysis in the previous two articles, frames are divided into tag frames and data frames. The MP3 file types are divided based on the data frame types. The file types are shown in the following table: Equal bit rate (constant bitrate) CBR MP3 file

MPEG audio file format (including MP3 File Format) (2)

'Trashmetal' 127 'Drum Bass' 133 'Negerpunk' 139 'Crossover' 145 'Anime' 128 'Club-house' 134 'Polskpunk' 140 'Contemporarychristian' 146 'Jpop' 129 'Hardcore' 135 'Beat' 141 'Christianrock' 147 'Synthpop' 130 'Error' 136 'Christangstarap' 142 'Merenge' 131 'Indie' 137 'Heartmetal' 143 'Salsa' Any other value is considered as "unknow

Javascript-why can I upload a txt file below 1 MB after a post operation, and upload an mp3 file on 1 MB fails.

I encountered a problem. When the post object can upload txt files below 1 MB, the byte set POST object upload fails to upload mp3 files above 1 MB. I encountered a problem. When the upload of a txt file below 1 MB after the post operation succeeds, the upload of A mp3 file above 1 MB after the byte set POST operation

Java to implement cool dog music temporary cache file conversion to MP3 file method _java

This article describes the Java implementation of Cool dog music temporary cache file conversion to the MP3 file method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Cool dog Temporary cache file, in fact, is the bar MP3 files are downloaded, but the name seem

I. MP3 file Overview

I. Overview MP3 files are composed of frames, which are the smallest unit of MP3 files. The full name of MP3 should be mpeg1 layer-3 audio files, and MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) should be translated as an expert group of active images in Chinese, especially for activity audio and video compression standards, an MPEG audio

Tailor-Tailored: MP3 file segmentation, merging, and conversion

Finally found to listen to the song, download to the MP3 machine but found that can not play, or because the MP3 machine capacity is limited, the moment can not fit too many songs, only reluctantly give up a few. This MP3 machine can not play the situation, your heart must be very depressed it. You can solve these problems on the audio

An error or pygameerror occurs when pygame loads an mp3 file with a Chinese name.

An error or pygameerror occurs when pygame loads an mp3 file with a Chinese name.    I haven't written anything for a while. I 've been working on a Python pygame-based music player in the last few days. I wanted to finish it and try again to write an article, but the deeper it gets, the framework is coming out, it may be due to my personal problems and slow time. let's talk about pygame. mixer. music. lo

Extract audio from the flv file and store it in mp3 format

: 01:20:35. 06, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 200 kb/sStream #0.0: Video: h264, yuv420p, 320x240 [par dar], 200 kb/s, 15 tbr, 1 k tbn, 2 k tbcStream #0.1: Audio: aac, 22050Hz, stereo, s16At least one output file must be specified The above two lines marked in red show the various attributes of the video and audio data of the file. The audio data uses aac encoding. Here, you need to convert the audio into

A tutorial on writing Python scripts to get MP3 file tag information

This article mainly introduces the writing Python script to obtain MP3 file tag information tutorial, the code is based on python2.x, the text of the comments in detail, the need for friends can refer to the Here's how to learn python using a Python instance program. The purpose of this program is to analyze the tag information of all MP3 files and output it. I

How to solve an error when pygame loads an mp3 file with a Chinese name

This article mainly explains how to solve the error when pygame loads mp3 files of Chinese names. it has some reference value. if you are interested, refer to # pygame to play mp3 files: Here I will only introduce a good understanding method. Open the official document and I found that, like discovering the new world, this guy is so powerful, but now I can only use it to play my

How can I directly play an MP3 file embedded in EXE in a "stream" mode?

How can I directly play an MP3 file embedded in EXE in a "stream" mode? Delphi/Windows SDK/API Http:// How can I directly play an MP3 file embedded in EXE in a "stream" mode? Instead of saving MP3 files t

Python instance gets tag information for the MP3 file

The following is a Python-based instance program to learn about Python. The purpose of this program is to analyze the tag information of all MP3 files and output them. Import OS # Imports OS module, provides file path, lists files and other methods import SYS # imports the SYS module, using Sys.modules to get all the contents of the module, similar to the reflection function from userdict Import UserDict #

Compile a Python script to obtain the mp3 file tag Information

Compile a Python script to obtain the mp3 file tag Information This article describes how to compile a Python script to obtain the tag information of an mp3 file. The Code is based on Python2.x. The annotations in this article are very detailed. For more information, see Next we will use a python instance program to le

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