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HDD unlock wizard

HDD unlock wizard is a user-friendly application which allows you to easily remove HDD password. IDE and SATA hard disk drives are supported. Both user and master password can be removed. While unlocking, HDD

Notebook HDD HDD user password Password How to clear?

Notebook HDD HDD user password Password How to clear? Notebook set the HDD user hard drive password, each power-on to enter a password, and can not be used as a mobile hard disk, "compu

Huawei Mate7 unlock password How to apply for Mate7 Unlock password application method

1 We search "Huawei unlock the Agreement" or enter the Huawei official find "" smartphone. (pictured below) 2 Now we open the phone click "Settings" click "About the Phone" and then look at their phone model. (pictured below) 3 Product s/n Number View method: Also in the mobile phone "settings" we find "about the phone" click "Status Message" "Serial number" is s/n. (pictured below) 4 Product Imei/meid View method: Ditto

How to unlock a mcafee password: [set a mcafee password, log on, modify, and forget the password]

Comments: Today, due to a problem in the setup of the telecom data center, the website cannot be accessed. Because mcafee is installed on the server, many operations cannot be run on the server. Therefore, we have made a simple implementation step, it is mainly to make it easier for users who are not familiar with mcafee. Like all the friends who just started learning mcafee, using mcafee at the beginning is really not user-friendly, but it is very functional and easy to use. If your server does

Oracle 10 Gb Default User Name, password unlock, Change User Password

. Automatic Installation selected during installation. Because the user name and password have been forgotten for a long time, I have tried several default user names and passwords (attached in the table ).Default User NameAnd password), all prompts invalid user name and password, and finally tried Dbsnmp/Dbsnmp, prompting to be locked; 2. Start sqlplus in cmd;

Postgres uses the ALTER USER command to modify the user's password, password expiration, lock, unlock

use the ALTER USER command to modify the user's password, password expiration, lock, unlock (1) Modify the user's password and change the user's password to a new password highgo= #create user test with

Forget the computer password how to do, unlock the password method confluence

Everybody wants the first to write down, will always be useful in the future! There are a lot of ways to unlock a computer's boot code, which displays five: Method One: When powered on, press F8 to enter "secure with Command Prompt" mode Enter the "NET user+ username +123456/add" to force a user's password to be set to "123456″ Method Two: If the user forgets to log in the

Samsung NOTE4 screen lock password how to cancel? NOTE4 Unlock the screen lock password method

1. As shown in the following figure, we find the Desktop Red box button click to enter.2. After entering and then find the following figure Red Box button, click Enter.3. Then in the open interface to find the following figure red box "device."4. Enter here to see a "lock screen".5. Click on "Screen lock".6. Enter the screen lock code you previously set, and then click "Continue".7. Choose "Slide".After the above operation, the screen lock password is

Oracle unlock user and reset user password __oracle

After installing Oracle 10g, you want to open sql*plus to learn, and then follow the steps in the book to connect to the database with Scott users, you can lose several times prompted an error. Error:the account is locked Then after checking the internet and found that the user was locked, as to why it was locked, may be the following reasons. 1. Attempting to log on multiple times was unsuccessful. (may not have the correct password) 2. This user is

Android forgot to unlock Password

This article is based on the network. I have been using the first method. I have never tried anything else. Method 1: ADB unlock click to download the ADB unlock toolRequired: the USB debugging mode is enabled (the miui system is enabled by default)1. Connect your mobile phone to your computer, and confirm that the ADB driver is installed (method:). decompress the ADB toolkit to drive C.2. Open CMD and ent

Unlock and modify password for Scott user in Oracle __oracle

Modify Password: Scott user's password is not correct, enter administrator user, modify Scott user password canor modify the password like this:In the Run Bar Knock: Sqlplus (space)/nolog carriage returnThen knock in the pop-up box: Conn Sys/password as SYSDBA carriage retu

When Chrome is opened in Ubuntu, a password is entered to unlock your logon key ring.

The problem is as follows: Unlock the logon key ring and enter a password to unlock your logon key ring (the figure is found online and solved on my computer, this figure does not show up.) I cannot solve any password I enter, and I do not know what the original password is.

How to get rid of 'enter password to unlock your login keyring 'In ubuntu)

Http:// Ubuntu uses centralized password management tool called seahorse.This tool is a front end GUI to Gnome's keyring management system. InSimple this tool stores all passwords with a master password which isNormally same

Three ways for Oracle users to unlock and default user and password

Ora-28000:the Account is locked-solution2009-11-11 18:51Ora-28000:the account is locked1th step: Use PL/SQL, login name System, database name unchanged, select type to change normal to SYSDBA;2nd step: Select Myjob, view users;3rd Step: Select System, right click on "edit";4th step: Change the password, the "account is locked" tick off;5th step: Click "Apply" and click "Close";The 6th step: Re-login can be verified by;The second KindALTER USER usernam

Instance code for Oracle 11g User Password modification and lock/unlock function, oracle11g

Instance code for Oracle 11g User Password modification and lock/unlock function, oracle11g 1. Run cmd.exe; 2. Enter sqlplus/as sysdba to connect to the database as a system administrator (sysdba) for database management. 3. After successful connection, run Alter user identityName identified by password; -- Change password

Oracle Change Password unlock

Label:1. How to modify the Oracle user password when logging in as SYSDBA, you can modify other users ' passwords, such as: SQL> alter user username identified by new password; The user has changed. This is to change the USER01 user password to USER10If you want to log in, I'll be just looking for a database user login successful, the other database

iOS draw gesture Unlock password

The ability to unlock this gesture has actually been used more and more rarely. But depressed do not know why my company every time to do an app to the gesture to unlock plus ... So I studied the implementation of the gesture unlock page.To implement this page, first talk about what you need to know: Basic use of Uipangesturerecognizer Cgrectcontainspoin

Ubuntu requires a key ring to unlock the password

In ubuntu's password and secret ring (seahorse), I personally think there will be a password security problem, Here we can see some program-saved clear codes. Generally, manual logon will automatically unlock them, and the passwords stored in them will be displayed. If you log on automatically, it will not be unlocked automatically. You need to manually enter t

Oracle add user and empower, modify password, unlock, delete user's method _oracle

Add users (automatically generate a schema with the same name as the user creates) CREATE USER "TESTER" profile "default" identified by "TESTER" default Tablespace "TESTDATA temporary tablespace" testtemp "Account UNLOCK; Empowering (to be honest, these permissions are the permissions used in development, and if the user produces the environment, create the appropriate system permissions for the user) It is said that the production environment, just

Unlock and change the password of the system user in Oracle

I learned a few commands when I got in touch with Oracle and changed the password of the system user. After a few days, I forgot + _ + .. The following describes how to unlock and I learned a few commands when I got in touch with Oracle and changed the password of the system user. After a few days, I forgot + _ + .. The following describes how to

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