how to unzip files on windows 7

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Automatically unzip files on Windows share under Windows

REM mkdir C:\buildMD c:\buildREM Mount the Windows share to Z DriveNET use x: \\\Infa_Shared\Infa_Build\Mercury\AT_build\WindowsREM Start unzip Windows build to local machine, no need to copyX:for/f "delims=|"%%i In (' DIR ' * * "/b/o:d ') do SET newest=%%iStart winrar x%newest% c:\buildKnowledge Points:1. REM is the bat annotation2. Basic commands s

In Windows 7, how does one share files? How to share files in Windows 7

"-"advanced sharing" as shown in the following figure. 3. In advanced sharing, we first check "Share this folder" and then click "Apply" and "OK" button. 4. If a folder is set to be shared, all of its subfolders will be set to be shared by default. 5. Right-click the folder you want to share, select Properties-Security-edit as shown in the following image.6. Then we click the "Add" button as shown in the following image.7. After ente

How to open eml files under Windows 7 and Windows 8

eml format file is a file format that Microsoft Company uses in Outlook Express to follow RFC822 and its subsequent extensions, and becomes a common format for various types of e-mail software, which is the format of e-mail export. and in Windows 7 and Windows 8, Outlook Express has been discarded, without this program, then how to open this file. Using the Outlo

Windows 7, WINDOWS10 System directory Migration, modifying the default path for installation: Users,program Files,programdata

administrator to add Full control of the Program Files folder permissions, the practice is still right-click the Program Files folder properties to find security, this time we choose to edit. Give the administrator full control of the permissions.⑷ Right-click the Program Files folder property to find security-advanced-permissions⑸ Select the Administrator, and

Ways to share files between Windows 7 and XP

Sharing, since Vista has been a much discussed topic, especially the sharing between different systems seems particularly difficult. Today we'll take a look at how Windows 7 and XP share files. With the homegroup (homegroup) feature, the sharing of files between two Windows

Windows 7 Media Library audio and video files for LAN sharing

Task analysis more than one computer connected to the home network has become more and more common, every member of the family want to enjoy the fun of multimedia, "home" as the unit of multimedia management and sharing has become the central issue to solve. The preset scheme uses the Windows 7 Media Library to manage audio and video files to achieve LAN sharin

Troubleshoot problems with Windows 7 playback of AV files

Since some of the earlier versions of Windows 7, there has been a problem with sawtooth playback of video files. Even watching online video files, such as popular, Uusee and thunder to see, there are similar problems. At first, many users thought it was RealPlayer, Storm audio and video, Thunder to see the Player and

How to obtain permission to modify Windows 7 system files

Perhaps many people who see the title of this article can not help but ask: why to get the Explorer.exe file Modify permissions? Not bad People use the computer basically will not encounter needs to modify the Explorer.exe, that is because the user who uses Windows XP still occupies the majority, and X to System files security protection mechanism is far less than Vista and Windows7, so if you are using the

How to configure shared files in Windows 7

Many users should be familiar with Windows 7 now. But how should I share files in Windows 7? A detailed description is provided below. In Windows 7, we use a home group to share

Use the Windows 7 file library to collect important files

Most people's work should be the same as the author, the daily work has a great relevance, in the XP era, most of us are based on the needs of the current work to establish relevant folders, and then according to our custom to refine the distinction. But as the number and type of files increase, combined with the uncertainty of job needs and usage habits, files become more and more confusing, folders are mo

Ways to change how files are opened under Windows 7 systems

commands are not resolved. The answer is: Right-click in the registry to delete the following registry key: Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversion Explorerfileexts.lnkuserchoice The values and data under this registry key (specifically the value named ProgID and its data) are the default open programs that are set by the right key open method. After the deletion, restart the computer, or restart the explorer, the problem is resolved perfectly. In addition to this solution

Using Windows 7 system to easily resolve files that cannot be deleted

When I visited the forum recently, I found a problem. I think this problem is Win7 users often encounter problems, and then turn this issue to share with you. There are friends: sometimes, when I want to delete a file or folder, usually encountered "operation cannot be completed, files are running in another program." Can not delete, quit the program, or delete, this time how to do? File cannot be deleted, such a situation we often encounter. This is

View activation information and backup activation files of Windows 7 versions

. slmgr. vbs-ato Activate win7 How to back up activation files for Windows 7 Even if you have a genuine Windows 7 key, if you try to reinstall it, you may also use the key for a certain installation.It cannot be activated directly. Although you can activate it by ph

How Windows 7 virtual machines share hosts ' files

Q: My computer is the flagship of Windows 7, using the virtual machine software of Microsoft Virtual PC, how do I get the virtual machine to share the host files? A: After starting the virtual machine, click "Tools→insert Integration Disk" and then uninstall the old version of the integration tool in the virtual machine, install the new software in the virtual m

What are the different types of VHD files in Windows 7

The VHD file is divided into three types that can be created using Hyper-V Manager or by using the Windows Disk Management tool in Windows 7: 1. Fixed VHD. The fixed VHD file is assigned a virtual disk size that is the size of the virtual disk specified when the VHD was created. For example, if you create a virtual hard disk size of 2 GB, you will create

Teach you to clean up garbage files in Windows 7 system

There are two main places where Windows 7 junk files are stored: One is in a folder and one is stored in the registry. One, the garbage in the folder are: (assuming that Windows installed in C disk, such as the replacement of letters in other partitions) 1, "My Documents" in the rubbish, placed in the C:windowsrecent

Windows 7 Turn off sleep (hibernate) mode and delete hibernation files

sound" optionIn the Win7 Control Panel, click the "Hardware and sound" option3. Click "Power Options"Continue tapping "Power Options"4. Click "Change plan Settings"In power options, tap change plan settings5. After the "Put the computer to sleep" option, select: Never-click "Save Changes" as shownTurn off the Sleep (Hibernate) feature of Windows 7Note the problem:If you are a laptop, here are 2 options, namely: battery, power on, in these 2 options,

How to create indexes for Windows 7 to make searching for files more powerful

Original soft media: Creating indexes for Windows 7, making searching files more powerfulMaybe you still remember the yellow dog that appeared when searching files in the XP age. In the Windows 7 age, the search became more smooth

Enable Windows 7 to recognize video files in Real format

If Windows 7 is enabled to identify Real-format video files that have been installed with Windows 7, you will find that when using the built-in media center, the media library in the media center does not recognize video files in

How to access Shared Files in Windows 7

How to access Shared Files in Windows 7 File Sharing is a powerful function in win7. After file sharing is configured, files can be shared easily on the computer in the LAN. But can files be shared between different systems? The following describes how to access the shared

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