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How does tplink [security] use a mobile APP for remote monitoring?

Application introductionIf you want to remotely view monitoring videos in an Internet environment, such as an office, hotel, or travel service. You only need to install TP-LINK security APP on the phone, you can through 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network to remotely watch the monitoring screen.The following describes the mobile phone through TP-LINK security APP remote view

[Debug] Use Remote Sources to Debug a Web App on an Emulator, Simulator, or physical Device

We can emulate different operating systems, browsers, and devices within a desktop operating system. We ' re going to discuss IOS and Android options we had available to us, and what to debug on those devices.More than often we want to test and we have seen are what the user see our app. To do, we need to use device to test our web application.To enable device testing, the easiest to do it:Install:NPM Insta

Firebase Remote Update app

The ability to create great applications does not necessarily mean success in business, and there is still much work to be done, and it is no longer possible to announce a "knock-out" after simply releasing the application. You need to be able to quickly make adjustments based on user feedback, test new features, and provide users with the content they care about most.Firebase remote configuration is the result of this. With Firebase

Remote Debugging Azure Web App

When we deploy the Web App on Azure, it can greatly improve our effectiveness in fixing bugs if we are able to implement remote debugging. Visual Studio has always been known for its power, ease of use, and of course the ability to create, publish, and debug Azure-based apps. Let's take a look at how to use Visual Stud

Android ApiDemos example resolution (42): App-& gt; Service-& gt; Remote

uses the Local Process to access AIDL Call, there is no need to use the AIDL interface and use the Binder. For details, refer to the Android ApiDemo sample resolution (39 ): app-> Service-> Local Service Binding.If you use Remote Process to call AIDL, Android uses the Threa

Remote Debugging Azure Web App

.Principle IntroductionIf we are going to use Visual Studio on machine A to debug a program that runs on another machine B, MyApp (which is not installed on machine B), we will not only deploy the MyApp program with the PDB file to machine B, Also run a debug helper msvsmon.exe on machine B. After running msvsmon.exe, Visual Studio is able to attach MyApp and use its PDB file for debugging, which is the

SharePoint 2013 App Development Sample (iii) using remote Web Resources

In this example we'll detail the Tokenhelper class, and we'll see how it simply accesses SharePoint from a remote Web site. We will also take some of its values. This will help us understand how the connection is constructed, and it is also convenient for us to debug with one. We'll create a simple auto-hosted app that reads data from the associated SharePoint server and displays it on the page with the Tok

SharePoint App Remote Event Receivers

When we use the app, we will find some problems, such as the site deployment, update or uninstall, we are very concerned about whether our app is used, this requires remote event receiver. 1. Select the mouse on the solution of our test app, press F4 pop-up property, select

IOS app packaged and distributed to remote phone test

, but choose a certificate before you pack it (in fact, the same process you publish to the App Store). A place of attention I use a graph to say:Next is waiting, waiting, and then waiting! Wait for the package to finish, and then put the packaged. IPA into the local even if it is finished packing.Four, the next is for others to use, how to others, there are

TS remote app from Internet Best Practice

After two months of exploration and experiment, I repeatedly studied step by step of Terminal Service and consulted with relevant experts. Finally, I successfully implemented ts web accsee from Internet. To prevent my colleagues who are committed to deploying ts web access from suffering me, I will share my experiences with you here to reduce unnecessary time waste. In all fairness, if a correct and detailed step by step is available, the technical implementation process will not be more than on

Android Apidemos Sample resolution: App->service->remote Service Binding

aidl call will use the same thread as the caller to execute. So if your application uses only local process to access aidl call, then there is no need to use the Aidl interface, use binder, and see the Android Apidemo example parsing (i):app->service-> Local Service Binding. If you

LG G4 Fast Remote Function Magic Remote Use tutorial

  1. Add Remote ① on the main screen, click Mobile Apps > Fast remote ② Select an area from the left, and then click the Plus icon to add a remote. ③ Select the model and brand of the device and configure the device according to the on-screen prompts. Note: If you choose LG made TV and click OK to complete the configuration, you will see the option to

How to use app Studio to quickly customize your own Universal Windows app

Before I introduced the app studio artifact to help you quickly make a Windows Phone 8 app, writing an article about App Studio today is because app studio has undergone several upgrades that have significantly improved and can call the system Universal Windows Apps ( Note: This refers to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

Recommended small App "Remote Desktop + notes + online translator"

not be able to review, or this has developed a function 4. Icing on the cake 1, to point their own style, add a own Shang on top2, rainy season, look at the weather forecast3, it is best to press the keyboard when needed to be available, 5. Take a look at the whole picture 6. Remarks application Download: Http:// necessary, you can register an account.I hope you will

Spark App Remote Debugging

successful connection. The next step would be the same as the local debug.Finally, I'm going to go over the "java_opts" field.-xdebug Enabling Debugging Features-XRUNJDWP enables the JDWP implementation with several sub-options:Transport=dt_socket JPDA The transfer method between front-end and Back-end. Dt_socket represents the use of socket transmissions.The address=5005 JVM listens for requests on Port 5005, which is set to a non-conflicting port.S

Android Apidemos Sample resolution: App->service->remote Service Controller

Remote Service Controller and Android Apidemo with local Service sample resolution: App->service->local Service Controller Is the "started" mode of using the service, and the definition of Remoteservice in Androidmanifest.xml is as follows: can bind to. –> Without explicitly supplying the implementation class. –> The code to start and stop the service in Remoteservice.controller is muc

A "technical cold violence" of the public class: How the United States Regiment remote shooting hungry, public comments and Amoy Point selling app

The programmer in the anti-compilation of the perfect group out of the business of Android version, found that there is a killing background running process permissions, through the official Android developer document, he found the killbackgroundprocesses (String packagename) At the call, found that the American group of Android programmers directly with HardCode to write dead four app package name-hungry Business Edition, reviews Business Edition, Am

Use remote MySQL Connect to remote MySQL Database from Heroku on Heroku

. UTF-8 (optional) 9. It seems that if you run the following command before the deploy, you can run step 10 directly after step 8. If you do not run these two commands, after 8 Heroku run rake db:create or migrate all error. Said MYSQL2 did not load, but in gemfile there, unexplained $rake db:create rails_env=production$rake db:migrate rails_env=production9.1 $heroku Run Rake Db:migrate10. $heroku Open Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission no

How to use the mobile phone anti-theft app Bao?

In the app Treasure login QQ account, please open the Toolbox = "mobile phone anti-theft =" Try it right away, according to the prompts in the wizard settings, you can use the following several features after the successful setup: 1, mobile phone Lock: Remote lock phone, others can not use the phone any function 2, m

Python Basics = = = Use Pycharm for python remote debugging

(if the remote computer is running Python3, it is required pycharm-debug-py3k.egg );Then, pycharm-debug.egg copy the files to the remote computer and add them to the reference path on the remote computer in pycharm-debug.egg several ways: easy_install pycharm-debug.eggInstall with command (PIP command cannot be installed, only

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