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Samsung Galaxy S6 Single-hand operation how to use the Samsung S6 manual Operation tutorial

What is a single hand operation One-hand operation is to let the desktop application of mobile phone to a small side, so you can operate one hand, the following to see Samsung S6 Single Hand Operation tutorial 1. In the mobile phone standby state We click "Application".2. Click the "Set" button and enter the details below.3. After entering, we will find "display and wallpaper" and click Open to enter, details below.4. Click on the "single Hand Oper

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) use method for nighttime shooting

You can take photos in low-light conditions, without using a flash, through nighttime shooting mode. The specific use of the following methods: 1. We only need to click the "Camera" button in the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) interface to enter. 2. Then in the photo interface we will see a "mode" option, we click Mode. 3. Click the "Night Shot" b

What is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge privacy mode? How to use S6 private mode?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge opens private mode 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Slide up the screen and select "Private mode".4. According to the Privacy Mode Wizard prompts the content, click "Next".5. After reading the privacy mode disclaimer, click "Next".6. After reading the application prompts for "

Where is the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Air wake function? S5 How to use the air awakening?

1. We only need to find the "apps" option on our desktop in the Samsung Galaxy S5 4G Phone and click on it to enter. 2. Click the "Set" option, and then we'll find the icon in the interface. 3. Slide up the screen and click "Accessibility". 4. Click on the "Agility and interactivity" option and click on it as shown below. 5. Th

Samsung Galaxy S5 gesture induction how to use? S5 gesture induction can't be solved

Setting up the induction function 1 into the mobile phone "settings", in the above column select "My Device." (pictured below) 2 Select "Action and gesture" to find the "gesture sensing" option. (pictured below) 3 "gesture Induction" option to open, and then click the "Gesture Induction" text section into the Gesture Induction settings menu bar, in the inside can be a gesture induction function needs to be involved in the operation set. (pictured below) 2

How does Samsung Galaxy S6 use three nebulae? (G9200)

Using the three nebulae we need to have a Samsung account. After the Samsung account, we can back up the phone's contacts, photos, SMS and so on directly to the three nebula up, so that we do not have to worry about the loss of mobile phones or data can not find the problem. 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Slide the screen and click on the "three nebulae".3. Read the description of the

How do Samsung Galaxy On5 use instructions? (G5500)

To use the manual, follow these steps:Note: Please connect the WLAN or turn on mobile data before using this feature.1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Click on the "Use instructions".4. Read the pop-up "Use network connection" prompts, click "OK".5. Has entered the User manual page, at th

The use of Samsung Galaxy On5 Super Power mode

Turn on super power mode? (G5500) Save battery power by using a minimal layout of the home screen and limiting the number of applications available in Super Save mode. To turn on this feature, follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Slide up the screen and click on "Battery".4. Click on "Super Power saving Mode".5. Click the "Off" right slider.6. After reading the terms and conditions, check all the boxes,

Samsung G6000 Mobile phone use instructions? (Galaxy On7)

To use the manual, follow these steps:Note: Please connect the WLAN or turn on mobile data before using this feature.1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Set".3. Click on the "Use instructions".4. Read the pop-up "Use network connection" prompts, click "OK".5. Has entered the User manual page, at th

Samsung S5 portable hotspot How to use? How is the Galaxy S5 set to a WiFi hotspot?

Let's talk about a portable hotspot. What is a portable hotspot is waiting for a wireless router, we can set our own mobile phone to a WiFi router function, so that other wireless devices like the Apple phone, Samsung mobile phones, laptops can be connected to your mobile phone online, Of course, the flow of their internet is your mobile phone out, and so the phone will be very power consumption oh. The use

Samsung Galaxy S4 gt-i9502 How to use s beam to transfer pictures

Attention: 1. The use of this feature must be two mobile phones to support NFC features. 2. Samsung mobile phone must use the original battery. 1. Under Standby Desktop, click "Application", Click "Set". 2. Click on "NFC", click "S Beam", "green bar" means open. ( the phone that you receive also needs to turn on this function ) 3. Click on the "Home

When does Samsung Galaxy S6 go public? Samsung S6 okay?

When does Samsung Galaxy S6 go public? According to official sources, Samsung Electronics in Barcelona, Spain, held a new product launch, the release of the new smart phone Galaxy S6 will be on the global sale on April 10 . The machine national line release time is not announced temporarily, interested friends can buy

Best smartphone TOP4, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tops

intuitive operation, but also full of fashion temperament, Galaxy S7 edge design so that it scores a lot.Powerful cameraUsing "tough" to describe the performance of the Galaxy S7 Edge is not a bit too.On the surface, the rear 12 million megapixel camera + front 5 million megapixel camera on the Galaxy S7 edge is not c

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 listed, suppressing Apple's heart highlights

easy to form synergy effect, strengthen the position of Samsung in the eyes of consumers. Second, the announcement of the Galaxy Tab S2 before Apple announced the new tablet, Apple must form a strong repression, the Samsung tablet King of the confidence and ambition has been fully exposed.Since it was first launched in Apple's flagship new product.

How about Samsung N9150? Introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge features

it to find the light, capture the wonderful moment, the front camera provides 90 ° The default shooting angle and up to 120 ° wide-angle shooting angle, the full appearance of a multiplayer scene of the self-portrait effect, shot a wide world, and friends share instant joy. 4. Follow the picture editor: the content of the blackboard is very important, too late to transcribe how to do? Don't worry. Samsung

How about Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone Galaxy Note7 mobile phone features

but also fast charging. s Change Machine assistant Ready to upgrade to Galaxy Note7? You can use the S-Switch assistant to transfer important data from your old phone to the Galaxy Note7. Or save all the data in the cloud and download only important data. Users of the Galaxy note model will find all the S-Pen relate

Technical analysis: lockscreen bypass, Samsung Galaxy series phones can also be called out

Technical analysis: lockscreen bypass, Samsung Galaxy series phones can also be called out Recently, two security researchers, Robert to Paleari and Aristide Fattori, released technical details about the security vulnerabilities of Samsung Galaxy mobile devices. It is said that Gal

What is the time for Samsung Galaxy S6 to go public? Samsung S6 parameter configuration exposure

   Galaxy S6 may be released in January 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 continues to be the latest in Samsung's direction of exerting force. Samsung will release its next-generation Galaxy S6 ahead of schedule, possibly at the US CES2015 Consumer Electronics Show in January 2015,

How about Samsung Galaxy A5? Samsung A5000 phone okay?

The 2.Samsung GALAXY A5 Public Edition uses the Advanced diamond cutting technology, creates the exquisite magnificent metal fuselage, the simple and smooth appearance times shows the vogue, the fuselage thickness is only 6.7mm, the thin and elegant, grasps is more comfortable. 3.Samsung GALAXY A5 Public editi

Samsung Galaxy S6 How to add a Samsung account? S6 Login Samsung Account method

If we have a Samsung account that needs to be logged in on the phone, if you want to log in to a Samsung account on your phone, you can follow these steps: 1. On the phone we click on "Application" after we click on it to open the entry.2. After we then find the "Settings" button, then click on it to open the details below.3. After you set up below, we click on "Account".4. Click the "Add Account" button,

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