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On what valuable information can be obtained from phpinfo

PHPInfo () function is mainly used in the Web site construction process test set up the PHP environment is correct, many sites after the test is not deleted in time, so when access to these test pages, will output the key information of the server,

Phpinfo (10) Recommended content

Install Php_curl Extension Support under window 1. Find php.ini Modify Extension=php_curl.dll remove the preceding semicolon; note phpinfo () message php.ini the path to Ubuntu Linux Php_   Curl extension support 1. Create a new test.php file in the

PhpWarning: phpinfo (): Itisnotsafetorelyonthesystemstimezonesettings. Solution

: This article mainly introduces phpWarning: phpinfo (): itisnotsafetorelyonthesystemstimezoneset.pdf. the solution is as follows: if you are interested in PHP tutorials, refer to it. Php Warning: phpinfo (): It is not safe to rely on the system's

Interesting PHP logo and Zend logo images in the phpinfo function (original)

Interesting PHP Logo and Zend Logo images in the phpinfo function (original)Yu Chao yuchao86@gmail.comOpen the php source code. When you try to find the logo.gif file but cannot find it, how does the PHPlogo output by phpinfo. php survive ??View the

After php extension development calls the dynamic library compilation, it cannot be found in phpinfo and cannot call the function.

After php extension development calls the dynamic library compilation, it cannot be found in phpinfo, and function RT cannot be called. At the beginning, I tried to use c to call the extension library and run it successfully. However, php cannot

Apache2.4 + php5.5 + mysql5.5 environment configuration problems. mysql extension items are not displayed in phpinfo.

When you use Apache2.4 and php5.5 to configure an independent environment, printing phpinfo also shows that it is successful. You can see the enabled extension items, but it does not show mysql, the mysql extension is not displayed, but mysqlnd is

Use shell commands in Linux to view phpinfo

Run the shell command in Linux to view the phpinfoShell code $ echo & amp; #39; & lt ;? Phpphpinfo ();? & Gt; & amp; #39; | php2 & gt; & amp; 1 | grep-isslRegisteredStreamSocketTransports & gt; tcp, udp, unix, udg, ssl, use shell commands in ss

How to implement Phpinfo system view parameter function

This article mainly introduces about how to implement Phpinfo system view parameter function, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to And according to their own understanding to do a lot of

Linux-why does phpinfo contain mcrypt extensions?

Why is there mcrypt extension in phpinfo, but there is no mcrypt extension in phpinfo in php-m, but not in php-m? Reply content: Why is there mcrypt extension in phpinfo, but not in php-m? PHP info. Do you want to view it on a

Linux-phpinfo already has the mysqli expansion, but the actual still cannot use the newspaper mysqli not found, how to solve?

Phpinfo has already shown the relevant development information of MYSQLIBut the command line execution PHP xxx.php still reported mysqli not found video_order.php Code: video_order.php is a script file so you want to perform a test at the command

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