html charset iso 8859 1

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Shiro Study notes (5)--web integration

Web integration Shiro configuration file Shiroini Interface Webxml the key Servlet Test Basic-Based Interceptor authentication Web integrationIn most cases, the Web project will integrate spring.

Save JSP page content to Excel

In this, the emphasis on the search keyword importance, so that you can immediately locate the article, otherwise in elephant, no purpose awkward situation. This article is found through the export JSP to Excel.The original address: How to Export

Create a WEB Project

Eclipse Web Development Project  I. Establishment of Development Environment1. Development Tools JDK: jdk1.6.0 _ 17 Web server: APACHE-Tomcat-6.0.26 IDE: eclipse-jee-helios-SR1 2. Build a Development Environment Because IDE is selected as the

Summer Vacation Study Plan: DAY_1.JSP&SERVLET&TOMCAT environment to build a basic understanding.

1. Learn about JSP and Servlet (Baidu understands it).2. Understand b/S and C/s. are browser/server and client/server respectively. where b/s is called thin mode (mainstream mode).3. Understand and download the Tomcat server: Web application server,

STRUTS2 Learning lesson Three accessing Web resources

1. What is a Web resource?Native servlet APIs such as Httpservletrequest,httpsession,servletcontext.2. Why do I access Web resources?b/S application of the controller must access the Web resources, for example, to the domain object read and write

Spring MVC Environment builds and implements simple HelloWorld

First step: Create a new Web project named "Testspringmvc" using Eclipse, which configures the Tomcat serverStep two: Copy the jar package you are using to the Web-inf/lib directoryStep Three: Configure Dispatcherservlet in Web. xmlDispatcherservlet

Building a Spring Web application (iii)

Working with FormsFirst of all, write a form@ Page Language="Java"ContentType="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"pageencoding="iso-8859-1"%>DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//w3c//dtd HTML 4.01 transitional//en" "Http://

"JSP" JSP Basic Learning Record (i)

 Order:From implementation to now, it has been mainly in. NET, but occasionally in some other language projects. Recently, a Java Web project needs to be developed two times, has not studied JSP so bought a few books self-study to try. The reference

Spring MVC Primer-Framework Building

I feel that there are not many tutorials on the Internet from the environment, many examples are more complicated, and there is not a diagram of what, so on a simple and understandable version.How easy is it to pinch? Start with the Eclipse Setup

9.PHP Related Configurations

[TOC]PHP Related configuration PHP related configuration 1. Find PHP-related configuration filesEvery time you turn on the virtual machine, pay attention to the location of the current file directory[[email protected] ~]# cd

Httprint fingerprint identification technique for penetration test casing

HTTP fingerprint recognition has now become an emerging topic in application security, and HTTP servers and HTTP application security have also become an important part of network security. From the standpoint of network management, maintaining the

Apache Common function Combat

Apache is the first Web server to use, and a in LAMP refers to it. It is widely used because of its open source, stability, security and other characteristics. A previous article has documented how to build a lamp architecture, building is only the

Build a Spring MVC Project step-by-step with Maven

1 Building a MAVEN Web project with Eclipse 1.1 creating a new MAVEN Web projectOpen the menu file–new-mavenproject.Click NextSelect the template type Archtype--maven-archtype-webapp. Then click Next.Enter the group ID and artifact ID. The Group ID

Garbled problem when new JSP file accesses page in eclipse

New. jsp files, CharSet and pageencoding default is iso-8859-1, so that the page will be garbled when accessing the solution: Change CharSet and pageencoding to UTF-8 (or gbk/gb2312/ GB10890, want to know more about several encodings of past life

WebWork Study Notes

1. First configure a simple webwork applicationCore jar:Commons-logging.jarOgnl.jarOscore.jarVelocity-dep.jarWebwork-2.1.7.jarXwork.jar Configure Web. xmlXML version= "1.0" encoding= "Iso-8859-1"?>DOCTYPE Web-app Public "-//sun Microsystems, INC.

Use ETags to reduce Web application bandwidth and load

Introduction to using ETags to reduce Web application bandwidth and load Recently, the public has been strongly interested in the REST-style application architecture, indicating that the elegant design of the Web has begun to attract attention. Now,

Using the Servlet API as a parameter

1. What can be usedThe handler method in MVC can accept parameters of type Servletapi.  2.controller1;2 3;4;5 6 Importjavax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;7

Lamp Building 13:apache Access control

There are two types of access control for Apache: One is to restrict the directory, and the other is to restrict the file. The two methods of access control are described in turn. Our virtual machine has two IPs: one, the other 192.168.147.

Web security practices (9) attack apache

Author: Xuan soul       Series navigation Security Technology Zone Gid = 100566 Preface The web security

Tomcat with Gzip and cache

Original address: method of configuring Gzip in Tomcat is to modify the previous configuration in the Conf/server.xml file toJava code port= "8080" maxhttpheadersize="8192 " maxthreads= "minsparethreads=

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