html refresh current page

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How to prevent repeated submission due to page refresh and rollback

1. Client: Disable all submit buttons or controls after BTN submit. You can also add a transparent mask layer to block page elements. 2. SERVER: a better method is to create a new basic page class, which is used to replace the standard system. Web.

JS Refresh page sum! A variety of JS Refresh page code!

1)10 indicates a 10-second interval refresh2)If you want to refresh an iframe, change the window to a frame name or ID number.3)4>Function ABC (){Window.location.href= "/blog/window.location.href";SetTimeout ("ABC ()", 10000);}Refresh this

JS Refresh Page Method Daquan

Refresh page Implementation Summary (HTML,ASP,JS)Reprinted 2008-11-13 I want to commentA variety of methods to implement refresh code of the page timed refresh:1,Description: URL is the URL address of the page to be refreshed2000 is the wait time = 2

JS Refresh Page Method Daquan

How do I refresh the current page? With JS you will be omnipotent.1, the reload method, which forces the browser to refresh the current page.Syntax: Location.reload ([Bforceget])Parameters: bforceget, optional parameters, default tofalseTo fetch the

JS Refresh Page Method Daquan \js Seven ways to refresh frame subpages __div

Let's look at a simple example:The following three pages are named Frame.html, top.html, bottom.html as examples to specify how to do.Frame.html consists of two pages (bottom.html) on top (top.html) with the following code: Frame Now assume that top.

Php implements refresh to refresh the page to batch import data, refresh to refresh the page _ PHP Tutorial

Php implements refresh to refresh the page for batch data import, and refresh to refresh the page. Php implements refresh to refresh the page for batch data import. refresh page This article describes how php implements refresh to refresh the page

Example of how to use link a to refresh the page and js to refresh the page _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

Refresh pages are usually refreshed using link a and js. The difference between the two is described in detail in the following article, interested friends can learn about how to use link: The Code is as follows: Back to previous pageRefresh

JavaScript Refresh page code (ROLLUP)

1. Page Setup Auto Refreshcontent= "10;url= the page you want to jump"> Note: 10 indicates a 10-second interval refresh2. Load Refresh with JavaScript1) Note: Use JavaScript's window event for the corresponding operation, to refresh an iframe to

How to solve the Ajax refresh page problem, ajax refresh page

How to solve the Ajax refresh page problem, ajax refresh page Ajax introduction: AJAX is "Asynchronous Javascript And XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML), which is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web

Javascript refresh framework and PAGE method set

Statement: Recently, more and more people feel the superiority of JS. The method for refreshing the framework page is used in the project, and many good results are found after searching on the Internet. Code , But not very complete. As a result, I

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