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Simple introduction to Htmlspecialchars, Strip_tags and addslashes functions in PHP

Htmlspecialchars, Strip_tags, addslashes functions are the most common in the development of web-based programs, and this article will introduce these three functions separately. 1.strip_tags () function The Strip_tags () function strips HTML, XML,

PHP function Strip_tags/htmlspecialchars

Function: Strip_tags ($STR, $allow) Role: Remove Html/xml and PHP tags. Parameters: $allow A label that specifies exceptions, allowing these tags to not be deleted. world!","world!? " > Note: the FGETSS () function has a similar function.

How to generate RSS subscriptions in php _ PHP Tutorial

Php generates an RSS subscription. This article describes how to generate an RSS subscription by using php. Share it with you for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: RSS (simple information aggregation, also called aggregate content)

PHP xml-rpc Remote Call _php tutorial

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: /* The XML-RPC library, which is found on the Internet, is useful for developing small external communication interfaces. */ Function & Xml_serialize ($data, $level = 0, $prior _key = NULL) { #assumes a hash, keys

XML operations for PHP extension (3) -- use of XML parser and related functions

I. XML element structure routine the first routine indent displays the starting element structure in the document. Example #1 show the XML element structure & lt ;? Php $ file I. XML element structure routine The first routine indent shows the

PHP XML-RPC Remote call _php instance

Copy Code code as follows: /* XML-RPC libraries found on the Web are useful for developing small external communication interfaces */ Function & Xml_serialize ($data, $level = 0, $prior _key = NULL) { #assumes a hash, keys are the

PHP processing XML File Instance detailed

What is the essence of XML? What is the essence of XML?This is our custom tag, which is based on the information description, that can reflect the logical relationship between the data and the readability and readability of the file.Your XML file

PHP how to generate RSS feeds _php tutorial

How PHP generates an RSS feed The example in this article describes how PHP generates RSS feeds. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: RSS (Simple information aggregation, also known as aggregated content) is a

How CodeIgniter generates site map

It takes only three steps to use CodeIgniter to generate a website sitemap. the method is very simple. you can refer to the CI framework. 1. a controller named sitemap is created. The code is as follows: If (! Defined ('basepath '))Exit ('no

CodeIgniter: how to generate sitemap for a website _ PHP Tutorial

CodeIgniter is used to generate a site map. 1. create a controller named sitemap and copy the code as follows :? Phpif (! Defined (BASEPATH) exit (Nodirectscriptaccessallowed); classSitemapextendsCI_Controller { 1. a controller named sitemap is

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