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HTTP status code error list

If you send a request to your server to display a webpage on your website (for example, when a user accesses your webpage through a browser or crawls the webpage on googlebot, your server returns the HTTP statusCodeTo respond to this request. This

HTTP protocol Status Code detailed list

HTTP protocol Status code detailed list one, message (1-word header)This type of status code, on behalf of which the request has been accepted, needs to be processed. This type of response is a temporary response that contains only the status line

Status code 200, 301, 304, 404, 502 HTTP Status Code interpretation for HTTP protocol

In the actual application of the site construction, prone to a lot of small mistakes, like MySQL was optimized not in place, the impact of the overall site browsing effect, in fact, the site's regular HTTP status code performance is the same, Google

HTTP Status Code list

Common HTTP Status codes:200-OK, the server successfully returned to the Web page-standard response for successful HTTP requests.301-moved permanently (permanent jump), the requested page has been permanently redirected to the new location.-This and

HTTP status code in IIS 7.0 and IIS 7.5

Log File Location By default, IIS 7.0 puts log files in the following folders: Inetpub \ logs \ logfiles This folder contains different directories for each web site. By default, log files are created daily in the directory and named by date. For

What are the CSS Control List style properties List-style? How to use it?

What are the types of CSS list style properties List-style? What should I pay attention to when using different types of CSS control list styles? This is a question raised by W3cschool user Shirley in the W3cschool programming question in 2016-1

Nginx source code analysis-linked list structure ngx_list_t

This blog ( posted the author (a wave) related research, learning content of the Notes, welcome to the majority of friends correct! Content 1. Linked List Structure 1.2 logical structure of ngx_list_t 2.1

Deep Analysis of Linux kernel linked list

In-depth analysis of Linux kernel linked list-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. This article analyzes in detail the implementation of the chain table structure in the 2.6.x

Operating system learning: deep analysis of Linux kernel linked list

This article analyzes in detail the implementation of the chain table structure in the 2.6.x kernel, and explains each chain table operation interface in detail through an instance. I. Data Structure of linked listsA linked list is a commonly used

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Document directory 1xx (temporary response): status code that indicates a temporary response and requires the requester to perform the operation to continue. 2XX (SUCCESS): indicates the status code of the server that has successfully processed

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