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The difference between the HTTP put method and the Post method

Idempotent (idempotent, idempotence) is the concept of an abstract algebra. In a computer, it can be understood that a power-like operation is characterized by the effect that any number of executions have on the same effect as one execution at a

HTTP server interaction request get, post, put, and delete

Http defines different methods for interaction with the server. There are four basic methods: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. The full name of a URL is a resource descriptor. We can think that a URL address is used to describe resources on a network,

Example _php instance in PHP to simulate processing HTTP PUT requests

For more information on HTTP put, see this article: Http:// PHP has $_get,$_post, but there is no $_put, so if you need to use it, you have to simulate yourself: Copy Code code as follows: $_put = Array

HTTP request method in rest mode (get,post,put,delete)

has been testing the rest mode of the Web service interface, the client's HTTP request generally divided into four kinds: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, these four kinds of request how different. To put it simply, get is to get resources, post is to create

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Essential differences between http post get I. Differences of principles Generally, you can enter a URL in your browser to access resources by using the get method. In form submission, you can specify the submission method as get or post. The

Why should I use HTTP PUT in rest?

Rest (representational state transfer) is a style of network service interfaces and is not a standard. for Web Services, rest is much more lightweight than soap (soap is a standard, not a style, it is much easier. I remember when I first came into

The difference between put and post usage in the HTTP protocol

Http:// There is a view that post should be used to create a resource to update a resource with put; there is a view that you should use put to create a resource, post to

Difference between put and post usage in HTTP protocol There is a point of view that you should use post to create a resource, to update a resource with put, and that you should use put to create a resource, post to update a resource, and the idea

Http put and post differences

Reproduced:The has the view that a post should be used to create a resource, a put to update a resource, and some argue that a put should be used to create a resource, a post to update a resource, and a view that a resource can be created or

HTTP protocol-get, post, put, delete

HTTP protocol, a network in which file transfer follows the protocol. A stateless protocol, HTTP protocol server side does not establish a long-term communication connection with the browser side, that is, the service side can not identify the end

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