ipad display not working

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Let your app support the retina display of the new iPad

I. Application Images Apple has upgraded the image resources in the standard IOS control. We need to worry about applying our own image resources. Just like the @ 2x high-resolution version created to support iPhone 4(High score)Images are the same. We need to create a high-score version for images in the iPad app. I know that many developers have completed this upgrade as early as the IOS 5.0 SDK. But I still want to emphasize that Michael jurewitz

Cause analysis and solution of iPad mini2 screen display

Why is iPad mini2 screen display?The "screen" is characterized by white lines on the screen of the iPad mini 2, or the screen with "white fog", which is barely usable, the screen is completely white or black, and cannot be used. It is reported that this situation does not happen to a few users, and even more unlucky customers of

(107) How to switch and display the modal of ipad development

There are four ways to switch modal on the ipad, vertical entry (bottom to top, default), flip horizontally, fade in and out.property to be set on the controller that will be modal: /* typedef ns_enum (Nsinteger, Uimodaltransitionstyle) { uimodaltransitionstylecoververtical = 0, Uimodaltransitionstylefliphorizontal, Uimodaltransitionstylecrossdissolve, Uimodaltransitionstylepartialcurl Ns_enum_available_ios (3_2), }; *

How does one display the percentage of ipad air2 power?

1. On the ipad air2 desktop, you will see a "set" button, and then click it to open it;2. In ipad air2 in the settings, we will see a "general"-"power" to open and enter;3. After the General Electric usage is set, we can find the following "battery percentage" setting and click the switch to enable the display of the

Questions about character sets: phpMyAdmin and ipad display are garbled

I'm in phpMyAdmin. This MySQL management tool, built a database, which has a text field, built to find: Its properties are: Latin1_swedish_ci, this is the character set is it? Then I built a PHP file, which is useful form table one-way database write action, found after writing, in phpMyAdmin, all is garbled (Chinese characters are garbled, English normal), but, in the program, read it out, it shows but normal, can display Chinese characters normall

What is the new iPad Retina display?

Being Retina display does not depend only on the PPI. It also depends on the viewing distance. Using the formula A = 2tan-1 (H/2d) at 15 inches (2.54 cm) away qualifies for a retina display. The eyes cannot discern the pixels at the distance, which is the essence of retina display. How is retina's screen defined? Why is the resolution of a new

[Learn Android while working on projects] mobile security guard 08-layout and display details: State List, android08-

[Learn Android while working on projects] mobile security guard 08-layout and display details: State List, android08- We noticed that the display status of buttons in some applications is different from that of normal ones when they are clicked, for example: Normal: selected: How can this effect be achieved? The Android system provides us with a convenient method

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