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How to connect a wireless router TP-LINK to an IPv6 network

With the gradual promotion of IPv6, the information center of our company is just preparing to study the construction of wireless network. Due to the limited funds, I bought a TL-WR841N wireless router and 2 TL-WN821N 11N wireless usb Nic for testing. However, the central office still needs to use IPv6 networks frequently to manage and maintain servers in

Use a cisco router to implement IPV6 tunnel

(This case uses two cisco2500 routers, IOS (tm) 2500 Software (C2500-IS-L), Version 12.2 (15) T9, the interconnection between two remote ipv6 subnets can be achieved by using the ipv6 v4 trunk and ipv6 6to4 tunnel combined with ipv6 Static Routing. Topology Description: Use the e0 interface of the two routers to inter

IPv6 router warning (alert) Option

Summary This article mainly describes an IPv6 hop-by-hop option type, which reminds the operation router (tansit router) to check the datagram content more carefully. 1. Introduction New protocols, such as the use of control datagram by RSVP, include information that needs to be checked by the router (and somet

Analyze the role of router technology in IPv6 Network Protocol Security

With the development of China's routing industry, the router technology is constantly updated and upgraded. Compared with IPv4, IPV6 has many advantages. First, IPV6 solves the shortage of IP addresses. Secondly, IPV6 greatly improves many imperfections in the IPv4 protocol. The most significant one is to integrate IPS

The solution of hijacking 403/404 and inserting advertisement in millet router

These days, the millet router again to explode evil news, the previous period of 403/404 hijacked, now even ordinary last page has been hijacked, used to insert millet ads, simply can not endure! Small knitting hurriedly combined with the online great God and his own groping, found a temporary can solve the millet router hijacked 403/404 and insert ads evil deeds , then the millet

Advertisement router development (ii) practices

The previous article analyzes the data streams between authpuppy under wifidog. In this article, I will introduce how to write a simple advertising router. After the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that it is very simple to implement an advertising router. Because I am not familiar with the symfony framework, the following sample code uses the Phalcon framework for writing (only for demonstratio

XP to Router's manual tunneling implementation on IPv4 network transmission IPV6 Experiment

Experimental purposes: Run a manual tunnel between XP and the router to deliver the IPV6 on the IPv4 network Experiment topology: XP configuration: The first step is to configure IPv4 Second Step configuration IPv6 R2: Interface Tunnel2IPv6 address 2000::2/64Tunnel Source FASTETHERNET0/1Tunnel Destination mode Ipv6ip!Interface fas

WAF series-Free advertisement Router web Authentication Settings (1), WAF

WAF series-Free advertisement Router web Authentication Settings (1), WAF Recently, the advertisement router is very popular. After a half-day tutorial on the Internet, the web Authentication background is successfully connected today. Sort it out. In fact, we can connect to each other in just one minute. If you start

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