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Android: new Google Maps Android API now part of Google Play services

03 December 2012 New Google Maps Android API now part of Google Play services Posted by Reto Meier, Evan Rapoport, and Andrew Foster Google Play services

Android: Google Play services and oauth identity tools

Document directory Why oauth2.0 matters Preparation Choosing an account Getting a token Registering your app Using your token Google Play services and oauth identity tools Http:// Posted bytim bray The rolout of Google

Unity3d import to Google Play services plug-in Project

Tags: Android blog Io Using Ar file SP Div C Recently, I tried to connect the Google Play services plug-in to the unity project. I encountered some problems. record it. Previously, when I was working on the android plug-in, I created an android project by myself to generate the project. package the class file into a jar package, and then package the libs file,

"Multiple apk: Version 1 is not available for any device configuration in the Google play publishing app. "The solution to the problem

Release the APK on Google Play, when uploading the apk file, fill in the relevant content information and description of the image, icon, the "Publish the app" Always gray can not click, see the reasons for the following issues:The number of devices supported is always shown as 0, and the suspect is compiled out of the

This algorithm used to play games is the biggest reason why Google acquired DeepMind.

This algorithm used to play games is the biggest reason why Google acquired DeepMind. Big data digest subtitle group Hello! The YouTube network's red guy siaj is coming again! This time he will explain Deep Q Learning for us --For this algorithm, GoogleAcquired DeepMind. Click to watch the video Duration: 9 minutes

Google is developing a redesigned Android system that unifies the user experience of applications and services

According to IBTimes , Google is planning to unify the design elements of Android apps and services and launch a design language called "Quantum Paper" (Quantum paper).The news says Google is working on a completely redesigned Android system that

There is a magic way to play with Google: Use skills for 19 tricks

1, in the input of multiple words, Google is the default and type of query, if you want to use or type of query, using or, for example: Java or C + + 2, Google is case-insensitive, search Java and search Java or Java is exactly the same. 3. Logical relationship precedence us

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