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Using JRuby on Rails and XML to enhance AJAX through a Java application server

The Ruby on Rails framework provides some very handy XML features that make it easier to use database data for development and to provide XML-formatted database data for JavaScript applications. JavaScript also has built-in XML parsing capabilities,

Going dynamic on JVM: jruby vs. Groovy

JVM is awesome! Developers people that Bash Java make the mistake of mixing up the Java language and the Java platform. sure, the Java language is verbose; it lacks closures, mixins, etc. but the JVM is freaking awesome. it's blazing fast, it runs

Performance optimization for JRuby (update)

The growing sense of JRuby is a promising project, combining Ruby's sexy syntax with Java's extremely rich class library, and the ability of a team to continually fix bugs and improve performance, which has the potential to be a "boy killer". The

JRuby 1.7 released the first preview version to fix 259 bugs

The JRuby community released JRuby 1.7's first preview version today.   JRuby is a pure Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. It integrates Ruby's concise syntax and rich Java class libraries. Through JRuby, you can directly run the

Java version of Ruby interpreter JRuby 1.7.14 release _ruby topic

JRuby 1.7.14 Released, this version is now available for download: Http://www.jruby.org/download The JRuby 1.7 is designed to be compatible with the Ruby 1.9.3 version, and the improvement record is as follows: Solved 30 issues. Fixed a

JRuby: The director of Java and ROR

Rails is rapidly becoming a leader in lightweight Web application development. With JRuby, rails is expected to gain the functionality, efficiency, and industry recognition of the Java Library and JVM. JRuby is a ruby, java-based virtual machine

[-- Install and configure Ruby support in netbeans 6.0 --]

Document directory Add a MySQL database Add a java db (Derby) Database Download Ruby support If you have not installed the netbeans 6.0 IDE, open the netbeans ide 6.0 download page and download the IDE versions that contain Ruby support. If you

Why we choose Golang to reconstruct the worker system

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. The cause of the story is here. Before posting a post, talking about the Golang reconstruction of the worker system, a lot of friends asked the question of language

Analysis of full-text search (SOLR) Front-end applications continued rails front-end analysis

The first two articles briefly introduce the application of lucid and the core extension of SOLR. Now we will briefly look at how the interface presented to the front-end based on SOLR is implemented. This part of lucid providesSource codeSo it

Analysis of front-end applications of full-text search (SOLR)

I recently found a functional solution for searching in a knowledge management system and found a good reference application solution for analysis. I hope that similar applications can communicate with each other. When talking about full-text

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