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Two Methods for building Apache Derby database applications in JRuby (1)

Robert Thornton has six years of Java language development experience and is currently a consultant for Daugherty Business Solutions. He served in St. louis, Mo ., developers and architects who use Java EE applications on various clients in the

Using JRuby on Rails and XML to enhance AJAX through a Java application server

The Ruby on Rails framework provides some very handy XML features that make it easier to use database data for development and to provide XML-formatted database data for JavaScript applications. JavaScript also has built-in XML parsing capabilities,

Deploy JRuby on Rails-developed applications to Tomcat

Environment DescriptionWindows XP jdk 6u12 JRuby 1.2.0 rails 2.2.2 NetBeans 6.5.1 Tomcat 5.5 MySQL 5 upgrade to JRuby 1.2.0 The JRuby version is not NetBeans's 1.1.4 because the Rails 2.2.2 need a gem version of 1.3, and JRuby 1.1.4 has a gem

Going dynamic on JVM: jruby vs. Groovy

JVM is awesome! Developers people that Bash Java make the mistake of mixing up the Java language and the Java platform. sure, the Java language is verbose; it lacks closures, mixins, etc. but the JVM is freaking awesome. it's blazing fast, it runs

Java calls jruby to obtain webpage content (jdk1.5)

Four Test Machines access the Internet through routers, and the routers access the Internet through dialing. After automatic dial-up, the IP address changes. You must go to the data center to view the public IP address of the router before you can

JRuby: Who says fish and paws can't be both?

I remember talking to my friends about my recent writing in Ruby, and most of them would have a curious look and ask me what Ruby is. But now, this should not happen, Ruby on Rails has long been a hot topic for discussion, it has brought Ruby to the

How to develop JRuby in NetBeans

Preface Introduction JRuby is an implementation of pure Java based on the famous Ruby programming language, which is a dynamic, open source programming language, characterized by simplicity and high development efficiency. Ruby has good syntax, and

First understanding of jruby: deploying jruby on rails on Tomcat

1. prerequesite assume that the Java environment and MySQL database have been installed on the deployed sever (because MySQL is used as an example here ). In addition, in order to be consistent with the previous blog posts, we still deploy the

What is JRuby

As a Java programmer, you don't want to use Ruby in your product until you can interact with existing Java applications and class libraries, which support many of the basic features of Ruby. An open source Ruby interpreter under JRUBY,JVM can use

Performance optimization for JRuby (update)

The growing sense of JRuby is a promising project, combining Ruby's sexy syntax with Java's extremely rich class library, and the ability of a team to continually fix bugs and improve performance, which has the potential to be a "boy killer". The

Use jruby in rational function tester

I. Overview Rational Function tester is an automated functional testing tool for IBM. It uses Java as a scripting language. If you are not familiar with it, visit the IBM website. Ruby is currently a hot language in Web development. It is simple,

Jruby-strong combination of Java and Ruby

What is jruby? Jruby is a Ruby interpreter implemented in pure Java. Through jruby, you can directly run Ruby on JVMProgramTo call the Java class library. Many Ruby ides written in Java use jruby to explain the syntax. Jruby, an open-source Ruby

A painful life-notes on development and deployment of jruby on rails

Recently, organization leaders deployed a task to develop the user self-service system. This task was completed independently by only one of me-Haha, a wonderful job. It happened that the landlord was recently confused by the wonderful features of

Using JRuby in Rational Function tester

I. Overview Rational function Tester is an IBM automated test tool that uses Java as a scripting language and does not understand that his friends can go to the IBM website. Ruby is the hottest language in web development at the moment, simple,

Using JRuby to generate JVM code

Although JRuby's performance is close to Cruby, sometimes it's still not fast enough. Cruby users can use Ryan Davis's Rubyinline Library, which provides built-in support for C + + to make it easier to generate Ruby's C extensions. Charles Nutter

JRuby 1.7 released the first preview version to fix 259 bugs

The JRuby community released JRuby 1.7's first preview version today.   JRuby is a pure Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. It integrates Ruby's concise syntax and rich Java class libraries. Through JRuby, you can directly run the

Small examples of Java jruby mutual calls

Package COM. larry. jruby; import Org. jruby. embed. pathtype; import Org. jruby. embed. scriptingcontainer;/*** @ author Lu Gui strong * @ email larry.lv.word@gmail.com * @ version Creation Time: 11:21:45 */public class app {static string jrubyhome

Install and configure jruby on rails

1. prerequesite assume that you have installed jruby and JDK 1.7 is preferred. 2. Install rails to install rails4.0.0: C:\>jruby -S gem install rails -V View the installed rails version: C:\>jruby -S rails -vRails 4.0.0 3. Create a new rails apps C:\

Java version of Ruby interpreter JRuby 1.7.14 release _ruby topic

JRuby 1.7.14 Released, this version is now available for download: Http://www.jruby.org/download The JRuby 1.7 is designed to be compatible with the Ruby 1.9.3 version, and the improvement record is as follows: Solved 30 issues. Fixed a

Using the Java WEB start deployment JRuby Application

You usually need a command to get into the combined world of Ruby and Java: Include Java This allows you to instantiate Java classes, invoke their methods, and even inherit them as if they were just plain ruby objects. But there are some subtle

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