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How many KB images (such as user portraits) in the API should be put into the JSON stream?

In the RT design of the client-server interaction API, what should I do with the trivial pictures of several KB? How to Design the cache mechanism for these small images on the client? How can I store these small images on the server? What should I

1m equals how many kb a trillion is equal to how many KB?

We know whether the network file or broadband bandwidth or mobile Internet traffic, its units are m (trillion), a lot of friends mobile phone general selection of 5 yuan packet 30M flow, the general Internet chat QQ, browsing some mobile Web pages

Should a few KB images in the API (such as user avatars) be put into the JSON stream?

Rt What should be done with the trivial and small number of KB images in the design client-server interaction API? How do you design the caching mechanism for these small images in the client? How do I handle the location of these small

Computer storage units Byte, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB, ZB, YB, DB, NB

In the computer newspaper, the Dutch bank's 20 data centers have about 7PB of disk and more than 20PB of tape storage, and the annual growth of 50%~70% reserves, So want to see how much PB, calculate 27pb about 400,000 80 of the hard disk

Differences between kb and kbps

(Below ArticleNote the case sensitivity between B and B during reading.) 1. Differences between kb and KB: The information in the computer is represented by binary 0 and 1. Each 0 or 1 is called a single bit, which is expressed by lowercase B,

Computer storage unit Byte, KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, EB, ZB, YB, DB, NB

In the computer newspaper, I saw that ABN Amro's 20 data centers have about 7PB of disk and more than 20PB of tape storage, and the annual 50%~70% growth of storage, So I want to see how big the PB is, and calculate the 27PB size of the hard disk

Bytes-Basic knowledge

The byte (byte/bait/n. [C]) is a unit of measurement of computer information technology used to measure storage capacity, and also represents data types and language characters in some computer programming languages. Chinese name

Performance Analysis of 4 kb large-sector hard disks

  Some time ago, I published an article titled the appearance and Analysis of Large-sector hard disks"To illustrate the emergence of large-sector hard disks in, and some readers have also sent a letter to ask, here, reprinted an article by

Converts the number of bytes into a user-readable format _2

=start= Next, "Convert bytes to user-readable format", the previous article is mainly using the existing tools (NUMFMT, GNU coreutils >= 8.21) to convert But my original purpose in documenting this article was to encode and implement the relevant

What do you know about te, kb, MB, GB, TB, Pb, EB, ZB, Yb, and Nb?

Http://hi.baidu.com/dilijia1002/blog/item/38f0b5cef747c70d92457eb1.html Byte is a unit of measurement used by Computer Information Technology to measure storage capacity and transmission capacity. one byte equals to eight-bit binary. Currently, we

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