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How to view the actual memory footprint of a process

The top command can view the use of process memory, but is not detailed enough. There are also commands that can be viewed in more detail. [Root@localhost ~]# Cat/proc/5606/status Name:switch4 State:s

JS magic Hall: in-depth explanation of LINK elements and js magic link

JS magic Hall: in-depth explanation of LINK elements and js magic link I. Preface We generally use to introduce an external stacked Style File, however, we do not know much about the specific meaning of each attribute of the LINK element and the

Implementation of OSPFv3 dynamic routing protocol on NBMA Link

1. Question proposal With the advent of the network information age, Internet technology has developed rapidly worldwide. Open Shortest Pass First (OSPF) dynamic Routing has become the preferred internal gateway protocol for network routing.    In

Inode, hard link, and soft link methods for Linux File storage, and inode for file storage

Inode, hard link, and soft link methods for Linux File storage, and inode for file storageFile Storage Files are stored on hard disks,Slice(Sector) is the smallest physical storage unit in the disk. Generally, the size of each slice is 512 bytes,

"Go" JVM statistics monitoring Tool-jstat

Original link http://www.javaranger.com/archives/575Jstat Overview   Help jstat [ generaloption | outputoptions vmid [interval[s|ms] [ Count]] ]  generaloption General Command line Options   (-help, -options, or -version)   Outputoptions a number of

Inode/hard link/soft link

Different partitions of the following two servers are displayed with different "inode size", one is 128 bytes, and the other is 256 bytes. CH-HOV-FTP is using ext3 partition format, while WWW server is using ext4 partition format Bytes --------------

Use PowerShell script to download Windows patches monthly

My company concerns security, request us-to-deploy the newest patches on our servers in time, even we have FIREWALL/ENCRYP tion internally.With the number of servers increasing, there must is some servers can ' t be patched as expected, probably

SQLServer Bug Analysis · Agent Link Leak analysis (reprint)

BackgroundSQL Server Agent provides the user with regular administrative tasks as Windows services, which are called jobs, and how the scenario for applying mirroring solves the job synchronization problem, and AWS RDS does this by ignoring the user'

Link and program relationship

DDR = double data rate double rate synchronous dynamic random memory. Strictly speaking, DDR should be called ddr sdram, which is often called DDR, Now let's analyze the DDR initialization. A program can be divided into code segments, data segments,

Write bootloader to the ARM Development Board NAND Flash with J-link

I. Causes and principlesCause: In the past computer burning write bootloader to NAND is using JTAG and Jflash,jtag is connected with the port, the current computer is generally not the same mouth, now generally used cheaper to start the J-link,

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