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Reduces the application's 11 MB memory usage to 500 KB

Recently solved a problem-reducing memory usage. However, this method can only be used in WINXP and Win2k, without displaying that the main form is always running.ProgramBest. In the past, the program used 11 MB of memory. I used the dynamic window

Use malloc to allocate 2 kb and 6 kb memory respectively, and print the pointer address.

# Include # Include # Include # Include Int main (void) { Int * str1 = NULL; Int * str2 = NULL; Str1 = (int *) malloc (2*1024 * sizeof (char )); Str2 = (int *) malloc (6*1024 * sizeof (char )); If (str1 = NULL | str2 = NULL) { Printf

B, kb, MB, GB

      1 TB = 1024 GB 1 GB = 1024 MB 1 MB = 1024kb 1kb = 1024 byte note: byte means B, that is, byte KB is a kilobytes of MB, that is, GB is a Gigabit, that is, a gigabit. Generally, they can be viewed as a kilobytes of data, the accuracy is that 1024

The dynamic memory allocation of SQLite profiling

SQLite uses dynamic memory allocations to obtain the memory needed for various objects, such as database connections and SQL preprocessing statements, to establish the memory cache for database files, and to save query results. We've done a lot of

Linux memory management mechanism, memory monitoring, buffer/cache similarities and differences __linux

In Linux often found that there is little free memory, it seems that all the memory is occupied by the system, the surface is not enough memory, it is not. This is a good feature of Linux memory management, the main feature is that no matter how

Memory troubleshooting methods and Related Files

5. Memory troubleshooting methods and related files [highlights] For memory troubleshooting or OOM troubleshooting, the following files are generally involved. The analysis and settings of the following files are described below, which is also the

1m equals how many kb a trillion is equal to how many KB?

We know whether the network file or broadband bandwidth or mobile Internet traffic, its units are m (trillion), a lot of friends mobile phone general selection of 5 yuan packet 30M flow, the general Internet chat QQ, browsing some mobile Web pages

In the Release compilation mode, whether the event will cause memory leakage.

In the Release compilation mode, whether the event will cause memory leakage.Question: Memory leakage in uncommon events Some friends may also use events frequently, but they seldom release event hooks, and the program has never heard of problems

How to view the actual memory footprint of a process

The top command can view the use of process memory, but is not detailed enough. There are also commands that can be viewed in more detail. [Root@localhost ~]# Cat/proc/5606/status Name:switch4 State:s

Windows Memory Management

Main content of this article:1. Basic Concepts: physical memory, virtual memory, physical address, virtual address, logical address, page directory, and page table2. Windows Memory Management3. CPU Memory Management4. CPU page-Based Memory

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