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Manually scan and kill the virus and completely restore the EXE program.

After being infected with Viking, the EXE can be restored. I have tried many mainstream anti-virus software in China since I was poisoned. No virus exists. On the Internet, we can see that many people suggest completely formatting the system disk

About recent appearance Logo1_.exe basic introduction and removal techniques _ virus killing

in fact, we only need to install a new poison tyrant, basically will not have the problem, if your computer has a problem, you must use the rising, rising in this aspect of the anti-virus ability is really limited, we recommend to Jinshan next

Manually scan and kill svohost. EXE files...

This morning, I am going to continue to help the customer export the webpage table to excel. The result is that the Tomcat server of JSP is enabled. If an error occurs, the server fails to be started. I thought it was a problem with tomcat, and then

Virus specifically kill VBS template UPDATE _ Virus killing

Since the release of the "write a WORM.WIN32.VB.FW virus kill" and " virus Rundll.exe Release and source sharing " two articles in the virus specifically killed, my virus specifically kill VBS template also began to consider perfect. This time, the "

Delete a folder virus for the EXE suffix in the system

A: a friend U disk to infect, performance symptom is all folders have suffix exe, size according to different variants, are hundreds of KB. The virus's author uses the camouflage technique, you see the folder is not the real folder, but is the virus

CMD under the command prompt to kill the process there are mainly three ways

300567871, with taskkill command1.TASKKILL/IM Process NameExample: Turn tomcat off with the Taskkill/im tomcat7.exe command.2.taskkill/pid[Process Code]-T (end the process)-F (Force end of the process and all child processes)Note: There are two ways

Bulk Kill process under windows

Sometimes, because of viruses or other reasons, a series of processes have been initiated and sometimes killed, and more that. Use the command Taskkill to kill these processes all at once:c:\users\nr>taskkill/f/im Frontpg.exeSuccess: The process

Bulk Kill process under windows

Sometimes, because of viruses or other causes, a series of processes are initiated, and sometimes this is killed, and more. Use the command Taskkill to kill all of these processes at once:c:\users\nr>taskkill/f/im Frontpg.exeSuccess: The process

Batch kill process under Windows

Sometimes it starts a series of processes for viruses or other reasons, and sometimes kills this one and more. Use the command Taskkill to kill all of these processes at a draught: c:usersnr>taskkill/f/im Frontpg.exe Success: The process was


Input in the "run" window or "cmd" and then enterThe extension name of EXE can be omitted. % Temp % open Temporary Folder. Open c: \ Documents ents and Settings \ XXX (the user name currently logged on to Windows XP).. Open the Documents and

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