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Data Warehousing Special: Kimball Bus Matrix Description-Official edition

political support is very important. It Gets the Data Warehouse project manager off the hook and puts the burden of the decision making process on senior Manag Ement ' s shoulders, where it belongs. 三、二级 Data Mart (Second-level-Marts) After you has represented all the major production sources in the enterprise with First-level

Discussion on the dimension modeling of Data Warehouse __ Data Warehouse

the height of the whole enterprise, the data model described by entity plus relation describes enterprise business structure, which conforms to 3NF in the paradigm, and differs from 3NF in OLTP system, in which the 3NF on the Data Warehouse is based on the topic-oriented abstraction of the enterprise. Rather than an abstraction of the entity object relationship

Data Warehouse Architecture Development _ Data Warehouse

cases, the star pattern is layered into the snowflake model, that is, the star pattern is further layered and the data redundancy is reduced. To say so much, simply to answer two questions: Repeatability interactivity. The two issues correspond to two entities, data warehousing data marts. Let's compare the differences between the two entities. Everyone s

Consider the feasibility of two kinds of data Warehouse architecture coexistence

Search for "Inmon and Kimball" on Google, and you'll easily find the concepts of these two names, which are two of the best-known ways of data Warehouse architecture. In this ocean of information, however, you will find that almost all of the content can come to a conclusion, that is, to choose between Bill Inmon and Ralph Ki

Discussion on data modeling methods in data warehouse construction

, and object relationships from the logical model of the Business System Data Model. From the author's point of view, the biggest advantage of inmon's paradigm modeling method is that from the perspective of relational databases, combined with the data model of the business system, data warehouse modeling can be easil

Discussion on data modeling methods in data warehouse construction

limited to relational databases, the flexibility and performance of the entire data warehouse model are limited in some cases, especially when the underlying data of the Data Warehouse is summarized to the data in the

Comparison of two data warehouse design architectures

Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball, who were exposed to two names at school, were unfamiliar to most of the two Americans, but they were a resounding figure in the database field. Bill Inmon, known as the "Father of the Data Warehouse", he can now see a lot of scholarly papers and articles on the Web, and Wikipedia's introduction to him should be very comprehensive: in

Two major schools of Data Warehouse theory (_bi.old)

The Kimball of Master Ralph: The Inmon of Bill master 1. Brief introduction The architecture design of BI system is the core of Data Warehouse architecture design. In the field of Data Warehouse architecture, there are two schools of theoretical knowledge, which were pr

Index of data related to data warehouse

source4) Select the Data Warehouse Technology and Platform5) extract, purify, and convert data from operational databases to Data Warehouses6) Select Access and report tools7) select database connection Software8) Select data analysis and

Flexible and effective data warehouse solutions: Part 1: customer interaction and Project Planning

Adopt flexible and effective methods to plan, design, and implement Basic Data Warehouse solutions based on IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition. Part 1 of this series will focus on the customer interaction process and plan data warehouse

The sharp weapon of Telecom enterprises ' participation in competition-data warehouse and data mining

Data Warehouse and data mining--a sharp weapon to participate in the competition of digital telecommunication enterprises The solution of Guangdong Telecom Data Warehouse based on Sybase Guangdong Institute of Telecommunication Science and technology 1 overview With the o

Two types of Data Warehouse construction theory Bill Inmon vs. Ralph Kimball_data

In the field of data warehousing, we often hear some personal or organizational debate about the theory of data warehousing, whether it belongs to Bill Inmon or Ralph Kimball faction. Below we will describe the difference between the two. Bill Inmon Paradigm:The Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing Special Topic (16)-Distributed Data Warehouse Practice Guide-Catalogue

Objective:Ready to systematize a set of distributed Data Warehouse Modeling Practice Guide, the first list of the table, is to design a goal for themselves.The first part of the basic articleChapter One concept and definition of data Warehouse1.1 Data Management System1.2 Data

21 principles of data warehouse design

interpersonal relationship processing firstIn the data warehouse implementation process, the real hell is not from the technical or development aspects, but from people around you. You may encounter a leader who is not optimistic about the project and has no time to listen to your statement. You may encounter some developers who have delayed the process for too long and complain about why they cannot be im

Data warehouse design steps, prohibitions and ideas

the data warehouse implementation process, the real hell is not from the technical or development aspects, but from people around you. You may encounter a leader who is not optimistic about the project and has no time to listen to your statement. You may encounter some developers who have delayed the process for too long and complain about why they cannot be implemented using the old method. You may also e

Database and Data Warehouse

the field of business intelligence/data warehousing, but their two-bit ideas and ideas differ greatly. Their followers also often have a debate about which architectures and ways to build better.At home, we typically refer to the definition of the four characteristic angles of the Data warehouse (subject-oriented, integrated, relatively stable, reflecting histor

About Data Warehouse

computing power of computers is getting cheaper (the price of MIPs is falling), the price of storage media is falling, the bandwidth is increasing, and the transmission capacity of networks is getting cheaper; the computer environment of enterprises is becoming more and more complex. application systems of different manufacturers exist at the same time in various times. New applications need to access data of other applications. Precautions for Impl

Comparative analysis---Relational model and multidimensional model of Data Warehouse database design method

Label:There are two kinds of database design models widely used in Data warehouse: Relational type and multidimensional type. It is generally believed that the relational model in the design method of Data Warehouse is "Inmon" method and multidimensional model is "Kimball" m

Data Warehouse Series-Why dimensions are modeled

When building a data warehouse, we will certainly mention the dimension modeling method. This method is first proposed by Kimball, and its simplest description is to build the Data Warehouse, data mart according to the fact table

SQL Server four class Data Warehouse modeling method

The methods for modeling SQL Server four data warehouses are mainly grouped into the following four categories. The first class is the three-paradigm modeling of relational databases, and we usually use the three-normal modeling method to build various operational database systems. The second type is the three-paradigm Data warehouse model advocated by Inmon, w

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